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I’ve been selling items online for years, and now I wanted to share with you how to sell on OfferUp to make money. If you want to turn your junk into cash, OfferUp is a great place to start. It is completely free to use and simple to learn how to use I like OfferUp because of its Buyer rating system and the fact that you can become verified by having your ID approved. If you’ve never used the OfferUp app and have something to sell, you should try after reading all the useful information which PowerPAC plus gives you below

Can we monetize on Offerup?
Can we monetize on Offerup?

Why should we sell on Offerup?

Since 2011, OfferUp has served as a local alternative to Craigslist for buying and selling products. Although OfferUp has a website, the mobile app is the most popular. The OfferUp app is ideal for finding excellent offers on small to mid-size products such as furniture and appliances.

Have you ever used Offerup?
Have you ever used Offerup?

It’s less anonymous because buyers and sellers have profile images and ratings (based on previous purchases and transactions). As a buyer and vendor, it alone gives me peace of mind. Furthermore, having a discussion straight in the app is extremely simple and convenient. I’m not required to disclose to anyone my phone number or email address!

Top 9 hacks to sell faster and make more money 

  • Crop Your Pictures

It’s best to have a long, narrow photograph (at least the item’s main photo), just as on Pinterest. You can see that the longer it is, the more screen real estate it takes up. Landscape photographs are given hardly any room at all.

  • Phone A Friend

For a limited time, OfferUp’s algorithms will keep “hot” goods at the top of the home screen. It was discovered by @Shenanigator and me that if someone makes an offer or sends a message within 15 minutes after publishing, it will be there. We take turns making offers on each other’s products shortly after they are listed to enhance the likelihood that it will become a “trending” item, attracting more attention when others open the app.

How can we monetize faster with the app?
How can we monetize faster with the app?
  • Save Time, Include All Details Immediately

Respond to ANYONE who sends you a message or makes an offer with all necessary information. I’ve discovered that 95% of OfferUp users (at least in my area) don’t think about logistics (location, transportation, etc.) or pay attention to the specifics of each listing. Each post, for example, has a location tag, and I’ve placed my cross streets in my screen name. Buyers, on the other hand, are often startled when I tell them my address.

  • Keywords Help—Be Descriptive

When describing your item, err on the side of exaggeration. It may seem strange to call anything “Ladies Women’s Trench Coat Winter Jacket Size Medium,” yet it increases your chances of being found in searches. Don’t be annoying about it or pack it with keywords, but if the item has another name or phrase that would help consumers find it, include it.

  • Anticipate Questions

You’ll be asked all of these questions and more. Do yourself a favor and respond to everything in the description that you can. It takes a little more work up front, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

  • Keep Your Cool

Hundreds of times, close variations of this dialogue have occurred. It fucking ices my cookies. Don’t ask for my lowest price and then make a lower offer. (End of mini-rant.)

What is the moral of the story? People will put your patience to the test. Lowball offers will be made to offend you. After you’ve changed your plans to accommodate them, they’ll cancel on you. They’ll make every super-obvious excuse in the book to get you out of it. They’ll make up plainly false sob stories for you. They’ll say they’ll be there in five minutes and then show up two hours later. Don’t allow it to get to you, whatever you do! (I know, it’s easier said than done.)

Price it right
  • Use Odd Pricing

On OfferUp, people want to feel like they’re receiving a good deal. They want it for $25 if you list something for $100. Use strange pricing (as in not even bill amounts) to assist you receive the most money for your things. This will encourage individuals to offer you the amount you really want. Do you want to make $40? Price the item at $47. Do you really want to make $85 off of it? It’ll set you back $102. Some people will pay your arbitrary prices down to the dollar, but the bids will usually come in at or near the price you’re looking for.

  • Price it right

I recommend completing a fast OfferUp search before selecting how much to sell your goods for. Then double-check your pricing on Craigslist and eBay to be sure you’re on the right track.

When I observe that most individuals are asking $25-$30 for a particular item, I usually lower my price by a few dollars (especially if there are several already listed for sale). This aids in the faster sale of my stuff. I’d rather sell it in a few weeks than wait months for someone to take an interest.

  • Communication is key

Respond to buyer messages as soon as possible! Use language that is both clear and courteous. When appropriate, I like to utilize whole phrases, proper syntax, and even happy emoticons! When you communicate successfully, you demonstrate to your customers that you are dependable.

Buyers will occasionally cease responding to your messages, which is quite inconvenient (especially when they’ve previously said where and when they want to meet)! If this occurs, simply shrug it off and move on. Sell it quickly, then wait a few months for someone to bite.

3 things avoid selling on Offerup

Computers and smartphones

Scammers are particularly fond of these two categories. Many vendors are dishonest, failing to disclose any damage or faults to the objects, lowering the overall tone of the category.

Something should be avoided selling on Offerup
Something should be avoided selling on Offerup


Scammers are constantly present in private car sales. If you decide to sell your automobile privately, meet the buyer at the DMV or Vehicle Registration offer to exchange ownership documents in person.


Creating a marketplace that caters to local businesses and customers is a great idea that is also cost effective. If you want to design a buy-and-sell software like OfferUp, keep the essential flow in mind now that you know how it works. Define the core, critical features, and other functionalities that are required. To explore your company idea, contact one of the top mobile app development companies today!

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