How to make money on Youtube for beginner

make money on youtube

Have you ever wondered how to make money on Youtube for beginner? If you want to make money while creating content, learning to monetize on YouTube is a good place to begin. You can start making profits on YouTube quickly with the help of the dependable YouTube Partner Program and its built-in advertising system. Follow to learn more!

Do you want to start your own channel?

Is it possible to earn money on Youtube?

Is it possible to make profit from it?
Is it possible to make profit from it?

Yes, to put it succinctly. It is being done by tens of thousands of people. Not all of them, by the way, have millions of subscribers. YouTube isn’t only a numbers game, contrary to common assumption; your earning potential is also determined by the niche you target, the quality of engagement you generate, and the revenue streams you use. That’s not to suggest that subscribers and views aren’t vital; check out our simple YouTube tips for increased views.

YouTube does not compensate creators for their work. In addition, the videos aren’t automatically monetized. To begin making benifits on YouTube, go to your account settings and turn on monetization. Joining YouTube’s Partner Program or having your films displayed on YouTube Premium are two options available to you (more on this later).

The requirements to get paid on Youtube?

Joining YouTube’s Partner Program is the most common way to make money from your YouTube channel. To begin, there are a few requirements to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. You must do the following:

  • Have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • In the previous 12 months, you must have completed 4,000 hours of valid public watch.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by signing them.
  • Have you signed up for AdSense?
  • Get your application reviewed and approved.
  • Follow the Community Guidelines on YouTube.
Some requirements
Some requirements

How to make payments on Youtube?


If you have a longer-term goal or a dream that you want to pursue, your YouTube audience may be willing to sponsor you if you take them along for the ride. Your devoted audience might help you realize your ambition of publishing a cookbook, producing a short film, recording a music demo, or spending a year exploring the world.

There are numerous crowdfunding platforms, demonstrating that people power exists. Just remember to reward your ‘backers’ with valuable gifts and tons of amazing material to compensate for their support of what could be a strange or crazy notion.

Utilize all your social media platforms

As an added bonus to their YouTube channel, many YouTubers have active, engaged profiles on many social media networks. Depending on the platform and content kind, this is a wise choice because you’ll gain more followers and be able to reach a new audience.

Utilize all your social media platforms
Utilize all your social media platforms

Furthermore, sponsors may be eager to collaborate with you on sponsored content across several platforms, such as brand endorsements and product, service, or experience evaluations. Just be aware of metrics and analytics; corporations will be looking for a return on their investment by tapping into your audience. When picking influencers, bloggers, and artists to collaborate with, brands look for a blend of audience reach and engagement.

Use your expertise to do freelance work

You may have developed sound videographer abilities as a result of your popular YouTube channel. This most likely suggests you can build a brand, sell its content, and attract a loyal following. As a result, businesses may approach you (or you may pitch them), offering you jobs based on your qualifications. This could be freelancing work done for or in collaboration with them. In any case, you now have a portfolio to demonstrate prospective clients or companies what you’re capable of. Transform your skills into cash in the bank.

Sell your merchandise

You’ve probably created humorous characters, coined catchphrases, or discovered a gap in the market for things that you know your audience would like through your content. Make this a reality by creating branded products that you can sell online.

Trade your products
Trade your products

Think of some ideas, analyze the figures, and ask your audience what they think – you might have an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit inside you that you never knew existed! Check out the merch shelf, which allows eligible creators to display their official branded products on YouTube to help sell it. The shelf appears on qualifying channels’ video sites, however it may not appear on all video pages. Licensing your material to other businesses and working with brands as an affiliate or influencer are two more methods to make profits.

Paid content

You can offer access to a specific video using Paid Content. You can set the price of the video, but YouTube will take a cut. This could be excellent for YouTube business channels looking to sell a premium service. It might work for more personal channels, but your audience might not like it. You must agree to a ‘Commerce Addendum’ that covers the terms of service before you can make money this way.

Super chat and super sticker

YouTube has announced those two monetization solutions for live streaming. A conversation participant can pay money to have their chat message emphasized using these features. This elevates it above standard conversation and gives you more reasons to connect with it. Because if someone is paying you to send you a message, you owe it to them to respond. These features are fantastic since they allow you to earn additional cash while engaging with your audience.

How much can we make after monetizing your Channel

The amount you can make on YouTube varies significantly depending on your niche, the number of clicks your ad gets, the length of your video, where in the world your viewers are located, and of course – the number of views your video gets.

How much can you earn?
How much can you earn?

A good thing to know is that the average YouTube pay rate ranges between $0.10 to $0.30 for an ad view. An established YouTuber can make around $18 per 1000 ad views, which usually comes out to about $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. But a more realistic expectation is probably to earn $1 to $2 per 1000 video views. To give you some context, you need to be generating over a million views per month to replace a full-time income. That’s why so many content providers don’t only rely on Google AdSense to make money.

It’s also worth noting that pure video views without advertisements can generate money if they originate from YouTube Premium customers. In some circumstances, YouTube pays the producers a portion of the subscription earnings. YouTube takes a 45 percent cut of a creator’s Premium profits, just like it does of ad revenue.


After a video is posted, YouTube income is passive as long as it is being watched. Keep track of which videos are the most popular and make videos around the same subject. Your income will increase as your video library and views expand.

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