How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

If you have a Sassa account, you will check Sassa SRD status at any time you want. Application status and payment dates are the common pieces of information that many people usually need to check. So how to access your R350 grant anywhere? Let’s explore with PowerPACPlus!

Accessing Your R350 Grant Anywhere

Term explanations

  • SASSA: South Africa Social Security Agency
  • SRD: Social Relief of Distress

You can collect your SRD R350 grant that sells the items you need. Pick-n-Pay stores and Boxer stores are both great place to get your benefits. Once you’ve registered, simply wait for a SMS to confirm your payments point. You can then start using the new collection points. Boxer and Pick n Pay have partnered with SASSA to make this process as easy as possible for recipients.

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

If you’d like to connect your grant in person, you can use Post Office Post Bank Services. All you need is a registered cell phone number, proof of identification, and an SMS from Sassa confirming your grant is available for collection.

Many SRD beneficiaries also use Boxer or PicknPay stores to collect their grants. However, it’s still a good idea to register for and receive funds.

Change sassa banking details online is another simple step to accessing your social grants, please follow below instruction:

  1. You’ve verified that your bank account has been processed (see verify SRD R350 payment)
  2. The next step is to change banking information.
  3. Simply select bank’s name, branch number, and account type, then enter bank account number.

If you’ve changed your account, you can be paid on new banking details. Your new details will only be used for future.

Due to Covid-19, transactions at the bank are limited so many people want to check their banking status anywhere they can (see Sassa SRD Appeal Status Check). You can receive payments and check the SRD status online by following these instructions.

How to get your Grant r350 with bank account

Sassa Grants Permanent

The steps below apply to permanent recipients of the following grants:

  • For the elderly
  • Allowance for Disabilities
  • War veterans
  • Care dependency allowance
  • Grants for Foster Children
  • Child support payment
  • Grant-in-aid

Beneficiaries who want be paid directly into their personal bank accounts must fill out an Annexure C requesting that their R350 grant be paid directly into their bank account.

It should be noted that the bank form cannot be submitted through an online platform. The beneficiary and the bank of his/her choice must complete the form, which must then be returned to the office.

Recipients will be required to:

  • Print the form.
  • Take it to your bank and have it filled out and stamped.
  • Submit it to an SASSA regional office for bank account capture and processing.
  • The agency will deposit directly into the bank account once this written request is processed.

Beneficiaries must submit the form to their local office because they will need to use biometric information in the form of fingerprints to confirm their request to change their method of payment and Banking Details.

Grant for SRD R350

When the pandemic struck, many South Africans faced numerous challenges and financial strains that disrupted their daily lives. Some were rendered jobless and unable to meet their or their families’ most basic needs.

As a result, the government established the Social Relief of Distress grant to assist people who lack the financial means to improve their standard of living.

Since the grant’s inception, the government has encouraged recipients to direct payments to their bank accounts for convenience and access their account from anywhere.

SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal

SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal

Since early 2019, when SASSA decided to phase out their old card for security reasons and issued a new gold card to replace the old one, it has been announced to all those who were unable to obtain the new card on time to visit any nearby post office to obtain the new card. The procedure was supposed to take about 10 minutes to complete.

  • This would enable grant recipients to withdraw and pay at various pay points.
  • The statement continues to advise those who want to receive their payments at their preferred banks to contact their banks for advice.
  • With the introduction of the new gold card, millions of beneficiaries have been able to avoid unauthorized deductions.

According to, more cashless ATMs were added to the existing ones in May 2020 to help improve accessibility for social grant recipients.

Since the reinstatement of SASSA SRD grant payment, Cash Send or Ewallet has been one of the methods or options made available. In this case, approved applicants can withdraw their grant from a partner bank’s ATM without using an ATM card.

Unless there’s no payment, you should check out our article on Sassa R350 Approved But No Payments now!

The applicant only needs the mobile phone number used to apply. The applicant’s phone number must be RICA’d or registered. This is to aid in verification, as the agency wishes to ensure that qualified applicants receive grant in the correct and verified accounts, whether bank or Ewallet.

But SASSA ran into trouble when they asked the National Treasury for permission to buy something that would let banks’ ATMs be used to collect SRD for a small fee.

Unfortunately, that did not happen, and along the way, they asked those who were affected to either submit their preferred personal bank details or be automatically switched to the default payment, which was the post office.

Can i collect my R350 at Shoprite?

Yes, you can collect at Shoprite by follow this guide:

  1. You must provide your ID and cellphone number to collect the grant at any Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, or selected OK Foods. It must be the same cellphone number that you used to register with the SASSA database.
  2. To prevent fraud, an OTP confirmation will be sent to this number before you can withdraw the funds.
  3. Grants were available beginning in March 2022 for all customers who have previously registered online or at the Post Office. In-store registration is not possible.

How to collect R350 at ATM

There are some ways for people to collect their grants at the ATM machine. Beneficiaries who do not have a bank account and do not have access to one can choose one of the four banks listed below:

  • FNB E-wallet
  • ABSA Cash Send
  • Applicants who have been approved can update their SRD grant payment method or banking information at After clicking on this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the heading “How do I change my banking details?”
  • Fill in your ID number. You will then receive an SMS containing a secure link that is unique to you on the mobile phone number you provided during the application process.
  • If you choose to pay with a bank, please ensure that you are the account’s owner. SASSA cannot deposit the grant into the bank account of another person.
  • If you choose to transfer money through one of the major banks, please make sure that the mobile phone number from which you received the SMS is registered in your name. The agency will not pay the grant into a mobile phone number that is registered to someone else.
  • Please keep in mind that the new banking information will only be used for future payments (see When is the Next SRD SASSA Payment) after they have been verified.
  • You can also pick up the grant at Pick n Pay or Boxer Stores.

How to collect R350 Grants at Post Office

According to a recent statement, the South African Post Office no longer distributes Social Relief of Distress from the South African Social Security Agency.

Paseka Letsatsi, a Sassa spokesperson, told eNCA that the Post Office is facing administrative and financial challenges, which may have led to the decision to stop paying out R350 at their branches across the country.

According to Letsatsi, this affects beneficiaries living in rural areas, but this change may benefit them because they no longer have to travel far into town to collect their grants as there are alternative methods to collect the R350 grant.

The spokesperson advised beneficiaries to use the stores that distribute this grant:

  • Beneficiaries have been advised not to go to any Post Office branch to collect their grants.
  • Letsatsi has also encouraged beneficiaries to use their cards, as they will incur no additional costs if they swipe their cards at the aforementioned supermarkets.
  • Those who do not have cards can withdraw from supermarkets by providing their phone number. On the website, beneficiaries can also change their phone numbers.

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