How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

If you have a Sassa account, you will check Sassa status at the time you want. Application status and payment dates are the common information that many people usually need to check. So how to access your R350 grant anywhere?

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

Term explanations

SASSA: South Africa Social Security Agency

SRD: Social Relief of Distress

You can collect your SRD R350 grant that sells the items you need. Pick-n-Pay stores and Boxer stores are both great place to get your benefits. Once you’ve registered, simply wait for a SASSA SMS to confirm your payments point. You can then start using the new collection points. Boxer and Pick n Pay have partnered with SASSA to make this process as easy as possible for grant recipients.

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

If you’d like to connect your grant in person, you can use Post Office Post Bank Services. All you need is a registered cell phone number, proof of identification, and an SMS from Sassa confirming your grant is available for collection. Many R350 SRD grant beneficiaries also use Boxer or PicknPay stores to collect their grants. However, it’s still a good idea to register for SRD Sassa to receive your grant funds.

Change sassa banking details online is another simple step ton accessing your social grants. Once you’ve verified that your bank account has been processed, the next step is to change your banking information. Simply select your bank’s name, branch number, and account type, then enter your bank account number.

If you’ve changed your account, your grant will be paid on your new banking details. Your new details will only be used for future payments.

Due to Covid-19, transactions at the bank are limited so many people want to check their banking status anywhere they can. By following these instructions you can be received the payments and check the status online that match your need.

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