How does Qatar prepare for the opening day of the 2022 football World Cup?

How does Qatar prepare for the opening day of the 2022 football World Cup?

How does Qatar prepare for the opening day of the 2022 football World Cup? In addition to using the economy to invest in labor and infrastructure, the government of this country also built 7 new stadiums. The good news from is that fans can drink alcohol right inside the stands.

What renovations has Qatar made about hosting the 2022 World Cup?

The State of Qatar, which was awarded the right to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, has embarked on prominent projects in various fields to meet the expectations contained in the bid documents.

A country’s preparation for an international sporting event must be taken seriously.

Many aspects must be considered, including but not limited to changing existing laws, building infrastructure, labor and immigrant rights, financing, consumer protection, tourism, free trade, intellectual property, access to stadiums, taxation, counterfeiting, and gambling betting. For example, but not limited.

The 2022 World Cup is the first tournament of its kind to be held in the Middle East and hosted by an Arab country. Any country must meet FIFA’s criteria to host such an event.

Qatar has the option of enacting new laws and amending existing laws and may enter into mutually beneficial bilateral agreements with FIFA.

How does Qatar prepare for the opening day of the 2022 football World Cup?

  • To ease travel problems, each location has been connected to the Qatar Metro network.
  • There is a different venue designated for each of the eight stadiums where the event will be held.
  • To control high temperatures, stadiums are equipped with air conditioning.
  • In addition, the event has been moved to November when the average temperature drops to 20-22 degrees Celsius, and this is the first World Cup to be held in winter.
  • This is also the first time that stadiums are fully air-conditioned (the first country to invest in a fan cooling system).
  • In terms of accommodation, the country has signed agreements with travel agencies to guarantee accommodation for 50,000 visitors.
  • Additionally, Glastonbury Music Festival organizers have stepped in to provide tents in the desert for fan comfort.
  • The truth is that this country currently has only one football stadium, but since winning the right to host, they have built 7 more stadiums to ensure eligibility for the tournament.

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What is the difference when hosting the World Cup between Qatar and other countries?

Unlike Russia, the closest country recorded in the World Cup, Qatar is about 1,478 times smaller. The Qatar Metro network is expected to include around one million hotels during the event.

FIFA requires a minimum of 8 venues and Qatar, in turn, proposed 9 new venues and renovated 3, making a total of 12 venues in 7 host cities: Ras-Abu, Lusail, Al- Khor, Al-Rayyan, Al-Thumama, Education City and Al-Wakrah.

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Qatar Olympic Committee, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Supreme Committee on Culture and Heritage, Qatar Foundation, etc. with oversight from stakeholders.

As a country that still discriminates against the LGBT community, Qatar proposed to check the gender status of athletes participating in the World Cup, but this proposal was immediately rejected.

They then turned to announce to the attendees that same-sex people were not allowed to carry flags into the stadium or show affection in public places.

Because it is a small country, but in terms of the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, minerals, gold and solar energy, investment in infrastructure is a top priority.

The subway system that makes it easy for tourists to travel between major cities as well as the stadium is the most outstanding feature that other World Cup host countries have ever done.

What are the new laws of Qatar in the 2022 World Cup hosting period?

Qatar has enacted important laws on arbitration, employment, immigration, commercial litigation, foreign investment, and more. Certain laws have been modified to be event-ready and to deal with subsequent situations.

The new law includes, but is not limited to:

  • arbitration rules of the Qatar Court of Arbitration for Sport;
  • immigration law;
  • foreign investment law; and
  • Qatar Labor Law.

The recent amendment to the Immigration Law to the extent that an exit permit is no longer required for foreigners working in the State of Qatar is a welcome development where foreigners can easily participate in an emergency. External grant without applying and waiting. Approval of the exit permit.

As for the foreign investment law, it is important to note that before Law No. 1 of 2019 enters into force in January 2019, foreign companies wishing to invest in the Qatari economy must do so in cooperation with a Qatari partner. Own at least 51% of the share capital.

Traditionally, this Qatari partner is referred to as the sponsor. However, a foreign investor can own 100% of the capital if his investment is located in free zones after obtaining the necessary approval from the relevant authority. In this case, the foreign investor will not need a Qatari sponsor.

How is the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar arranged?

Qatar has established an exclusive court for sports arbitration, the “Qatar Court of Arbitration for Sports” (QSAT) in accordance with the standards of the International Court of Sports, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS; Court of Arbitration). Sports, TAS), headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a quasi-judicial body created to resolve sports-related disputes through arbitration.

QSAT operates under the jurisdiction of the Qatar Sports Arbitration Fund, and the arbitration rules issued by this institution. The panel has its own constitution and hosts world-class arbitrators and mediators.

In order to be able to meet international standards, the business model is designed by CAS to ensure that international best practices are applied. The court guarantees independent, objective and transparent litigation procedures.

Since there is the potential for grievance with every major sporting event, the need to establish a court to resolve this dispute becomes paramount.

The Qatar Arbitration Court aims to provide the parties to a sport-related dispute with an appropriate mechanism for dispute settlement through arbitration and conciliation. With the 2022 World Cup approaching, the innovation in setting up the court in Qatar Peninsula is commendable.

What is prohibited in the 2022 World Cup season?

Law violations often occur when organizing sporting events. One is “ambush marketing,” an unfair marketing strategy among competitors that companies compete for exposure.

If a competing company tries to associate its product with an event advertised as an official sponsor, this could be considered ambush marketing. The Government of Qatar may review the legislation to ensure that action is taken against violations of the law in this regard.

Existing intellectual property laws may not be sufficient to prevent such violations. FIFA has its own laws that list such illegal marketing practices.

Betting and gambling are prohibited in Qatar. However, the government can take measures to prevent such activities by blocking external websites handled by foreign internet authorities.

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Qatar’s import and export regulations do not allow goods to enter the country without the necessary approvals from competent authorities.

Free zones in Qatar have more freedoms to limit the flow of foreign business into Qatar. Defective and expired goods are not allowed to be sold in Qatar.

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