LGBT Rights at FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

is qatar LGBT friendly in fifa world cup 2022

The opening match of the FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar in November, a nation that suppresses the rights of LGBTI people. Together with read the article below to discover more about “LGBT Rights At The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar“!

What did Amnesty International say about the World Cup 2022?

Amnesty International

The human rights situation in Qatar has been criticized in the past, with the country being critical of migrant workers, women and especially LGBT.

Amnesty International’s report details its findings and calls for a boycott of the World Cup in Qatar.

Despite concerns about the treatment of LGBT people in Qatar, the World Cup will still be kicking off on November 21, 2022.

The 32-nation tournament will be held in Qatar and cost more than 150 billion euros.

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2022 FIFA World Cup controversies

2022 FIFA World Cup controversies

Eight LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have accused the Qatari government and football organizers of failing to take into account their concerns about the safety of LGBT football fans.

These groups include the Rainbow Walls of Wales, the North American Independence Council and the European Independence Advocates Council.

Many LGBTQ+ supporters expressed apprehension about going to Qatar for the World Cup for the safety of their loved ones.

The Wales national team has also decided not to participate in the World Cup due to concerns about gay rights in the country despite defeating Ukraine in qualifying.

In conservative the United Arab Emirates, such as Qatar, same-sex relationships are illegal.

The Wales national team has also decided not to participate in the World Cup due to concerns about gay rights in the country.

Although it has sold more than 1.8 million tickets to watch the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 live, the country has not yet fully received the support of both participating countries and fans around the world.

In addition, this country is also famous for its obesity rate accounting for two-thirds of the population, and obese people here are discriminated against no less than people with the same sex.

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What does Qatar say about LGBT rights at the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022?

The Guardian this week presented the Supreme Committee, the body responsible for organizing the World Cup, with a series of questions directly related to LGBTQ+ fans and their concerns, but received no response. Specific answer:

  • Will LGBTQ+ people be protected by the Qatari authorities if threatened because of their gender?
  • Provisions of Qatar’s penal code, including those prohibiting “leading, inciting or luring men in any way to engage in domineering acts”, will be suspended for the duration of the tournament. fight.
  • Will fans carrying rainbow flags be allowed to bring them into the stadium?
  • Does the Supreme Committee specifically welcome LGBTQ+ people as guests to the World Cup?

The president of the tournament’s organizing committee in Qatar, however, only provided a broad response to inquiries that required urgent explanations, saying that:

“Everyone will be welcomed to Qatar in 2022, regardless of their ethnicity, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. We live in a somewhat conservative society; for instance, public displays of affection are not common. Everyone is welcome here because we believe in mutual respect, but we ask that you respect our traditions and culture in return”.

What does the LGBTIQ Sports Coalition for Human Rights say about sexism in Qatar?

lgbt in qatar world cup

Anne Lieberman, a founding member of LGBTIQ, said irritably about Qatar’s statements:

This clearly shows us that LGBTIQ people, no matter what role they play, will not be protected by the state of Qatar from draconian or other potential risks to their safety. during the FIFA World Cup.

Faced with the accusations of this organization, the host country Qatar was only silent and did not have any response and response.

Their World Cup plans and goals are already scheduled, so they assume that nothing can change this.

Does FIFA have any concerns about hosting the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar?

2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar

Fifa told the Guardian it believes it has received enough assurances from Qatari authorities about the safety of fans and the application of the law, although no specifics have been shared.

Joyce Cook of Fifa, director of social responsibility and education and now a senior adviser, said the regulator had “thoroughly evaluated the legal provisions named and their implementation in practice”, especially as they relate to LGBTIQ + people.

FIFA believes that they have “chosen to send gold” and they still hope the tournament will go smoothly as originally planned.

Qatar’s draconian anti-LGBT laws at the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

anti-LGBT laws at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Any proud Rainbow flags flying at World Cup stadiums could be seized by Qatar, according to a senior security official.

Hotels around the stadium will not be allowed to host homosexuals (both gay and lesbian).

Qatar Peninsula  sent sex education experts to accurately check the gender of the players participating in the tournament before the day of the group stage.

Fans from different countries when entering the stadium are not allowed to have intimate acts of love even between people of the same or opposite sex.

Any offenses related to showing affection, wearing revealing clothes and having sex in public can be dropped no matter what country you come from.

What policy changes does Qatar need on LGBT Rights?

What policy changes does Qatar need on LGBT Rights

On the eve of the group stage of the World Cup 2022 – The most anticipated tournament on the planet, Qatar is an honored country to be recognized as the host team to host the tournament, it is necessary to:

  • change the perspective of people’s legitimate rights and interests (both domestic and foreign)
  • modernize the idea of same-sex love in our own country
  • allow LGBT activities to take place fairly and openly at the World Cup
  • protect the safety of women and people of the same sex during the tournament
  • limit the most negative effects of gender on citizens at home and abroad
  • support same-sex people to perform well their functions right in their territory
  • develop policies that commit to same-sex behavior and respect in public places

In addition, the country is also a worry of the Covid epidemic because of the large participation of fans in the month-long tournament. So you need to: FIFA WORLD 2022 Qatar During COVID-19: What Should You Know?

How has the strict LGBT law affected the country of Qatar?

How has the strict LGBT law affected the country of Qatar

Even in the country of Qatar, its citizens have been despised and treated unfairly by this State.

They forbid same-sex love acts even though it’s the 4.0 era – machines and people are optimized and modern.

Residents living on the territory of this country always have to hide their love feelings even for people of the opposite sex or the same sex.

People are afraid of facing prison sentences or fines, so they always feel uncomfortable about it.

This has long made Qatar ‘One of the harshest countries on love in history’, tourists coming here are both thrilled and confused about this.

A lot of people who love to travel or come here for the tournament give up on visiting Qatar in November 2022 because of this unacceptable rule.

Qatar has lost a large amount of income from restricting LGBT to have vacation and they also lost business with other countries in the world because of their gender discrimination.

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Both same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognized by the Qatari government, and no one is permitted to advocate for LGBT rights there.

Imported workers, settlers, women and the LGBT community are discriminated against and discriminated against in Qatar.

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