How to Make Cloth Face Masks

How To Make A Cloth Face Mask

Due to the Covid-19 virus, face masks have become more important. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended all people must wear face covering when going out. You can make DIY fabric masks if you have a sewing machine. In this post, we will give instructions how to make cloth face masks with easy ways.

Picking The Right Fabrics

There are many factors to consider when selecting the fabric for your fabric face mask. The World Health Organization recommends three different layers: a dense inner layer near the mouth, a medium filtration layer, and a lightweight, breathable outer shell. World Health Organization experts recommend specific fabrics for each part of the mask. The inner layer should be made of double-knit cotton or quilting cotton, while the outer layer should be simple-weave silk.

Fabrics should be comfortable and protect the face. Choose light-colored fabrics over thick, surgical-style masks. Lightweight, breathable fabric is acceptable over surgical three-ply masks. Remember, these masks are intended to protect the face, not irritate it. However, if you plan to use them in an environment with high levels of dust or allergens, you should buy a N95-approved respirator.

Tools To Do Face Masks

You can create your own DIY face mask at home with the help of some sewing tools. To start, you will need a fabric piece and a sewing machine. You will also need elastic and a pair of scissors. The elastic and ties should be placed at the top and bottom corners of the fabric piece. Sew these to secure them. Once the mask is finished, turn it right side out and press it. If the corners stick out, use a pencil to push them out.

The elastic in a mask can be elastic head bands or hair ties. You can also use strings tied behind the head. Pull the elastic up to gather it, then tuck the knots into the hem. Once the mask is finished, adjust the elastic so that it fits the face correctly. Be sure to stitch the mask securely to prevent it from slipping or ripping. After you’ve finished, you’re ready to wear it.

How To Make A Cloth Face Mask

You can use knit or cotton T-shirt material. Stretch the material and pin the edges. This will make the mask comfortable to wear. You can also tie it behind your head to secure it. You can attach a velcro strip to the inside of the mask as well. Once you have the new face coverings, you can start using it!

Sew the edges of the fabric together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Do not forget to cut the corners carefully so that you don’t clip your stitches. Turn the facemask right side out and press with an iron. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want, you can use a pencil to push out the corners. Continue sewing the remaining pieces of fabric until the mask is complete. This step will give you a comfortable cloth face mask that you can use for many years to come.

How To Make A Cloth Face Mask

Useful Reminders

When making homemade cloth face masks, keep these useful reminders in mind: wash the cloth immediately after use, and use hot water. In case you do not have a washing machine, dry it in the hot setting. Once you’re done, pull the straps forward to remove the mask. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching it. You may have the basic materials needed to make your own mask, including the fabric, tape, and scissors. Ensure your masks can cover full your nose

Another useful reminder is to discuss germs with your child. Some germs are good for you, while others make you sick. By wearing a cloth mask, you’ll avoid passing on these germs. Also, masks help prevent your child from coming into contact with germs from other people’s faces. Make sure to choose fabrics that your child will like and fit. If your child isn’t comfortable wearing a mask, try to offer a reward instead.

The CDC advises unvaccinated individuals to continue wearing a face mask in places where social distancing is impossible, and many countries around the world are also requesting that their citizens wear face masks when out in public, or enclosed spaces such as supermarkets or in public transportation.


Cut 1 fabric rectangle 16′′ long and 8.5′′ wide for an adult size mask. Cut two 7-inch-long pieces of elastic. Alternatively, cut four 18-inch-long fabric ties. Cut 1 fabric rectangle 14′′ long and 6.5′′ wide for a child-size mask.

Making a cloth face mask is simple, and many patterns do not necessitate professional sewing skills or even the use of a sewing machine. You’ll have everything you need to make your own face mask if you have the following: some type of fabric, such as an old clean t-shirt or other cloth, scissors

A bandana (handkerchief or large cloth napkin) and two hair ties are two of the simplest and quickest ways to make a no-sew face mask. If you have those materials on hand, you can whip up a quick cloth face mask in under a minute.

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