How To Grow Eyebrows Naturally

how to grow eyebrows naturally at home
how to grow eyebrows naturally

It’s safe to say that your brows are the “architecture” of your face’s beauty.

Beautiful thick, healthy, voluminous brows can not only enhance your features, but also make you appear more youthful and “high-fashion.”

There are numerous methods for achieving Kardashian-esque brows, but today we’ll talk about homie, natural ingredients that are pretty much accessible to, well, everyone.

Does that sound right? Let’s get started.

Home remedies to grow thick, healthy eyebrows


vaseline petroleum jelly helps to grow eyebrows

Vaseline, also known as “Petrolatum” or “Petroleum jelly,” is a semisolid jelly-textured mixture of mineral oil and wax.

Vaseline forms a barrier on the surface of your skin, allowing it to retain moisture and prevent water loss.

This is especially helpful when it comes to brow growth. When our brow molecules are hydrated and moisturized, they grow rapidly, just like our hair.

Although the effect of vaseline on brow growth is still debated, it is undeniable that vaseline can give your brows a more healthy appearance.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil helps to grow eyebrows

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular as a cooking oil as well as a dietary supplement. When applied topically, it is also marketed as a beneficial beauty product for the hair and skin.

While coconut oil has been extensively studied for general health concerns such as weight loss and dementia, there is no widespread scientific data supporting its use to increase hair thickness.

The natural health market is still buzzing about coconut oil for hair health.

How to use it: Warm a small amount of oil in your hands and gently massage it into the brow area. You can leave it on overnight and then wash it off the next morning.

Castor Oil

castor oil helps to grow eyebrows

Our forefathers used castor oil as a hair serum. This is an age-old and highly effective method for growing thicker brows. It helps to nourish your hair follicles because it is high in proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Apply castor oil to your brow roots on a daily basis to promote hair growth and ensure that each hair strand is thick and strong.


With your fingertips, massage a few drops of castor oil into your brows. After 30 minutes, remove it with a makeup remover and wash your face with warm water.


If you are allergic to castor oil, it may cause irritation, hives, and rashes. Before using it, make sure to run a patch test. Black castor oil is fantastic for naturally growing hair.

Tea tree oil

tea tree oil helps to grow eyebrows

Tea tree oil, like coconut oil, is said to stimulate brow growth and thickness by creating a moisturizing barrier for cellular and follicular health.

Tea tree oil has traditionally been used as a skin treatment for cuts and other injuries. Tea tree oil extracts are available in many over-the-counter beauty products, but you can also find tea tree oil extracts to apply directly to your brows.

While tea tree oil has been lauded as an alternative treatment for thicker brows, no scientific studies have been conducted to support these claims.

Apply it to your brows once a day and leave it on overnight.

Lavender oil

lavender oil helps to grow eyebrows

Lavender oil is perhaps best known for its calming effects as an ingredient in body massaging products. It’s also thought to help with hair loss when applied topically.

According to scientific research, lavender appears to be effective only in treating stress. While not generally regarded as harmful as a hair loss treatment, no quality studies support the efficacy of this use.

How to use it: For a relaxing ritual, massage lavender extracts into the brow area on a daily basis. You should also test the oil on another part of your skin, as it has been known to cause rashes in some people.

Olive oil

olive oil helps to grow eyebrows

Olive oil can be found in beauty products aimed at hydrating your hair. Can it, however, aid in hair growth, particularly around the brows?
A mouse study found that using ingredients derived from olive trees could stimulate hair growth due to their vitamin E content.
However, there is little evidence to support the topical use of olive oil to stimulate brow growth.
Although it is difficult to say whether olive oil stimulates hair growth due to a lack of studies confirming this, it may coat the hairs to give them the appearance of greater girth and thickness.

Tips to take care of your eyebrows

how to take care of your eyebrows

Stop tweezing, plucking, trimming

Though you will feel compelled to tweeze that one out-of-place strand or trim parts of your brows that are growing faster than the rest, resist.

Remove your hands from the tools. Use no tweezers, scissors, or other similar tools. Allow your brows to grow.

If you have any questions, please contact your trusted brow experts. It is critical to find a brow artist who will protect the integrity of your brow growth.

Tweezing and trimming at home can result in over-plucking, which means your brows will take longer to grow out.

Brush them daily with a spoolie

Unlike the previous points, spraying the brows with or without oil encourages new growth.

Brushing your brows stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. This is extremely beneficial. Again, you must exercise caution when brushing.
The more damage you can do, the harder you polish. This can crack your brows and restore all of your previous hard work.

Brush your brows in the direction of hair growth, being careful not to press too hard. Enter with a light touch and gently spray your hair with a spray.


A massage of the brows may not only feel good, but it may also naturally stimulate growth.
Massage increases blood circulation, which transports nutrients from your bloodstream to your hair follicles, allowing them to grow more efficiently.
A study of nine men found that scalp massages increased hair thickness.
The study was small, only included men, and was only concerned with scalp hair growth. There is no comparable data to support massage to stimulate brow hair growth, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment in moderation.

Exfoliation is not only for your face

Despite what I said about avoiding harsh impacts on your brows, exfoliation is a different story.
Surprisingly, exfoliation is beneficial to more than just the face. Exfoliation, as you may be aware, aids in the removal of dead follicles and flakes, revealing a smooth, youthful surface.
Exfoliating should be done gently once a week. This will remove dead skin and allow the rich oils to penetrate the skin and hair shaft.”
The deeper the oils can penetrate your skin and hair shaft, the better the environment for healthy hair growth you’ll create.

Embrace your eyebrows at every stage

Until the end of your journey, your brows will not look the way you want them to. They may not even be attractive, but it’s all part of the process.
Remember, they don’t have to be perfect. Nothing does, at least not in your body. Embracing your brows in all situations gives you confidence that no amount of brow makeup can provide.


Is it possible to grow thicker eyebrows?

It all depends. If your thin brows are caused by grooming or a medical condition that can be treated with medication, the hair can grow back thicker. However, if your brows are naturally thin, it may be difficult to thicken them.
Internal and external factors influence this process, including:

  • hormones
  • age
  • medications
  • underlying health conditions
  • friction
  • rubbing
  • grooming
  • picking

How long do eyebrows take to grow back?

There is also no definitive answer to this question. Historically, doctors have advised people not to shave their brows because they would not grow back.
Shaved brows can regrow in 6 months.
Other factors that influence the length of time it takes for brow hair to regrow include:

  • age
  • medications
  • scarring

Bottom lines

While the majority of these remedies are not considered harmful, the jury is still out on their efficacy.
Overall, there is little evidence to support home remedies as treatments for thin brows because the results vary.
Another factor to consider is determining the cause of thinning brows. Some people are born with naturally thin brows.
However, if you notice a sudden thinning of your brows, it could indicate an underlying medical condition that requires treatment.
If you notice sudden hair loss or rashes around your brows, consult a doctor.

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