Is it Easy to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy?

is it easy to train a golden retriever

Is it Easy to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy? This article will explain the stages of puppy behavior in a golden retriever. We’ll also cover potty training, sitting, and how to train a golden retriever to perform tricks. 

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Train a Golden Retriever

Golden retriever puppy behavior stages

As a new puppy, your Golden retriever will be prone to nipping and  biting. It will try to control the irritation in its body by chewing  and nipping. 

However, the more you reward your puppy for non-biting behavior, the less  likely your dog will bite. A quick way to correct this behavior is  to reward your dog with treats when he is quiet, relaxed, and non-aggressive .

There are several important growth stages for your golden retriever puppy to go through.

Golden retriever puppy behavior stages

First, you need to understand that your puppy’s attention span is short. This is because they need different activities to burn off all of their energy. 

If your golden is teething, it will have accidents around the house, and it will bark or whine. In order to identify these stages, look at the parents and try to anticipate the behavior you’re likely to see.

Is it easy to train a golden retriever puppy?

Is it difficult to train a golden retriever puppy? It is not impossible , but it does take time. 

You have to exert dominance to make your puppy behave and respond to your commands. Don’t be cruel or yell; be firm and consistent. 

A naughty Golden Retriever puppy will learn best when training is fun and rewarding for him. He’ll be more apt to follow your commands if you make it fun for him.

golden retriever puppy

The best way to train a golden retriever puppy is to start from the first day you bring it home. You should start the training slowly, and use treats to encourage the puppy’s good behavior.

Also, pay attention to your puppy’s bathroom needs, because puppies can’t hold urine for long. If you have to leave your puppy for more than a few minutes, make sure that he’s going to be potty before he wakes up in the morning.

Are golden retriever puppies easy to potty train?

The first thing you need to do is understand that this loyal breed dogs can  be difficult to potty train. While this breed is a large breed, it  has better bladder control than smaller breeds. 

That being said, this breed is also very excitable. Fortunately, you can harness this energy and bring its natural intelligence and trainability to the forefront. 

Are golden retriever puppies easy to potty train

By following a set potty training plan, you can help your golden retriever to learn to use the litter box correctly.

After determining your puppy’s potty training schedule, take him outside as often as possible. It’s important that you take him outside at least every half an hour and encourage him to go potty before he does anything else. 

This will cut down on the amount of time it takes to potty train your Golden Retriever puppy and prevent him from chewing on your furniture or carpet.

How to train a golden retriever puppy to sit

There are 5 step to train you puppies to sit:

  • Luring them into a sit will cause them to sit down.
  • Teach them how to sit down.
  • Teach them the sit sign with your hand.
  • Practice sitting in novel and difficult settings.
  • Instruct them to remain sitting
How to train a golden retriever puppy to sit

The next choice is luring.

  • Holding a treat as a lure, kneel down in front of your dog.
  • Place the reward directly in front of the dog’s nose and then raise it gradually above their head. Most likely, they will sit while lifting their head to chew on the reward.
  • When their bottoms contact the ground, let them devour the treat.
  • Repeat using the food lure one or two more times, then take it away and use only your empty palm. After the puppy sits, treat them as usual.
  • Once they are familiar with the hand gesture for sitting, you can start saying “sit” just before you make the motion.

The first command may take time, especially if the gold has no obedience background. Once he understands the command, the subsequent ones will be more easily taught. 

Consistency is essential in the training process. Goldens respond best to play and training should be fun. A happy tone of voice will help

When your golden puppy understands the command, he’ll be more likely to do it.

The best methods to train your puppies

Training your Golden Retriever can be done using a variety of techniques. Puppy  training involves exposing your pup to new stimuli, including new sounds, fabrics, people , and objects. 

The best methods to train your puppies

The most important thing to remember is that your puppy needs plenty of  love and attention to learn how to behave. If you’re trying to train a puppy that is difficult to housebreak, use the lure method. 

By presenting the desired command using a lure, your puppy will learn the behavior you want it to do.

Whatever your dog enjoys can be used as reinforcement. Most owners use small bits of a special meal, such freeze-dried liver or even just food for golden retriever, that has a high “value,” as training rewards.

methods to train your puppies

Rewarding behavior might also include lavish praise or the opportunity to play with a beloved object. Dogs need to be trained to enjoy praise. 

The dog will learn that praise is positive and may be used as a reward if you give them a treat and say, “Good dog!” in a cheerful voice. Some dogs also like to be pet. The most accessible method of behavior reinforcement is frequently dog food.


Feeding at 7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 15:00 PM, and 19:00 PM would be a decent pattern. 24 to 52 weeks: Give your dog three meals a day. You can reduce the frequency of feedings as your puppy develops to every six hours: 3:00, 13:00, and 19:00 PM After 26 weeks, you can only have two meals every day.

  • Get your dog out and around.
  • Give your puppy a chewable object.
  • Inform your puppy that biting is painful.
  • Take action to leave the situation.
  • Get your pet some exercise.
  • Physical Retaliation.
  • losing endurance.
  • Being unprepared

Train your puppy to use the kennel before setting up regular bathroom breaks at strategic intervals. Play with your dog and take them outside for a potty break before you go for work. When they go, praise and thank them as usual. After that, put your dog in the crate along with a secure chew toy.

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