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make money on Facebook gaming

Facebook is one of the biggest social media which has been used by a lot of people. So Have you ever tried to make money on Facebook by livestream? If not, you are so lucky because PowerPACplus will guide you step by step to earn money from it. Keep reading!!!

Have you ever make money on the app?
Have you ever make money on the app?

 Is it possible to make money on Facebook by Livestream?

Many people immediately think of the most successful members of this genre when they hear the word streaming. Creators who have gotten wealthy and renowned as a result of streaming live in luxury. The creative who streams for a few hundred people and merely wants to follow his hobby and, in the best case scenario, earn a little extra money comes to mind rarely when thinking of streaming. Whatever your streaming goals are, one thing is certain: making money with Facebook Gaming is doable. 

May I earn profits on Facebook gaming
May I earn profits on Facebook gaming

However, how much depends on you, your readers, and, in most cases, a little luck. We’ll show you how to make money with your Facebook Live Stream, as well as the various methods available. It is not easy to make payment through streaming, contrary to popular opinion. How much do Facebook streamers make, though? Many of the most well-known creators have earned their reputations over many years and are only where they are now because they have a strong fan base that supports them.

 It can take a few years of constant broadcasting to reach this point, and even then, it’s far from clear that Facebook Gaming can support you financially. According to this, the top Facebook streamers can make anywhere from $10,000 and $50,000 every month!

The requirement to earn money from Facebook gaming

 Before you may earn money on any major streaming network, you must first complete certain conditions. The platform operators want to make sure that you go live on a regular basis, have a small number of viewers and subscribers, and are willing to accept the provider’s terms and conditions. 

Some requirements
Some requirements

 So, no matter how motivated you are, you won’t be able to register with Facebook, start a stream, and start earning money on the first day. The restrictions imposed on you will vary depending on the platform. Because this article is about making money with Facebook gaming, we’ll walk you through what you’ll need to do in order to participate in the Facebook Levels. You must meet the following requirements in order to apply for the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program:

  • You must have a “Gaming Video Creator” page that is active (that must have been active for 30 or more days)
  • You must have streamed a game for at least 4 hours in the previous two weeks to be eligible for the game tag.
  • In the last two weeks, you must have streamed two or more days.
  • You must have at least 4 hours of gaming VODs saved on your page from your streams (deleted video does not count).
  • At least 100 people must have liked your page.

How Much Facebook Gaming Streamers Make Money?

Full-time Facebook broadcasters make between $2750 and $5500 per month on average. Despite the fact that there are now a small number of professional streamers on the site, there is the possibility to earn a nice living. Facebook’s algorithm and share function make it simpler to be discovered and grow quickly than Twitch and Youtube Gaming.

Twitch’s affiliate/partner program and YouTube’s partner program are similar to Facebook’s Level Up program. These initiatives are designed to screen producers and influencers. Only those who have demonstrated their ability to stream for a long period of time are considered.

Simple ways Facebook Gaming Streamers monetize.

Facebook gaming Star

 As bits are to Twitch, stars are to Facebook Gaming. They are the platform’s money that is used to reward streamers in an entertaining way. A viewer must first purchase stars on Facebook before using them. They are purchased for a slightly higher price than the streamer is willing to pay.

Each star is worth $.01 USD and will be awarded to the streamer after they reach 10,000 (or $100).

Facebook gaming supporter

Viewers that have subscribed to the streamer’s Facebook Gaming page are known as Facebook Gaming supporters. Monthly subscriptions are $4.99 and can be canceled at any time. These dedicated viewers will receive the following benefits in exchange for their continued support of the channel:

Facebook gaming support
Facebook gaming support
  • When a viewer comments on a channel, a supporter badge will be shown next to their name.
  • Exclusive content — many streamers will make posts that are just available to their supporters. Polls, photos, and videos are examples of these. Some streamers will even broadcast live just to their fan base on occasion.
  • Custom stickers — comparable to emotes on other platforms – are available. They are exclusive to the streamer and may only be used on that streamer’s channel.
  • Supporter group — an online community developed exclusively for supporters of a cause.

Donation from the Star

  • Facebook’s game streaming setup is really easy to make money.  When someone watches a stream, there is usually an option to give them ‘stars’.  These stars are equivalent to one cent (100 for 1 dollar).  If someone likes your stream, they can give you stars.
  • It’s similar to street performers who have a hat or jar laid out for tips.  If you find what they are doing to be entertaining, you can toss some change into their hat or jar.  The star is like that change, so don’t be cheap and give people some stars to help them out.

Advertising during stream

If there is a product that you frequently mention or use while streaming, include affiliate links to the product in the description of your page. If your supporters decide to buy something, they can do so through your link, which will earn you a commission.

Special Services Offered to Other Streamers

Many streamers supplement their income by assisting other content makers in niche areas. Nobody has “it all,” and seeking assistance from someone who is more knowledgeable in a certain area may help you build a stronger brand or channel overall. Similarly, you can have abilities that you can sell to other streams.

Here are a few common ways for broadcasters to profit from one another:

Graphics and branding. Do you have a keen sense of observance? If you develop all of your visuals, stickers, and branding to a professional standard, you could be able to sell your services to other streamers who require similar services. Joining streamer communities on Facebook or Discord can help you find gigs.

Key takeaway

People want connection, not perfection, when it comes to Facebook Lives. We’ve covered everything you need to know to get started with and leverage Facebook Lives, but the best advice is to just be yourself and provide value, and you’ll provide an excellent experience for your viewers.

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