How to become an influencer on Instagram to make money (up to 20.000$/month)

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Have you ever wondered that How to become an influencer on Instagram and make money? You may have pondered becoming an Instagram influencer if you consider yourself a creative, tech-savvy individual. Getting paid to take images and share them online sounds like a dream come true for those who adore doing so. But how lucrative is it to be an Instagram influencer? And how much are you likely to earn? This guide will provide you with all of the information you require. Keep reading with PowerPAC plus to learn more about it!

How to earn money on IG?
How to earn money on IG?

Can we make money as influencers on Instagram?

 Absolutely yes! Working from home, collaborating with your favorite businesses, and possibly even getting paid to travel sounds like a dream come true for many people. When you’re stuck in a 9-to-5 job, the life of a popular Instagram influencer appears very enticing.  But is it really that simple to ditch everything and start working as an Instagram influencer? This post is for anyone interested in learning how to become an Instagram influencer, how to acquire paid brand partnerships, and how to make Instagramming a full-time job.

How to become an influencer on instagram to monetize?

Choose your Instagram Niche

The first step to being an Instagram influencer is to decide what you want to accomplish with your life. A gap in the market on Instagram is a topic about which you will post and share personal experiences. Consider the niche you want to devote your Instagram account to. Consider the one ability or passion you have the most. Are you adept at styling and have good fashion sense, for example? There you have it, the Fashion or Style Niche is yours to choose from. Keep in mind that you’ll need a basic understanding of the niche you choose to be able to attract users’ attention and write content about it. So don’t follow the crowd and pick a subject simply because it’s trendy; you’ll wind up pretending to be an expert on it and never become one of the industry’s most dependable Instagram KOL.

Make a good first impression

You can have multiple niches as long as you have information about them and they are not irrelevant or unrelated to one another. Take, for example, Yasmin, an Instagram beauty and lifestyle blogger. In her bio, she clearly states her area of expertise.

Make a good first impression

If you want to be an Instagram influencer, you must understand how to grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more about you and your profile. A nice Instagram profile and a gorgeous Instagram feed theme are the first two things that draw a visitor’s attention.

Eye-catching Instagram bio

Instagram influencers must have a profile introduction that is both visually appealing and comprehensive. I’m sure most of you underestimate the importance of Instagram bios, but let me tell you that having a beautiful bio is one of the things you must consider if you want to be a successful influencer. A profile story, which is similar to the cover of a book, is one of the first things that catches an audience’s eye. Briefly describe yourself and what you do, as well as the topic you are interested in. If you want to learn how to make a solid Instagram story, keep in mind that you’ll need to know how to write one. So, if you’re interested in learning how to become an Instagram influencer, keep reading.

Add contact ways to your Instagram bio

Nobody can deny that the primary goal of anyone interested in becoming an Instagram influencer is to gain money by working with brands and businesses. Make yourself available to any company interested in collaborating with you or sponsoring you. To make it easier for businesses to contact you, include at least one contact method, such as an email, in your bio.

Add contact ways to your profile
Add contact ways to your profile

Share Your Stories

If you believe you can become an Instagram influencer just by posting images, you are plainly mistaken. The captions that accompany the photographs are just as significant as the photographs themselves. Use them to communicate your stories and make an emotional connection with your audience. Give people a reason to believe in you, follow you, and participate in your activities.

However, don’t forget to be sincere in your efforts to engage them. Because that will be readily apparent. Instead, tell your personal story in a way that is both entertaining and true to your audience.

Make Your Instafeed Appealing

If you want to be an Instagram influencer, this is one of the requirements. Each of your images should not only be visually stunning, but also follow a consistent theme. This means that all of the photographs in your feed should complement each other.

Many influencers edit their photographs in a specific way to keep the color or layout consistent. You can edit your photos with apps like VSCO or Lightroom, or you can just use Instagram’s built-in filters. However, to make your images look great, make sure they are taken in high-resolution and with plenty of light.

Join an influencer network

It’s time to become a paid influencer after you’ve built up an audience and proved that people trust you. It can be difficult to secure gigs before you have a good cooperation portfolio. One option to tackle the “chicken before the egg” problem is to join an influencer network. Brands will use these networks to look for people who they believe have the potential to be successful. If you demonstrate your talent, you have a good chance of being noticed. In addition, several networks and platforms will assist with the logistics. Overall, it’s a terrific method to get a feel for your new company.

Join an influencer network
Join an influencer network

Proactively reach out to brands

Using an influencer network to locate clients will no longer be as efficient as it once was. Alternatively, you may have extensive sales expertise and choose to go it alone. When you reach out to companies ahead of time, you have the ability to propose collaborations without the clamor of network-based rivalry. Influencer inquiries are handled in a variety of ways by different brands. Some people will access your profile if you send a DM to their social media account. Other brands may have a more formal procedure. Remember, no matter how you reach out, the worst thing that can happen is a brand saying “no.” Just keep pitching, as every salesperson will tell you, and you’ll ultimately get a “yes.

Remember that influencer marketing trends reveal that brands increasingly desire to work with influencers that share their brand affinity, so show some love for the products and services you use on social media, and it might lead to a collaboration in the not-too-distant future.

Accept opportunities that align with your brand

Congratulations on receiving your first job offer. Take care. You shouldn’t take every chance that comes your way if you want to become a paid influencer and stay that way in the long run. While low-cost brands are always a worry, the main issue is brand dilution. To put it another way, brand consistency is crucial. As a result, only accept chances that are in line with your brand image and relevant to your target market. Otherwise, readers may lose interest in your content since it appears spammy and is no longer relevant to them. Paid sponsorships are doomed once customers lose faith in your company.

How much do Instagram influencers get paid?

IG influencers make lots of money by simply posting to their feeds or stories, which is not surprising. That appears to be a really appealing way to make money. By 2020, the amount spent on influencer marketing is expected to reach $8 billion. That’s a substantial sum of money! This demonstrates the widespread desire to become an Instagram influencer, as well as the widespread belief that it is effective. As previously said, the amount of money a social media influencer costs is mostly determined by their number of followers. Instagram influencers, for example, can charge anything from $75 to $3,000 each post.

How many Instagram followers do you need to become a KOL and make money?

Because your worth is evaluated by quality rather than quantity, there is no magic number that defines when you start making profit on Instagram. For advertisers to be interested in you and your ad-worthiness to develop, you need a fair amount of interaction – 10,000 low-engagement followers are certainly worth less than a buzzy fanbase that frequently comments. The first 1,000 followers, on the other hand, are a critical initial step – learn more about how to get there here.

How many followers do you need?
How many followers do you need?

You may generate money on Instagram by working with brands outside of the platform and through affiliate marketing. Reaching out to an online retailer that offers affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates or ClickBank, and advertising their products in your content is known as affiliate marketing. There isn’t a magic quantity for becoming an Instagram influencer, unfortunately. You’ll also need engaged followers and the ability to influence their decisions. However, you can use the following numbers to estimate how many followers you’ll need to become an influencer:


  • 1,000 to 5000 Nano-influencers are a type of nano-influencer.
  • 5,000 to 100,000 people follow you Micro-influencers are people who have a small amount of power.
  •  More than 100,000 people are following you. Macro-influencers are those who have a large impact on the economy.

Successful artists, musicians, actors, athletes, and other household names are examples of global figures or household names. Mega-influencers are those who have a lot of power.


It’s true that being an Instagram influencer does not happen immediately. To become an Instagram influencer, you’ll need to be patient and follow the methods outlined above. It may take a few months, but believe me when I say you will notice results. Within a few months of following these procedures, I’ve seen and assisted a number of people secure brand collaborations. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. Are there any other ways to become an Instagram influencer that you can think of? Please let me know in the comments section below. And if you want some one-on-one help to become an Instagram influencer, get in touch with me right away!

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