Is Frozen Durian Good? Some things for consideration

Is Frozen Durian Good? How does frozen durian look like?

Is Frozen Durian Good? Durian is a type of tropical fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. In other areas, it cannot live. Therefore, if you are not living in this area, you cannot eat fresh durian. To do durian delivery, the durian will be packed and frozen. You may wonder about its nutrition facts. Keep reading to understand more about frozen durian.

How Does Frozen Durian Look Like

Is Frozen Durian Good? How does frozen durian look like?

You can identify a fresh durian by looking at its seed. The endosperm should feel solid, while the one that is frozen would be jelly-like. The skin of a fresh durian should also be hard and devoid of brown discoloration. While defrosting the durian, be sure to wear gloves and gardening gloves. Once the skin is open, you’re ready to eat. 

Is Frozen Durian Good

Definitely yes! The quality is also good like fresh ones. This fruit melts in your mouth like ice cream, and its aroma is almost nonexistent. In Thailand, you can find frozen durian on sticks at places like Dee’s Frozen Fruits. To make it even easier, you can vacuum seal individual pieces and store them in freezing to ensure no air in it. Thawing them in the fridge should take around five hours, but they can thaw even faster.

The smell and taste of durian is a matter of personal preference. Some people find the fruit offensive; others like the flavor. Is it creamy? Or is it reminiscent of onions and garlic? It is a highly distinctive and acquired taste. But whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll love it once you get used to it! The best way to try durian is to try it. You’ll be surprised at just how much better it is than you think.

Does Frozen Durian Taste Good

does frozen durian taste good

This fruit is sometimes described as a “frozen egg custard” due to its texture and smell. While frozen durian can’t replace the flavor of fresh durian, its quality can still be delicious. You can add some frozen durian to your smoothie, bake it into a cobbler, or boil it down with some sugar and lemon juice for a tasty jam.

There are many types of durian, from the softest to the crispest. Some people won’t like durian at all, while others aren’t fans of its smell. Whether durian is for you depends on how you choose to prepare it. There are plenty of frozen durian products on the market today, so take your pick wisely. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting! You’ll be surprised.

What Are Foods Made From Frozen Durian

There are several durian food recipes, but how can you know which one is good? Durians are fruits with a distinctive smell and flavor. Some say the fruit tastes like chives, powdered sugar, diced garlic, or caramel in whipped cream.

Despite the ungodly odor, durian is still an edible fruit. It is commonly banned in many parts of Southeast Asia due to its uncanny odor. Despite the bad reputation, the soft, creamy flesh makes it a delightful treat. However, most newcomers don’t get the good stuff. 

In my experience, durian ice cream is one of the best foods made from this fruit. The smell is less strong than fresh durian, so it is easy for you to try it for the first time. If you wonder about what durian tastes like, read more to understand.

In short, this fruit is called the king of fruit, we can eat it in season and its taste is sweet. It is planted in South Asia. In this place, Asian especially Thai people can make many foods from durian with the high quality that you can see many on Facebook. Many years ago, not many countries know about these fruits, but nowadays people make frozen durian to export to other nations and keep it for a long time.

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Large frozen durians over 2kg should be defrosted in the fridge so that the moisture in the husk is gradually removed. Moisture from the frozen husk will leak into the durian pulp if left at room temperature.

Holding a durian to your ear and shaking it is one of the simplest ways to tell if it is ripe. A ripened durian’s flesh is soft, allowing the seeds to bang around inside the shell like a maracca filled with gak. If the seed rattles around with no resistance, the durian is probably overripe.

The majority of durian sold in the United States at this time of year has been frozen. Previously frozen durian rots faster and ripens slower than unfrozen fruit; some sources claim that previously frozen durian will never ripen and will only mature.

Remember to give the durian at least 6 hours to thaw.

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