How to Change Hairstyles in Photoshop

How to Change Hairstyles in Photoshop

There are several steps on how to change hair styles in Photoshop in Adobe. Using the “Adjustments” panel, go to the second row of icons and choose the “Hue & Saturation” icon. This opens a new layer and allows you to change the color of your hair without affecting the rest of the image. You can also use the “Saturation” and “Lightness” sliders to adjust the intensity of the color.

How To Change Hairstyles In Photoshop – Realistic Tutorials

Remove Stray Or Fly-Away Hair

If you’re looking for a quick way to remove stray or fly-away tresses from a photograph, try using the Surface Blur mask tool. By harnessing the power of Photoshop, this tool will smooth away small strands of hair, ensuring that your image is as clean as possible. Note that this technique is most effective on soft backgrounds and hair that is not on a person’s face.

  1. Duplicate the layer containing the photo.
  2. Select half of the face. Move it to the background, and create a mask.
  3. Select a soft brush set to white and opacity. Use this brush to paint over the excess hair,
  4. Save the final image as usual.

This method removes stray or fly-away hairs without affecting the rest of the image.

How to Change Hairstyles in Photoshop

Edit The Mask

  1. Decide which layer you want to work on.
  2. In the Layers panel, click “Edit in Quick Mask Mode.”
  3. Click the Refine Edge Brush tool, which focuses on the hair masking area.
  4. Select the brush size and properties. You can then drag the brush around the edges of your subject.
  5. Once you have chosen the brush size and properties, click “OK.”

Now, you need to make sure that the layer you want to replace is the “body” layer.

  1. Make a rough selection around the face.
  2. Press CTRL+V or COMMAND+V to paste the copy.
  3. Press COMMAND+D to deselect the selected face.
  4. To get rid of the flashing line, press CTRL+D. Set the layer to 30% opacity.
  5. Click “Align” to align the mouth and eyes.

Add Volume To Hair

If you have a picture of a blond, curly hairstyle you want to create, you will first need to decide how to add volume to the image. You can achieve this through layers.

  • Create one layer for your base color and another for highlights and shadows.
  • After you have created both of these layers, move on to the next step: shading the hair.
  • For shading, start by adding a darker color above your base color shape layer.
  • Then, go down a layer to add shading to the edges of each bunch, two lines, strand, and bang. You can also use line art to guide you while you are shading your hair.

Adding more volume to hair is the most difficult part of retouching a photo. However, you can enhance the style by using quick tricks. Try the Liquify Tool or the Gradient Map to add more volume to your hair. Alternatively, use the Gradient Map to add more color and highlights to your hairstyle. You can use these techniques in conjunction with Move or Blending Mode to get the perfect look for your photo.

Adjust The Intensity Of The Color

You can use the layers panel in Photoshop to adjust the color of your image. Toggle this panel on or off by pressing F7. Next, move the Saturation slider to the left or right to vary the intensity of the color. Now you can adjust the hair color intensity and blend mode. Here are some tips for adjusting the intensity of the color when changing hairstyles in Photoshop.

  1. In the Adjustments panel, click the Hue & Saturation, located in the second row of icons.
  2. Select the Hue slider to change the hair color without affecting the rest of the image.
  3. Then, use the other sliders to fine-tune the color. The “Saturation” slider changes the intensity of the color and the “Lightness” slider varies the opacity of the new color over the original.

To sum up, by using Photoshop you can design many styles you want for fun or for any reasons, you can change from black hair into various colors. Nowadays, many people use this tool for their works, especially in the digital marketing field. As Photoshop has the popular and good effect in image editor. It is not free if you want to use full of its functions.

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When working in Photoshop to fix stray or fly-away hair, it can be useful to create a new layer. This action allows you to freely work on your image without affecting or modifying the original version. To make a new layer in Photoshop, simply enter: Drag the existing layer to the bottom “Create New Layer”.

Open the Picsart app on your smartphone. Tap on the white plus sign symbol in the middle of the main menu to begin a new project. Select an image from your Gallery. Locate the “Cut-out” option in the menu and tap the symbol to select your hair.

  1. In Photoshop, correct frizzy hair.
  2. Open the image and use the clone stamp tools.
  3. Begin by painting all over the excess flyaway hair.
  4. Add a Mask to the newly created layer.
  5. Apply any unwanted painting to your beautiful hair.
  6. Apply Pen Pressure…
  7. Refine your Work.
  8. Examine the Results
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