How To Choose The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Choosing eyebrows shape
how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape

The shape of your brows can make or break your face. If our faces are like paintings, then our brows are the frames that determine what “nuance” is being delivered.
It’s been a long time since thin, sleek brows reigned supreme, giving way to full, bushy, voluminous brows. Having said that, many people find it difficult to determine which brow shape style is best for them.
This article will teach you how to play the brow game and eventually WIN! There are also some eyebrow beauty care tips that you may find useful.

Decide your ideal eyebrow shape based on your face structure

When it comes to brow shapes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
The goal is to find a brow shape that complements and balances your own face and bone structure, making it appear more “harmonious.” For example, if you have a square face (which is socially perceived as masculine), a proper brow shape should soften, lengthen, and feminineize it.
A trendy, instagram-worthy brow shape may not be the best fit for you (or, worse, they may look terrible). The first step is to determine your face shape (I’m sure there are tons of helpful guides online about this).
Now, let’s get to the point of this article: how to choose the best eyebrow shape for your face shape.

Oval face

taylor swift oval face shape

Some people believe that people with oval faces are the most beautiful… or something. To begin with, everyone is beautiful and every face shape is ideal, but let’s be honest: if I were a face-stealing alien from a distant planet, oval faces would be at the top of my shopping list.

What’s the deal with oval faces? Humans appreciate symmetry and balanced faces. Oval faces are exactly that—perfectly balanced like a Sunday breakfast. This is why most people use their brows to make their faces appear more oval. This witchcraft is accomplished by using soft angles and shallow arches. ZERO DRAMA. Dramatic shapes will transform your lovely oval face into something else.

Round face

round face shape

People with round faces may want to use their brows to make their face appear less circular.
To make a round face appear more oval, lift the brow arch and spice up the angle; this will lengthen the appearance of your face.
But, alas, you’ve duped everyone—your face is still the same shape it was last week gasp. They don’t need to know that, though. It’s all over if they figure out we can shapeshift.

Square face

keira knightley square face

Your jawline is almost as strong as you, you square-faced beauties. When it comes to strong jawlines, however, you need something to counteract that show-stopping angle.
Your brows will lead you to an elegant balancing act that will reveal a drop-dead gorgeous look. You want a strong brow with a defined arch, but feel free to experiment with curved brows, which can soften your face shape if you’re into that.
Return your focus to those eyes. Bring them in.

Long face

liz tyler long face shape

“What’s with the long face?” It was meant to be a flirtatious joke. It wasn’t the case.
Turn it off. You don’t require this. You truly are a goddess. Give yourself a traffic-stopping expression.
Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, appears. You decided to take matters into your own hands today and give yourself horizontal, straight brows to keep those wandering eyes in a locked gaze at bay.
A flat brow will make a long face appear shorter—don’t forget to extend their tails to achieve the desired width.
Avoid any arches for a rounder appearance—arches make the face appear longer.

Rectangle face

The length of a rectangular face is nearly double the width, similar to a long face shape, but with a more defined jaw.

“Because a rectangular face can be long but has a strong jawline, choose fuller, unstructured brow shapes to help reduce forehead size.” “Softer and slightly more curved arches will also help soften the jawline,” Lauren explained.

Heart face

miranda kerr heart face shape

You heart-shaped people out there: you may have delicate facial features, but you’re not fragile. Don’t hide your amazing taper.

High arches can add drama and length to a shorter face, giving you that “I’m the boss” vibe.

Longer faces should have a lower arch. But don’t switch them—high-arched brows on a long face draw attention to the forehead. DON’T DO IT.

Diamond face

Ashley Green diamond face shape

Diamonds are formed through enormous amounts of heat and pressure, and while stress is subjective, diamond-faced people ARE made of carbon and ARE quite hot.

The diamond-shaped face appears to be the rarest face shape, and owners may find their angles a little too spicy. They’re best known for their broad and strong cheekbones that taper off towards the chin and forehead.

If your angles are a little too pronounced, diamonds are only a few degrees away from an oval face.

Round out your brows to give yourself a softer, less wide appearance. But, please, don’t go all Silence of the Lambs on people with oval faces. That is a resounding NO from us.

Tips on taking care of your brows

  • Brush your brows every day to stimulate hair growth and keep them neat.
  • Avoid over-plucking. Allow your salon lady to only remove unwanted hair while maintaining thickness because natural brows look better.
  • Use a brow trimmer to remove hair that has grown out of place. This way, even if you are unable to visit the salon, you will be able to maintain your desired shape.
  • Brush your brows with castor oil and then comb them. Do this every night because castor oil promotes thicker hair growth.
  • Fill in your brows with aloe vera gel. It can relieve any irritation caused by shaping and even promote shine.
  • Exfoliate your brows as well, as impurities can become trapped in them and cause acne or other skin problems. Scrub and rinse with one teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon sugar. Do this at least twice a week in the shower.
  • When you go out, use an eyebrow growth serum instead of regular makeup brow gel products.
  • Remember to remove your makeup, including any eye makeup, no matter how hectic your schedule is.
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