How to Make Cheese Durian No Bake

What does it taste? Let make cheese durian no bake and enjoy it.

Learn how to make cheese durian no bake, the easiest way to enjoy this fruit. This recipe requires one main ingredient: pandan extract, which must be made a day in advance. You can buy Fresh Pandan Leaves at Market Boy Official Store. Then, strain the juice through a cheesecloth into two parts – pandan extract and juice. Reserve the juice for other durian recipes. In this recipe, pandan extract is the star ingredient.

Keep reading on to get the simple recipe.

How To Choose The Best Durian

A durian’s peel should be smooth, and the stem should still be attached. It should be grass green or at least have a slight green hue through its brown skin. A durian that has a hard or shriveled stem is likely to be under-ripe. A durian that has been cut under a tarp may not be ripe enough for a cheese durian no bake.


A durian that is overripe will sound hollow and have a soft, reverberating sound. It should have a slightly sweet smell and a hollow sound when shaken. A durian that smells strongly of ripeness is too ripe. If the sound is soft, the flesh is probably over-ripe. However, if you hear a low rasping sound, the durian is ready.

Simple Way To Make Cheese Durian No Bake

A simple way to make is to use gelatin powder as the star ingredient. This ingredient should be prepared a day before. Firstly, buy Fresh Pandan Leaves from the Market Boy Official Store. Then, strain through a cheesecloth. This will separate the pandan juice and extract. Once the juice and extract have been separated, you can proceed to make the cheese durian no bake.

Below is the durian cheesecake recipe, follow these steps with ingredients

Let’s start with the crust

  1. Puree 100 gram cookies
  2. Add 35gr melted butter to cookies and puree
  3. Pour them into the cake ring 18 cm. Then press the surface
  4. Keep it in the frigde

Make durian cheese cake

  1. Mix 100gr gelatine with 35ml milk
  2. Leave for 15 mins, then melt it in microwave
  3. Mix 250 gr cream cheese with 75 gr sugar
  4. Mix well until sugar dissolved
  5. Add 300 gr durian flesh puree
  6. Mix well
  7. Add 300 ml cold heavy cream
  8. Whipping cream well
  9. Add small part to the melted gelatine
  10. Pour it back to cheesecake mixture, mix well
  11. Mix all well
  12. Keep about 150 gr mixture to set aside. Put it in a piping bag, and refrigerate it
  13. Put the rest into the cake ring
  14. Warm up a bit of the mixture to get flat top
  15. Freeze it for 3-4 hours
  16. Use a hot towel to circle the cake ring, and take it out
  17. Decorate with the leftover chessecake and some fruits that you like

By this recipes, you do not need filling water. This food is already set to serve.

What Does Durian Cheesecake Taste Like

What does it taste? Let make cheese durian no bake and enjoy it.

If you’re wondering: “What does cheese durian cake taste like?” you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a fan of this tropical fruit, you will love this cake! It’s a creamy dessert, with a delicately sweet flavor. Cheesecake is another durian dessert. It has a cheesecake-like texture, and the durian perfectly complements the tart tanginess of the durian cheesecake. This recipe only takes 15 minutes to make, and the resulting cake is a beautiful golden yellow color.

It’s impossible to know exactly what durian tastes like, but its distinctive smell should give you an idea. This fruit is notorious for its pungent smell, but this cake is delicious and moist, bursting with a buttery durian flavor. It’s a delicious example of East meets West, and you can’t go wrong with it.

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