How Long Does SASSA R350 Bank Verification Take?

You have applied for the SASSA SRD R350 updates grant loan program, and are wondering how long does SASSA R350 bank verification take. You will need to provide and go to sassa banking details link, and it takes between seven to ten business days.

When the process is complete, you will receive a notification letting you know you’ve been approved. You can then follow the instructions to complete the process of bank verification and receive your cash.

SASSA R350 Bank Verification

Once you have submitted your SASSA r350 grant application (see Is SRD Sassa Still Available), SASSA (The South Africa Social Security Agency manages grants and allowances for groups in South African society needing assistance) will check your personal bank details to ensure that you are not a fraud. If you want to make a dispute though, check out our article on How to Dispute SRD SASSA instead.

If you don’t have the correct information, you could end up with a failed bank verified. SASSA has a computer program that looks at your personal details, so even a slight name adjustment could be the cause for your application to fail. It can also be because your name is misspelled or you’ve been married for a while.

How Long Does SASSA R350 Bank Verification Take?

Once you’ve completed the application and sent in your documents, you’ll receive a confirmation email and sms informing you of the next payment date. Then, your R350 grant payment will be processed in seven business days.

Depending on how many people have approved your application, you may have to wait up to a month before you receive your grant. If you’ve submitted your application earlier, you might have to wait for another month. And if you want to withdraw, see our article on How To Withdraw Sassa Srd Cash Send instead!

After submitting your application, you’ll receive a secure link in your registered mobile phone. Click the link to verify your account, and follow the instructions carefully. If you’re the owner of a bank account, SASSA can only pay you into it. If you don’t follow the directions carefully, you may not receive your grant for a while.

Bank account verification is required if you want to receive your Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Without the bank account verification, your application will not be processed. It’s possible that your income will be greater than the required limit.

If you’ve met the qualifications, you can request a reconsideration if you’ve been declined previously. Sassa’s Social Relief of Distress grant is currently available until March 2024.

Sassa says: “The process of bank verification does not have a set timeframe. The applicant’s information is forwarded to the Department of Treasury; to the specific bank chosen by the applicant; and, once verified, it is returned to Treasury before being forwarded to SASSA for payment purposes.”

If Sassa discovers that you are receiving the number more than R585 per month, your application will be rejected. If a Sassa grant application is rejected, the grant recipients have the right to request reconsideration.

Once you’ve received your SRD SASSA R350 grant, you’ll be required to declare the source of your income, assets, and marital status. Depending on the program, you may qualify for a grant that covers some of your living expenses. Typically, you must live in a household with an income below R73,000 a year, and your assets should be no more than R1 056 000. Your monthly income should not exceed R6 150.

If you’re still confused, check out our article on understanding Sassa SRD program! And for further information, click the below posts to read.

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