How Safe Is Qatar for Travel?

how is safe for travel to qatar

Tourists may go to Doha in Qatar with perfect confidence. Due in part to the area’s relatively affluent population and in large part due to the country’s excellent educational system and law-abiding Islam, crime rates are exceptionally low.

Overview of the city of Doha in Qatar

Overview of the city of Doha in Qatar

Qatar is a country that shares a land border with the Gulf of Saudi Arabia to the south and the rest of the territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, to the west by the United Emirates.

This super-rich country ranks 3rd in the world in terms of its total assets.

It is known as Qatar Peninsula │The Place With The Most Natural Gas In The World and the skyscraper Aspire Tower – 52 floors.

In addition, it also attracts tourists with its vast sand dunes with immense sea views along with a number of other contemporary architectural wonders.

This place is rated as a safe place to travel, but it also hides a few risks that you should be aware of.

About health and disease

About health and disease

The COVID-19 situation in 2022 in Qatar has stabilized and is no longer alarming. Therefore, the government of this country has allowed entry to settle, travel or come to work.

However, you need to bring your vaccination certificate, passport, and related documents when you arrive at the border gate. Failure to comply with the above provisions will result in heavy fines.

Qatar has been awarded the opportunity to host the most prestigious football competition in the world, particularly this year.

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  • Avoid contact with camels and products contaminated with camel secretions.
  • Qatar has a high level of air pollution so be careful with your breath.
  • You need to pay before any infection, or injury occurs.

Local laws

Local laws in qatar
  • There are regulations and penalties for eating and drinking, purchasing and drinking, being intimate, and using an obscenity. 
  • Both same-sex partnerships and open shows of affection are forbidden.
  • The Qatari authorities could not inform your nation’s government if you are detained or imprisoned.
  • Do not use or possess stimulants, such as narcotics, as this is against the law.
  • If you are in possession of HIV and hepatitis medications, authorities may detain and deport you.
  • If you have unpaid debts, you risk going to jail until you make payments.
  • Here, having sex outside of marriage is forbidden, especially for children.

Because of how bad the legislation is here, it might be challenging to make new acquaintances in this country.

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Warnings & Dangers in Qatar

General Risks

This place is considered a safe tourist destination when the crime rate is low and there are many strict regulations in place.

However, you just need to guard against risks stemming from your personal subjectivity.


Pickpocketing here is also quite common, although there are always police patrols.

So beware of your bags, wallets, and even jewelry when going to public places.


The majority of individuals in Qatar do not lack money, hence scams are not common.

Even so, you should exercise caution when using cash to pay for bus or train tickets since it’s still conceivable that fake currency will turn up.


Although it is uncommon for theft or robbery to occur in this nation, certain slums are probably there.

Therefore, if you’re a tourist, lock your hotel door before leaving.


This situation can be said to be the most worrying happening in this country.

Because most of the population is Muslim and they are often easily defeated by the IS army.


This is considered the fear of the rich children in this territory.

Because most unemployed people often plan to kidnap rich children for ransom.

Others kidnap women to commit rape.

Environmental disaster

Temperatures in Qatar are quite extreme, sometimes reaching 50 °C. Smog and sandstorms are common and even severe thunderstorms can occur.

Here winter still snows, and the temperature sometimes drops to 0 ° C in desert areas.

How Safe Is Qatar for Travel?

Despite the fact that the Middle East can be a relatively safe area to visit. Crime is generally low and a high police presence has prevented most crimes from happening. However, you should also note:

  • Avoid bringing high-priced items to the street.
  • Wear tight clothing that is longer than your knees and shoulders.
  • Beware of pickpockets and thieves. If you have children, take good care of them.
  • Public transport in Qatar can be very sketchy.
  • It can take a long time to wait for the bus and sometimes there is still a traffic jam.
  • Avoid taking a taxi, as they are more likely to scam you.
crime rate in qatar

How does Qatar compare to some countries?

Qatar’s constitution stipulates that it respects the rights of gender, race, and religion, but there are still some families with unmodern lifestyles that still resist these. LGBTQ women and individuals are still marginalized and Shi’ites are still outcasts to this day. Due process is not respected in the country.

Qatar has a small, isolated autonomous region with only a few villages scattered along the coast. Its economy is based on pearl fishing and nomadic tribes herding cattle.

Here is a table showing the country’s safety index:

NationSafety Index

Information related to life in Qatar

information related to life in qatar


The Qatari Riyal is the local currency of Qatar (QAR). UK credit and debit cards are generally accepted at larger establishments, some smaller areas like Souqs usually only accept cash. The largest commercial centers and public areas are equipped with ATMs everywhere.


Upon arriving in Qatar, citizens of 33 countries can get visas good for around a month. Apply for a visa at the top administrative offices if necessary, or check to find out if you require a visa to enter Qatar.


The busiest spot in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is the airport, Hamad International Airport.

It was designated as the official airport of this location in 2014, bringing in more than millions of visitors each year.

Travel Insurance advises getting travel insurance before visiting Qatar since it provides coverage for many costs besides simply medical ones. 

However, it also has a firm policy against theft and the loss of assets.

What are the cultural traditions of the Qatari people?

What are the cultural traditions of the Qatari people?

The ancient Bedouin civilization had a significant impact on Qatar’s culture, which also incorporates customs from neighboring Persian Gulf nations, East Africa, and India.

Since then, Islam has developed with a feudal nature that makes early adaptation challenging for people.

The culture of Qatar today has undergone significant modernization, which also aids in the development of a new civilization in this nation.

Qatar Weather and Temperature Averages

Qatar Weather and Temperature Averages

Winters in Qatar are mild, with temperatures reaching as high as 88°F in July. Temperatures will drop to a low of around 60°F in December. The cool seasons will last for about 3 months of a year with temperatures averaging below 78°F in July and August.

January has the lowest average temperature of 58°F and is considered the safest month to travel and relax.

The humidity here is generally pleasant, at 27.8% in June and 59.9% in December. In contrast, the wettest months fall in December and January, with temperatures ranging from low 30°F to mid 40°F.

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