How to Get My Golden Retriever to Stop Jumping?

How to Get My Golden Retriever to Stop Jumping

How to get my golden retriever to stop jumping up? Goldens are notorious for this problem, and jumping on other people is one of the most common reasons. However, it can be difficult to identify which part of the dog is causing the problem. We will outline the different stages in the behavior of goldens, and how to get your pup to stop jumping.

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golden retriever jumping up and biting

Why Golden retriever jumping up and biting

If your golden retriever has recently started to jump up and bite you, there are a few things you should know. 

  • The first thing to remember is that it is not always because it is afraid of you. It might just be that it’s trying to get your attention. Once you understand this behavior, it is easy to change.
  • The second is that dogs are opportunistic and should be acknowledged. They will take the paths that lead to their goals if those paths exist. An illustration of this is when a golden retriever approaches you and jumps up on you playfully to attract your attention. 
golden retriever puppy behavior stages

It is simple to control this tendency if you discover that your Golden Retriever exclusively jumps on people to attract attention.

Make sure that this behavior is not rewarded by your Golden. Instead, provide him with a different task that has a reward.

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Golden retriever puppy behavior stages

There is something that you should consider before getting a golden retriever and few different ways to train your golden retriever to stop jumping.

If your golden retriever is consistently jumping on people, it may be time to consider putting up a couch. These large objects will deter your golden from jumping.

my golden retriever wont stop biting

They should also know that jumping will get them no attention. This is a great way to avoid jumping sessions.

And, as you work to get your golden retriever to jump less often, you will notice that your puppy’s behavior will improve. Here are the Golden retriever puppy behavior stages that you should know:

  • Day 1: Birth of a puppy
  • 2 weeks: Eyes open
  • 3 weeks: Beginning to walk
  • 3-4 weeks: Teeth erupt, and they begin consuming solid foods.
  • 8-12 weeks: Time to return home with you 
  • 4 months: Sleeping through the night
  • 4 months: When a puppy loses its puppy teeth, it should stop biting
  • 1-2 years: Getting spayed every 1-2 years
  • 1 year: Full height at one year
  • 1.5 years: Full coat
  • 2 years: Full weight

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How to stop golden retrievers from jumping

If you want to prevent your golden retriever from jumping on people, then you need to first figure out why they do it. 

They do it because they want your attention. Don’t reward them with treats or praise for jumping – these actions only reinforce their behavior and will not solve their problem. Instead, give them alternative rewards. 

Listed below are some methods you can use to help stop your Golden from jumping on people.

how to stop my dog jumping on visitors

Remove the Reward

Don’t reward your dog for jumping on people. Golden retrievers are large, powerful dogs that can cause injuries to people and property if they jump. 

Young dogs tend to jump because they’re excited, and this behavior is often unintentionally rewarded

Remove the Reward

Therefore avoid causing your dog too much enthusiasm as this can make him leap up again. In this case, ignore your dog once more. They’re intelligent, so they’ll ultimately understand. 

They will eventually realize that while they get ignored if they jump, they succeed if they remain calm and stay on the ground.

Turn Aside from the Jump

Turn away, avoid eye contact, and cross your arms over your chest when your dog jumps up. The possibility of a dog trying to nudge your hands is eliminated when your arms are folded.

You can start a gentle greeting after they are able to keep four on the ground. For dogs who require instant feedback, this method works effectively.

Turn Aside From The Jump

As soon as they get all four paws on the ground, be sure to reward and praise them. Correct behavior should be noted and rewarded.

If you warn someone not to jump, that is one thing, but you also need to teach them what they should do in its place.

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Leave The Room

When your dog jumps up, you might be able to just leave the room in some cases. Say hello at the door first. In the event that your dog jumps, turn around and leave. Simple.

After 30 seconds, step back in and greet them. If your dog jumps again, try it again.

Your dog will quickly learn that you will only stay if they are not jumping up.

How to stop my dog jumping on visitors

Many people have disadvantageous problems with keeping golden retrievers. Especially their hyperactivity towards strangers. They love to jump on other people, it’s easy to hurt others

The first step in teaching your dog to stay out of people’s faces is to make them aware of your boundaries. Don’t encourage jumping when visitors come over. While this can be fun, it’s also dangerous for people to get hurt by a jumping dog. 

How to stop my dog jumping on visitors

Confine your dog when visitors enter the house and use the house line to restrain it. You should also practice this technique when you have visitors over, or when the dog becomes boisterous.

If you notice your Golden Retriever jumping on visitors, do not react. This will only reinforce the unwanted behavior. Turn around and walk away. 

While you may feel frustrated or annoyed at this time, remember that attention is still attention. If you continue to ignore your golden retriever, it will only keep on repeating this behavior. By using a barrier to restrain it from jumping on visitors, you can make it stop by ignoring it.

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Your Golden Retriever is most likely jumping on humans because it provides him what he wants, such as attention, a toy, food, etc., unless he is doing it out of fear or hostility (in which case you should seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer). The good news is that it’s now simple to cease the behavior as a result.

The most challenging period is typically between 8 and 18 months (which is when most dogs are surrendered to rescues and shelters). Owners may find it challenging to maintain consistency and patience with training at this period as they wait for it to pass.

Make sure he exercises frequently each day. Given that they are very large dogs, golden retrievers need to get some exercise. He might bite out of repressed angst. So, extend your walk for him or toss a ball his way as you go.

  • Develop Them Early. Leash training should begin as soon as your puppy arrives.
  • Have the Proper Tools.
  • Instill self-control.
  • Avoid playing tug of war with the leash.
  • Reward Proper Position.
  • Before walks, give your dog some rest.

The typical Golden Retriever won’t be able to jump higher than four feet. This does not imply that an escape-proof 4-foot fence exists. You should probably get a fence that is higher if your dog has a tendency to escape. The style of fence is also important because a smooth surface will make vaulting more challenging.

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