How is living in Qatar? The Benefits and Drawbacks of Relocating to Qatar

best life in doha qatar

Qatar may be a friendly place for expatriates to live because of its high standard of living, first-rate healthcare system, and promising educational opportunities. With the development in the oil, banking, financial services, and technology industries over time, the nation’s economy has continued to expand.

Overview Of The Situation In Qatar

overview of the state of affairs in Qatar

The prospects for a prosperous life are many in Qatar. Qatar has long been a friendly nation for ex-pats looking for new housing and high-caliber employment because of its great quality of life, first-rate healthcare system, and world-class educational prospects.

The oil, banking, financial services, and technology industries have seen centuries-long booms, contributing to the nation’s economic expansion.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Qatar, you’ll discover that it’s a fantastic place for enthusiasts searching for rewarding work prospects. There are several benefits to relocating to Qatar, making it a desirable destination to call home.

However, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the country, we will discuss some of them.

Purchase a house in Qatar

how to buy a house in qatar

If you wish to reside in Qatar, it’s crucial to purchase a suitable property before thinking about relocating there. To make your relocation as effective as possible, you should decide on your new location before selecting an international moving company. This will guarantee that everything is transported safely to your new home.

Pros: Searching for a home in Qatar

Accommodations around the country are constantly being built, which means it’s easy to find your dream home in this fascinating country. Most of what is on offer in Qatar consists of accommodation complexes that offer on-site amenities such as gyms, cafes, swimming pools, and more.

Cons: Limited accommodation options

While the bunker was built continuously, the drawback here was the lack of housing diversity. Qatar is limited to villas and high-rise apartments, which means it is difficult to find a specific type of home.

How is living in Qatar?

How is living in Qatar

Qatar is the nation that pulls it off, and with so many options available to expats, the nation can provide a genuinely amazing standard of living.


Social life

The population of this country is small, and the community of people who share the same Muslim faith is very close. This means connecting in Qatar can be easy and making new friends is simple.

 Boasting first-class museums, captivating cultural events, dramatic desert views, and stunning coastlines, Qatar truly offers a range of unique experiences for adventure travelers to break.

For those who have lived elsewhere and want to move in with family, you’ll find there are plenty of parenting groups and activities for kids to join. all that the country has to offer.


Qatar’s extreme weather

Qatar is often miserable for most of the year because of the severe temperatures from June to August. Air conditioning is essential at this time, and those who desire to relocate to the country will find the summer months to be hot and deserted, but for residents, it is just typical weather.

Weather conditions

 Winter in Qatar

In contrast to the extreme heat of the summer months, winter is long and mild from November to April.

This period of cooler weather means you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like a fun picnic on the beach with a beautiful view of the coastline

Qatar is secure

Is it safe to live in qatar

Foreigners may worry about their safety, health dangers, and overall health when visiting any nation. But the low crime rate in Qatar is well recognized.

Advantages: Low crime rate

New foreigners in Qatar don’t need to be concerned about their safety. With little minor crime, the nation is renowned for being safe for both men and women.

In addition, because many residents and foreigners like to drive, the heavy traffic on the road is predictable. 

It is important to remember that the country is still expanding, so transportation infrastructures are safer and are being developed due to rapid development to best serve the community copper.

Disadvantages: The Qatari driving

Even though Qatar is a generally secure country, foreigners should be aware that the country’s highways are the most dangerous.

Newcomers must drive carefully and observe the law because both foreigners and natives in Qatar engage in irresponsible driving. 

Foreigners and locals may incur hefty fines for breaking these restrictions.

Employment in Qatar

For foreigners who wish to conduct business in Qatar, there are stringent regulations. You must have a valid work visa to work in Qatar, whether you intend to relocate there or just visit (usually issued by your employer) to employment in this nation.

The application for a visa is a procedure that gets foreigners ready to think about the process’s intervention.

Benefits: Relatively high pay

 How much is the hourly salary to work in qatar?

Highly competent foreigners frequently hold professions with high wages and alluring benefits that are comparable to high-level positions.

A major inducement is the possibility of having housing, travel, transportation, and child care covered by an employment contract.

Additionally, if any tax is due, it may be relatively minimal for persons who desire to relocate to Qatar.

Cons: Uncertainty in the job market

Although the country has a rich source of domestic labor and there is no guarantee or risk in terms of employment contracts, foreigners still make up the majority of the country’s population and this will not change. With big plans for infrastructure development and economic growth, expats can expect the job market to boom in the coming years.

Detriment: Uncertainty in the job market

Although the country has a rich source of domestic labor and there is no guarantee or risk in terms of employment contracts, foreigners still make up the majority of the country’s population and this will not change. 

With big plans for infrastructure development and economic growth, expats can expect the job market to boom in the coming years.

  • Doha: The nation’s capital is unquestionably one of Qatar’s most well-liked cities.
  • Al Rayyan: Al Rayyan can be a decent option if you want a little calm without being too far from the activity.

The Pearl-Qatar is an area of reclaimed land off the Qatar peninsula where the stylish half resides and socializes. This neighborhood is well-liked by affluent expatriates and rich Qataris due to the availability of high-end residential structures, upscale stores, and restaurants.

The Middle East’s most costly region is unquestionably Qatar. Qatar’s cost of living is comparable to that of other major cities throughout the world, particularly in the capital city of Doha. Since a lot of food is imported, you should prepare to pay far more than you typically would.

However, Doha is even cheaper, around 4% cheaper! estimates that to live in Doha at the same quality as you would in Dubai for 18,000 AED, you would need to spend 17,253 AED. While consumer, rent, and restaurant expenses are significantly cheaper in Doha than in Dubai, despite food prices there being on average 9,6% higher.

The welfare system of Qatar offers its 1760,000 citizens a multitude of advantages, including free or inexpensive land and housing.

Without rent, the projected monthly expenditure for a family of four is 3,526$ ≈ (11,483QR). Without rent, the expected monthly expenses for a single person are 981$ ≈ (3,308QR).

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