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Madrid Experience for traveller when coming here should visit: Archaeological museum, Buen Retiro or Monumento an Alfonso XII; eat the most popular dish: potato omelet and participate in the Flamenco dance.

General Information about Madrid


Madrid, the capital of Spain, is one of the most popular Spain destinations in the world, a large area behind Barcelona. Located on the banks of the Manzanares River, Madrid has a rich history dating back to the 8th century. With over 3 million residents, it is also one of Europe’s most densely populated areas. The city has stunning architecture, including some of Europe’s most famous landmarks such as La Casa de la Panadería (The Bakery), La Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun), and El Escorial. When it comes to Madrid, people often immediately think of the football team ‘REAL MADRID’ – one of the strongest teams in the world that no one is unaware of.

Find the best accommodation in Madrid

If you’re flying into Madrid, consider a hotel further away from the city center. This type of accommodation is more affordable and makes you feel at home. If you go in a large group, the rent for accommodation will be much more economical. Most cheap rooms will be elegantly decorated with dark wood furniture or wood with a certain shine. The hotel also has a gym, outdoor swimming pool, and BBQ facilities with a small layout. Besides, these hotels are small but have a free shuttle to the airport, especially the staff here are very friendly and enthusiastic, so you can rest assured that you will have a great time. Great to come to Madrid recommends you 2 best hotel locations when coming to Madrid with affordable prices and all services are very stable:

Things to do in Madrid 2022

Things to do in Madrid 2022

If you are looking for a unique experience and are an adventurer, one of the best options to visit is the Museum of Fantasy. It displays illusions that can warp the human mind such as a 3D stereoscopic figure and a Rubin vase. You can also attend exhibitions and film screenings as well as watch a live performance of the zarzuela it is a unique satirical opera performed to classical Spanish guitar music.

In addition, take a stroll through Retiro Park, known as the green heart of the city, to enjoy the clean atmosphere in this place. With friends visiting Cason del Buen Retiro, a large ballroom with a monument to Alfonso XII, it is also a unique experience when traveling here. Or If you’re bringing kids, join them for a boat ride in the Grand Pond to watch the fish swim in the water or take the kids to El Retiro park – the most popular park in Madrid.

When you’re done shopping for souvenirs, stop by the city’s shopping center and cultural house – Gran Via, which has dozens of shops and is packed with day shoppers and luxury boutiques. other important at night.

Best Time to Visit Madrid

Best Time to Visit Madrid

May – June: As summer approaches, tourists and locals alike begin to flock to the city in search of sunshine and warm temperatures. These are the months when crowds flock to the beaches, mountains, and hills of Madrid. In addition, in May, the city will start hosting the San Isidro festival – this festival brings life to the whole city because it tells of the city’s victory over Napoleon’s army, and this is the best time for you to know more about the nation’s history here.

Autumn – November to February is considered low season – few tourists and temperatures will be low. Take advantage of the city’s attractions or a few places earlier in the summer it’s very hot because the temperature is not so cold as in the summer, you won’t have to worry about sunny or rainy days. suddenly or have to go to crowded cafes. However, winter in Madrid is beautiful when people here decorate everything to welcome Christmas but be aware that the temperature will drop very low, you should prepare enough clothes and warm clothes when coming here at this time.


The weather in Madrid is mild year-round, but the city can get a bit hot in the summer. There are occasional rains, so save when it starts to get cloudy. Monsoon winds will blow a lot when the season changes starting from September, it heralds a cool season to come. Be careful when driving out onto the road on snowy days as there is a chance of a snowstorm at any time.


 It is forecasted that will rise above 40°C, but nighttime lows remain pleasant at around 20°C. The temperature in September can be said to be the most pleasant of the year when it only fluctuates between 25°C for both day and night. October to December is also quite good with average temperatures of 6°C and 17°C respectively, but strangely June is the coldest month of the year it can fall around 0°C. The best thing you can do is enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the great outdoors fall and if you plan to go out bring an umbrella.

Traditional culture in Madrid

Traditional culture in Madrid

known for his strong sense of personal honor, love of country, and ability to express himself openly. People who visit Madrid are always warmly welcomed and feel at home in their own country. Even so, Spaniards are still very extroverted, and sometimes they get annoyed if you say something derogatory about their country.

And especially this city is home to many of the most interesting festivals in Europe. For example, Easter or carnival – is one of the two biggest celebrated in Madrid. Here you can socialize and make new friends and learn about their culture, they are always happy and ready to share everything with you no matter where you come from.

The taste of typical Madrid dishes

taste of typical Madrid dishes

A trip to Madrid will not be complete without trying the local dishes here. The people here love to eat foods that are naturally fatty and sweet and among the many dishes are Tortilla De Patatas, Jamon Iberico, Setas al ajillo, grilled meat, potatoes, etc. To find the best places to enjoy these traditional Spanish dishes, you should visit the famous traditional markets in Madrid. In addition, you should enjoy them with Spanish wine, the world-famous alcoholic drink.

Food in Spain reflects the diverse culture of Madrid and its people, it is a taste that you will never forget. One of the suggestions is Casa Manolo – a place that sells the best food in this place. Here you will be served salads, including aubergine salad with goat cheese, as well as hearty casseroles. And their prices are also very affordable, from only 10 dollars you have a very delicious dish.

Getting Around Madrid by transport – Madrid Experience for Traveller

public transport in Madrid

The Madrid metro system is clean and efficient, and well distributed throughout the city. You can take the subway from any point in the city center to the surrounding areas, or the airport. Madrid has twelve differently numbered metro lines, as well as a light rail system, connecting the main tourist attractions. A single metro ticket will cover multiple connections and allow you to change directions, but remember to have your ticket ready. The last train from the first subway station leaves at 1:33 am.

Metro is the fastest way to get around the city center, it stretches north to Madrid-Barajas Airport for only 4-5 euros. Or take a metered taxi on the road. You can also rent a car for around 30 euros, but keep in mind that rush hour traffic is congested and you have to wait hours to get to your home. And you know, this place is also one of the places where the price of real estate is overwhelmingly high, so the population density here is quite large, so it is natural for many vehicles to be present on the road.

Entry & Exit Requirements in Madrid’s airport

There are specific immigration requirements at Madrid’s airport that are very strict, requiring you to comply with the procedures and regulations given. If you are a citizen of a third country, you must have valid documentation and provide proof of your stable financial resources as failure to meet these requirements will result in your entry being refused. One of the provisions prohibits third-country nationals from being denied entry if they are under travel ban or commit violations related to the public order and internal security of their country. In such cases, it is necessary to seek assistance from the legal authorities of the country of entry and the host country at least 48 hours before departure.

When traveling from the United States, you are required to demonstrate the required vaccinations and certain other immigration requirements to enter Spain. As long as you do not have an infectious disease or are pregnant, you can travel to Spain without any problems and especially, and most importantly, must comply with the hygiene requirements, as Western Spain is a clean country, failure to do so could lead to sanctions from the authorities. If you are unsure about whether you are required to have any shots while traveling, check with the airline you are checking in.

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