Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles in 2022 That You Should Update

Blake Lively’s Layered Locks, one of 10 Hottest Hairstyles in 2022

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will make you look younger, stylish, and sexier in 2022, there are a number of options that are sure to be on-trend. These options range from the Rachel Cut by Jennifer Aniston to the Shag by Meg Ryan. As with all fashion trends, you can find a style to match your personality and lifestyle. Listed below are the top 10 Hottest Hairstyles in 2022 you can try to change your style.

10 Hottest Hairstyles in 2022

10. Blake Lively’s Layered Locks

The actress’s gorgeous layered tresses are the perfect compliment to her tiara headband and shimmering Versace gown. The glamorous actress, who attended the Met Gala with husband Ryan Reynolds, also showcased her hair in a Versace gown. The gown, inspired by the Statue of Liberty, featured a bustling train. In keeping with the “Gilded Glamour” theme of the evening, Blake Lively wore a tiara headband and sweeping gown. She also wore satin gloves to complete her ensemble.

The shoulder-grazing style is classic but fresh, as it feels effortlessly contemporary. Lively wore it at the Met Gala to complement her extravagant crown, and it delivered the same sophisticated effect. Her Versace gown, which she wore to the event, was the perfect complement to the style. The super-long look will continue to be popular in the spring of 2022, with a layering of red highlights and platinum blonde.

Blake Lively’s Layered Locks, one of 10 Hottest Hairstyles in 2022

9. Mia Farrow’s Pixie Crop

In her 1967 film, Rosemary’s Baby, Mia Farrow wore her hair in an inverted pixie crop. Farrow famously tweeted that the hairstyle cost her $5k! She also wore it in a boxing ring set up on stage! This hairstyle was so popular that women copied it all over the world. And now, it’s back!

Short French bobs will continue to be popular in the next few years. Celebrities are currently sporting shorter hairstyles, and this trend will continue. In 2022, short French bobs will be popular again. These styles feature short, jawline-length cuts with soft layers at the ends. Mia Farrow’s iconic late 1960s pixie crop inspired this season’s hairstyles!

Short pixies have been making a comeback since Mia Farrow first sported the style in Rosemary’s Baby. Pixies were first popularized in the late 1950s by Audrey Hepburn and were made more popular by Mia Farrow when Vidal Sassoon trimmed her hair. A number of Hollywood stars have gone for this style since, including Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus, and Michelle Williams.

8. Marilyn Monroe’s Blonde Curls

This glamorous blond hairstyle was made famous by the legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe. She was a true queen of the screen with her voluminous curls that softened her face. Her wavy and straight hairstyle is a classic that will never go out of style, thanks to its enduring appeal. Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle was perfect for a movie star, and the style will remain as popular today as it was back in the 1950s.

Despite the popularity of this trend, it is important to understand that this look is highly maintenance-intensive, especially if your hair is darker than platinum blonde. This hair color works best on light skin with light eyes and hair that is starting to gray. Dark skinned women should avoid going platinum blonde, as this color can make them look too washed out. If your hair is naturally dark, you can add honey-yellow highlights to avoid looking too washed out. Alternatively, dark blonde can be worn with lowlights and highlights. This style is also a versatile option for many hair types and looks great with two-toned balayage.

7. Michelle Obama’s Classic Cut

This hairstyle was modeled by former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, who debuted it at the BET Awards in 2020. Michelle Obama’s curls captivated the audience, and her haircut sported the same trend during the Biden/Harris inauguration in 2021. Her hairstyle has countless fans, and it may be the most popular in 2022.

This bob was created by celebrity hair stylist Johnny Wright and a team at Frederic Fekkai, and it is the most popular hairstyle in the world. Johnny Wright used a ceramic curling iron to flip her hair and flat ironed it to add bend. In addition, Michelle Obama wore it to speak at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. She had it down to a high ponytail and dressed it in a glamorous way.

Michelle Obama’s style is elegant and accessible. The former first lady is frequently photographed in beautiful dresses. Her signature rose-print wrap dress by Diane von Furstenburg and her pink floral silk chiffon dress by Kai Milla are all stunning. She has also been spotted wearing a cardigan to dress down her casual looks. A cardigan in a solid color is an easy way to add a little sparkle to a casual look.

6. Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Flip

This decade-old look is bringing back the 70s in full force, with wide-legged pants, frosty eye shadow, and lush, feathered curls à la Farrah Fawcett. Inspired by the iconic actress, the hairstyle has become a social media sensation. It’s a combination of a layered cut and blow-dry, and requires just a little styling. Blow-drying is easiest, but curlers are recommended for this look.

The popular style was made famous by a TikTok user last year, Groovy_Mal, who uploaded a video tutorial of her duet-able curl transformation. Following this tutorial, scores of users followed Groovy_Mal’s steps to create the Farrah look. Because it’s so easy to do, this style will continue to be popular in years to come.

Another popular hairstyle from the ’70s is the shag. It’s very popular, but was difficult to maintain at home. Today, it’s a popular home hairstyle thanks to the popularity of the 70s. Another celebrity hairstyle is the African American bob. This layered style has been seen on celebrities from Steve Harrington to Millie Court. As a matter of fact, TikTok has become a shrine for Fawcett’s hairstyle.

5. Victoria Beckham’s Posh Pageboy

The iconic bob is back! Victoria Beckham recently stepped out in New York sporting her signature hairstyle. While her return to the look doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be embarking on a tour, it certainly feels like a reincarnation. Whether it’s because Posh is about to go on tour or just because she loves this style, it’s a surefire way to become one of the hottest looks of 2022.

A bob looks different on every woman, but this hairstyle works for Jennifer Lawrence’s face shape. The model has a long, heart-shaped face that’s perfect for this type of a bob. Her short side-swept hairstyle softens her forehead and draws attention to her beautiful eyes. The asymmetrical parting makes her hairstyle look incredibly enticing.

The edgy bangs on Beckham’s ‘do give it a fun look, but the spikes actually give the appearance of a bun. This hairstyle is unique and posh, but it is highly recommended to have a professional do it for you. Victoria Beckham loves bob haircuts and makes them edgier by trimming the ends and adding layers to create a cone-like effect. If you want to make your bob even more edgy, opt for ombre layered bangs or edged bob.

4. Princess Diana’s Royal Do

The evolution of Princess Diana’s royal do is a model for today’s fashion. Her hairstyle, first seen on the pages of Glamour U.K. in the 1980s, perfectly maps the spirit of the era. It is both simple and stylish and is ideal for a day out on the town. If you’re looking to try this look on yourself, keep reading to find out why it’s the hot new style for 2022.

Although Princess Diana never wore her hair in a chop-in style, this trend was popularized by actress Meg Ryan many years later. Her cut was extremely stiff and unflattering for the time, but she eventually changed her hairstyle to look more natural. She was not the first person to sport the style, but she was one of the first to go for it. Her hairstyle evolved over the years from stiff and unflattering to feathery and voluminous.

3. Dannii Minogue’s Sleek Bob

After years of having her long locks cropped to a bob, Dannii Minogue is reintroducing her sleek bob for the upcoming season of X Factor. The Melbourne-based hair stylist Fotini Hatzis cuts the singer’s hair into a cropped bob for the Logies. While it might not be as glamorous as Minogue’s new bob, fans will surely love it.

The layered bob made its debut in the 1990s when Rachel Green wore it in a sitcom. The layered style still holds up today, 15 years after it became popular. Dannii Minogue, Meg Ryan, and Meg Ryan rounded out the top ten. A classic sleek bob is a versatile cut that can work with any hair color. This look is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles and can be worn by any age and gender.

2. Meg Ryan’s Shag

If you’ve been wondering which haircut will be in vogue in 2022, you’re not alone. It’s the classic shag that Meg Ryan sported so long ago. Designed by legendary stylist Sally Hershberger, the shag is defined by long, wavy layers that cascade across the top. This wavy style is feminine and works well with long, oval faces and a wide hairstyle.

Meg Ryan’s famous messy bob is perfect for any season or face shape. This style features a layered, shaggy look and can suit any face shape. It’s ideal for spring and summer and looks great on every age group. You can wear it straight, wavy, or layered depending on your face shape. However, if you have long hair, you can opt for a sleek, straight version of the shag.

If you have fine hair, you can also try a shag feather cut. You can add a retro vibe to it by creating fine layers near the mouth. You can also brush your hair to the side and use a blowdryer to add a retro vibe. In addition to blow-drying, you can also use a round brush to create some lift to the crown.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” Cut

If you want to have a new hairstyle in the summer of 2022, the Rachel cut from Jennifer Aniston is definitely worth considering. This style features layers and bangs that have a French feel. It is the perfect way to tie into the main plot line of the show, where Rachel must choose between Ross and Paris. Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous in this cut, and her hair is just the right inspiration for the hottest hairstyles for summer 2022.

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ cut is a popular choice among celebrities, and it has earned the actress an Emmy Award for her lead role in the TV series Friends. The actress, who won the Best Supporting Actress Emmy in 2009 for the role of Rachel Green, has perfected the look with her signature beach waves and textured layers. This style is not only popular among celebrities, but also makes a great choice for any red carpet event. The style makes it easy to show off an attractive set of earrings and a toned chest.

The “Rachel” cut was created by Chris McMillan and has become one of the hottest hairstyles in the world. Inspired by the character Rachel Green in Friends, the Rachel haircut is short and voluminous, with distinct layers. The look is also incredibly flattering, with a flattering cut that can enhance any face.


The trend of changing your hair color is one way to start the new year off with a bang. The latest hair color trends are abundant. Undone blonde and cinnamon brown were the top trends over the last two years. Experts say that 2022 will be a fun year for color trends. So what are the top ten hottest hairstyles for 2022? Read on to learn more about what’s in store.

The blunt bob is a long-lasting style that is flattering and easy to maintain. The blunt bob is very versatile. If you choose a softer version, it will lend a more interesting air. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can even tie it up in a ponytail to keep it from getting too tangled and messed up.

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