How to Make an Appeal for SRD SASSA Decision Or Grant

How to make an appeal for SRD SASSA? Some people have the problem with Sassa bank, but they do not know how to contact them and what is the appeal’s process. By understanding some rules and processes of Sassa with PowerPACPlus, you can make an appeal with them easily.

How To Make An Appeal For SRD SASSA

This application is simple and fast: 

  1. Visit the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) website 
  2. Select “application for reconsideration” 
  3. Fill in the application form
  4. Check your SRD R350 payment status

Once you have received a rejection letter, you can appeal your decision. Simply go to the SRD grants website and fill out the application for reconsideration. You should receive a text message confirming that your appeal was received. In the meantime, fix any errors you noticed before requesting a reconsideration. If you got an identity verification attempt, the information you provided did not match.

You must be willing to wait a couple of weeks for your application to be processed. Once the processing is complete, you can begin collecting your grant. The deadline for the application was the end of January 2021. If you miss the deadline, you may have to wait until the following month.

However, it’s worth it to try. If you do not get the grant you’re seeking, you can complain to another government agency. You will get another chance to apply for the R350 grant.

Appeals For Srd Sassa Decision

If you are denied an alternative source of income because of a SASSA decision, you can complain the decision. However, before submitting your complaint, you must have provided your bank details to SASSA.

If your application was rejected, the bank account will be switched automatically to your post office. Applicants who have been denied a means-tested alternative source of income must also include your Banking Details submission and Ewallet details.

If your application for social relief of distress has been rejected, you have one month for appealing the decision. The deadline is 28 February. You must provide reasons why the decision is incorrect and include additional motivation.

If you have been rejected, you don’t have to resubmit your complaint; SASSA will send you the decision via SMS. You should not submit any attachments when lodging your appealing

Once you have received a notice that your application for a Social Relief of Distress grant has been declined, you can lodge an appeal with SASSA within 90 days of the decision being issued (see how to check your sassa srd appeal status online now). You should also provide your authentic documents to support.

Moreover, you can complain as many times as you want, but remember that the process only works once. The application will be rejected if it fails to meet the criteria of the scheme.

Appeals For Srd Sassa Means Test

The current state of the Appeals for SRD-Sassa means test has left many recipients frustrated and angry. In the meantime, SASSA has been working overtime to resolve the issue and has called for patience. In a recent statement (see How To Get Sassa Bank Statement), SASSA noted that they are still waiting for the banks to respond to means testing.

They are also urging applicants to be patient. Applicants who are applying for cash sends should submit their bank acc and ewallet details to SASSA. If their ewallet is closed, they will be automatically switched to the post office.

The means test has also created a lot of confusion about the status of COVID-19 SRD grants. Many recipients have not received their grant payment since November. The Appeals for SRD grant process is a complicated one, which may be confusing.

However, SASSA has clarified the means test process by explaining it in an email sent to recipients. The agency will be able to test the applicants’ accounts for a month-to-month basis and will only approve or reject the application if the applicant’s financial situation changes.

If you have been declined for a Sassa SRD grant, you have the option to complain the decision within 30 days of being declined. In order to do so, you need to visit the SRD grant website and choose “apply for reconsideration.” Every month, applications are verified to ensure they meet the criteria.

If the applicant’s income does not meet the qualification requirements, the application will be declined. This means that if you receive more than R595 per month, your application will not qualify.

Due to the Covid-19, perhaps many South African have the trouble with Sassa about the payments, public status of money or applications. Read more news updated on the menu with high education such as how to update your SRD Sassa contact details.

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