Guide how to go live on TikTok making money

go live on TikTok making money

Is it possible to go live on TikTok making money? Selling products, affiliate marketing, promoting businesses, giving reviews, and asking for donations are all ways to generate benefit from living on TikTok. With 100k followers, you can make anything from $100 to $8,000 on average. You can go through it once again. PowerPAC plus brings you good news that living on it can earn your payment.

Go live on TikTok making money

Can you monetize TikTok from live?

Tiktok is a social media platform. It not only brings individuals together, but it also allows them to showcase their skills. You can use it to store additional videos. It is simple to go on it, and you may do it by following a few simple steps. Open the application store on your Android phone or the app store on your iPhone.

On your device, run the app. Create an account by giving an email address and a password, and then log in to the app using those credentials. Give your video a title, then hit the “Go Live” button after you’ve chosen one. When you’ve done live broadcasting, use the end button to put it to an end.

Who is eligible to go live on Tik Tok making money?

Who can go live on it?
Who can go live on it?

The corporation has placed some restrictions on living due to safety and privacy concerns. To make a video stream on this app, you must meet certain conditions.

  • Having at least 1000 followers on TikTok. 
  • Should be 16+ to start live on TikTok

To go live on TikTok, you must be 16 years old or older. This is not permitted for children under the age of eighteen. You should gather a larger crowd before doing this deed. People who see you above the age of 18 can send you virtual gifts. These gifts are in the form of digital money that can be exchanged for cash. Believe it or not, but that’s one of the factors that decide who can creat TikTok livestream video.

 How to Go Live on TikTok?

If you meet these two conditions, proceed to the procedures listed below to go live on TikTok.

How to go live on TikTok
How to go live?

Step 1: Download TikTok from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (if you own an iPhone).

Step 2: Open TikTok and log in with your TikTok username and password.

Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, tap the “+” icon, then click the “Live” button next to the “Record” button.

Step 4: Now give your livestream a catchy title. Make sure to be creative with your theme because a catchy title will help you gain more followers.

Step 5. After you’ve finished adding the theme, simply tap go live right away.

Starting a TikTok livestream transmission is as simple as that. Once you’ve arrived at your destination,

Some suggestions help you go live on TikTok

 Here are some best ideas for you to live on TikTok.

Sell products

 You can use it to market your goods. During the session, you can sell any physical product. Make sure to go over all of the product specifications and how to use them properly. You can also use it to promote limited-time bargains and new product launches. Encourage them to join and buy your goods.

This marketing method has the benefit of allowing you to communicate directly with your customers. They can provide feedback on your products. As a result, you can make changes and improvements to your items.

Sell affiliate products

Affiliate marketing has the potential to pay out handsomely. Affiliate marketing or sales is reliant on the firm you’re promoting getting a profit. During your stream, you might approach other sponsors for an ad program. In exchange, they will pay you a commission. People are monetizing using Snapchat Filters, and you can too.

During the session, you can market any cosmetics, clothing, or shoe firms. When selecting companies for affiliate marketing, keep in mind the company’s reputation, as it can make or break the game. Before you begin affiliate marketing, you must first identify a specialty. You might approach it after choosing a name that has a large number of followers and views.

Get Donations from Your Followers

Taking donations from your TikTok fans is one way to generate money with the TikTok livestream. This, however, is not the same as regular donations. It means that your fans won’t be able to contribute profit directly to your bank account. Instead, they can send you TikTok coins that they’ve purchased with real payment.

How to get dominations?
How to get dominations?

Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can exchange them for diamonds, which can then be exchanged for real cash via PayPal. However, you can only cash out these coins if you’ve accumulated at least $100 in TikTok coins. Before you begin affiliate marketing, you must first identify a specialty. You might approach it after choosing a name that has a large number of followers and views.

Promote music

This platform is used by a variety of performers to promote their music. This is something they can do when they wish to promote a new song. During the streaming, they can sing certain lyrics. Celebrities frequently perform on-demand concerts on this social media app and profit handsomely. Inform your followers about your new album’s track list and encourage them to purchase it.

Give reviews

You may do this and review different products after you have a large following on it. You can write reviews for numerous goods and tell us about your experiences with them.

Brands may approach you in the hopes of receiving positive feedback on their products. With a little knowledge on how to use and apply any product, girls may write reviews. When you have a large enough following and number of viewers, make a deal with the corporation.


You’ve learned everything there is to know about make TikTok videos stream at this point. So, start your live broadcasting and interact with your audience by your useful content in a new way. However, keep in mind that being innovative during the livestream will draw in more viewers. If you haven’t yet reached the “1,000 followers” mark, start posting interesting material that will propel your profile to the top of the trending page.


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