Top 12 Best Hairstyles to Do When Working Out

Double Bun - Hairstyles to Do When Working Out

Gym hairstyles or hairstyles to do when working out need not be messy and unattractive. Thick headbands, which can also serve as sweat towels, can keep your tresses out of your face. Thick headbands prevent sweat from spreading down your strands, preventing frizz, and preventing your hair from air-drying. You can also choose to wear baseball hats to shield your head from the sun.

12 Best Hairstyles To Do When Working Out

1. Braided Bun

A braided bun is a fashionable work out hairstyle. While a side braid may not be ideal for a hot gym class, it is functional and will keep hair out of your face. This hairstyle will look sleek and chic even after you’ve finished your wor kout. You can secure the braid with hair ties and use a thin elastic headband to keep flyaways in place.

If you want to try a new hairstyle while you work out, you can try a top-knot bun, which is close to the wor kout pony tail. It is best for women with long hair, because a pony tail tends to drape down to the neck and shoulders. No one likes to peel sweaty hair off their necks. You should also be able to change your hairstyle as often as you like to avoid having to restyle it mid-workout.

A high-twisted ponytail is another excellent work out hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for a simple treadmill walk or rhythmic aerobic exercise. A luscious bang and beautifully wrapped hair at the base make this a beautiful look. To make a high-pizza-like ponytail, you’ll need plenty of time and patience. However, it will be worth the effort once you see how flattering it looks on your face!

2. Double Bun

If you’re a gym rat, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that there are many different types of double bun hairstyles to choose from. These styles keep hair out of your face and away from your neck To make your workout look even more unique, you can use scrunchies to add some flair to your look.

These hairstyles can be very simple, too. A simple double bun will keep your hair out of your face, and it will look cute and stylish after you’ve worked out. Use a headband or a bobby pin to secure it. This style can also be a cute option for short hair. Adding twists or braids can also make it look extra cute. You can even use a headband with a clip on it to keep your hair from falling out during your workout.

Double Bun - Hairstyles to Do When Working Out

3. French Braid Ponytail

One of the easiest hairstyles to do when working out is a French braid. This style is easy to do and can look great no matter what type of workout you’re doing. Start by parting your hair into three equal sections. From the left side, take the middle strand and place it under the right side section. Next, take the right side strand and pull it up into a ponytail. Secure the ends with an elastic.

For long hair, you can also opt for a simple plait. This style keeps your hair in place, so it doesn’t get frizzy from sweat. Simply gather your hair into a high pony and braid it all at once. Secure the hair with a hair tie to keep it in place. This hairstyle will look great from the gym to the office! Interested in learning more about French braid hairstyles? Read our tips to create the perfect french braid ponytail.

4. Braided Messy Bun

A braided bun is a perfect hairstyle. A braided bun is easy to do and holds its shape much longer than a messy bun. Divine Caroline explains how to create this look. A small braided French bun can catch any short layers and give you a stylish look all day. This hairstyle can be worn to any occasion, including work or the gym.

A messy bun is the most common hairstyle. This bun is easy to make and looks great on most hair types. It’s important to note that a mess bun is intended to look imperfect, so you don’t want to knot your hair! Once you have the tangle-free hair, you can begin twisting it into a bun.

5. High Ponytail

A mid-ponytail can be difficult to pull off during a workout and can also get in the way while doing sit-ups or crunches. The best option is to opt for a high ponytail, which will hang loosely down from your shoulders and stay out of your way during workouts. You can add a scrunchie to secure on your ponytail, and it will look great when you get back up. A side braid is another great choice.

If you have long hair, you can opt for a classic bun or high ponytail. To maintain this style, you need to ensure that the hair stays out of your face. Using TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Gel is ideal for this purpose. The gel will help keep your hair out of your facial, and will also make it look stylish. To make your ponytail look extra cute, you can also add braids or twists to it.

6. Headband Braid

Workout hairstyles don’t need to be complicated. You can try a low twisted ponytail, which is easy to achieve and keeps your hair. Another simple but chic workout hairstyle is a pretty braided ponytail. You can also wear a headband to add some style to your ponytail.

You can secure the top half of the hair with bobby pins or a stretchy head band. For low-impact workouts, you can also wear a half-up box braid. A thin elastic headband will help keep flyaways in check. Then, use the same technique for the other half of your hair.

Another greathairstyle for a short ponytail is a high ponytail. It’s the great option for a fitness freak with short hair. It’s perfect for workouts, but be sure to style it with soft curls or little waves. If you have thick, straight hair, you can create a chic low ponytail, or make braiding to look amazing. The possibilities are endless.

7. Pull-Through Braid

The best hairstyle for workouts is a cornrow. This protective hairstyle minimizes the amount of post-workout hair care time. They give you the look of a ponytail while protecting your hair. Plus, microbraids are easy to style and maintain! So, why not try one of these styles out this week?

To get this fancy workout look in only a quarter of the time, try a pull-through braiding. You’ll instantly look like the boss at the gym. To create this style, gather a few strands and secure them. Then, slick them back with a hair tie. Repeat this process with both sections of hair to get a more even, fuller look.

This braided ponytails keep your hair out of your face. It’s good for intense workout sessions and won’t slide around as you do the exercises. And the best part? You can easily pull it out after your workout and it’ll still look good! You can even wear it during non-workout hours. Harry Styles and other famous people have even been spotted sporting the braided topknot hairstyles.

8. French Braid Pigtails

The classic french braid is easy to do and will look elegant while at the gym. For an easy transition between work and the gym, make sure to use a texture spray before applying. You can also opt for the bun hairstyle, where you twist three sections of your hair into low

This style is the easiest to achieve and looks chic, too. It’s also great for exercising because it protects your hair from sweat and tangles. However, it can also feel like an arm workout, so practice makes great. To create this hairstyle, divide a small section into three equal sections. Then, place the right and left section over the middle section and pull more strands from the sides until it reaches the end.

A simple French braid works great for keeping hair, and it’s perfect for all types of hair. To get it perfectly, start close to your forehead and catch stray hairs. Alternatively, you can create one with a fishtail braid, but this type of braid requires a bit more practice and is more appropriate for shorter hair.

9. Headband

Headband hairstyles are a great way to hide your messy ponytail during a workout. They also absorb sweat, making them an excellent option for exercising hairstyles. If you have thin or limp hair, consider using a texturizing spray. Alternatively, you can opt for a fancy headband for an ultra-low ponytail.

A messy is also another easy workout hairstyle. You can even pin it at the crown of your head with a bobby pin. This will prevent flyaways and keep your neck in a healthy position. But for those of you with thin hair, you may want to experiment with a little French braid.

Braided headbands are also a great option for doing exercises. This style keeps your hair during a strenuous cardio session or a sweaty circuit. Choosing the right headband can also save you some time during your workout. While braiding your hair, make sure to use a tight one to prevent any hair from falling on your facial. These styles can be made at home and are easy to apply.

Another one of this hairstyle option that will protect your hair is the microbraid. These styles can be styled differently, so you can wear a different hairstyle every day. They are also great for summertime workouts as they don’t restrict blood flow, so you can wear them with the same outfit you have on the rest of the day. If you’re a woman who works out regularly, wearing a baseball hat can be a great option.

10. Head Crown Braids

Many fitness fanatics struggle with their hair while doing exercises, but the good news is that there are lots of workout-friendly hairstyles that will keep your hair secure. A simple ponytail or an upside-down French-braided bun are ideal options for gym-goers. Both styles are easy to do and won’t interfere with your workout. Try starting at one ear and braiding up to your ears, adding a little front hair to finish up in a bun or ponytail.

A crown braid can make a stunning, regal statement. First, part your hair in the middle. Next, grab three strands from one side of your head and begin an inside-out french. Be sure to cross the strands underneath each other. Repeat this technique around the side of your head and across your forehead. Finally, secure the braid with a bobby pin or elastic.

Another great workout hairstyle is a head crown braid. These braids are designed to keep hair while you exercise. Choose a small head crown braid with a tight knot so that it doesn’t move during your workout. You will look hot and trendy after you’ve finished doing exercises. If you’re not sure what type of hairstyle is best for you, try a bob cut. It’s best to go with a cut that contours your facial. You can also wear a hairspray on the bun to keep it from falling off your facial and neck while you exercise.

For fine and short hair, French braids are a great option. French braids can be secured with criss-crossed bobby pins. While they’re not ideal for exercising, they’re easy to do and are comfortable for this. When it’s time to wash your hair, use hairspray to keep your braid from sliding around.

11. Easy Messy Half Braid

It is a fun way to dress up your workout hair and save time, too. It takes only two minutes to make and can be done by anyone. Simply part a section of your hair on the side you want to wear it down to and braid it normally or in a half French for a put-together look. If you have longer hair, you may consider adding a hat for more coverage.

This hairstyle is suitable for workouts and also looks great after a long day at work. During a workout, long hair can easily whip around your facial and annoy your sweat-soaked neck. For a secure ponytail, wrap the hair tie around your head twice, pulling your hair halfway through. Alternatively, a scrunchie can be used to add personality to your workout.

Another great workout hair style is a messy half-braid. This style looks cute and takes no thought to create. You can easily use headbands as hair ties, which means less worry about your hair style during your workout. Plus, it will keep your strands away from your facial. A simple French way is a simple solution for baby strands. Alternatively, if you prefer a less messy look, try a simple half-up box braid.

Another easy workout style of hair is a twisted low braid on one side. It stays put and is a fun way to show off your workout look. Once you have this perfect workout hair style, your hairstyle will be ready to go for any event.

12. Top Knot

For a workout-friendly hairstyle, try a braided top knot. This hairstyle is perfect for both low and high intensity workouts. You can leave it up while you work out, or you can twist it afterward for an easy, breezy look. This style will not leave your face hair out, and you can even show off your length!

A high bun is an effective workout hairstyle because it is stylish and practical. A chin-length bob looks sleek and modern, while fine straight hair looks cute in a high bun. Another great workout hairstyle, this tight braiding keeps your hair out of your face and still looks great. Using leave-in conditioner will help minimize any sweat-induced frizz, so your hair will look great after your workout.

While you work out, a top-knot bun is another great option. This hairstyle is simple to achieve and secure. You can use a headband, bobby pins, or no-damage hair tie to hold it down while you work out.

Ponytail – For your long hair, a ponytail is a great option. This style is simple to make and doesn’t take much time. It will help keep your hair out of your face, and you’ll be sweat-free while you workout. A braided ponytail is another excellent choice. Just be sure to secure it with a band to avoid any stray strands.


Hairstyles can be tricky when you work out. You don’t want your hair to fall out in a messy bun or spring out of a ponytail, covering your face with sweaty strands. Your hair may also refuse to stay put once you’ve tied it back in place. Mid-workout, you may want to fix it, but what if it’s already too late?

Some of these styles may make you have more curly hair, and it looks so amazing. Try to make your hair with trending color such as purple, red, or grey. Or if you love to have hottest hairstyles, beach wave hair, try more to make your styles flexible.


Even if you’re trying to protect your blowout while still sweating, loosely tying your hair back will keep it away from your face.

  • Use dry shampoo before you work out.
  • Make a casual braid or bun with your hair.
  • For styling, use hot tools.
  • Dampen the roots first, then style…
  • Blast it with a blow dryer.
  • Wear a headband while working out.
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