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Are you looking for a fun way to make some extra money on the side? Check out MyPoints, a website that rewards you for completing a variety of basic tasks that take only a few minutes to complete to make money on Mypoint. It’s free to sign up, and once you’ve completed your profile, you can start earning notes right away. Follow PowerPAC plus  to learn more!!

make money on mypoint

How does it work?

MyPoints is an online platform that rewards users for providing feedback and completing microtasks. The platform allows users to earn money on the move through high-paying surveys, web searches, online games, and video streaming. MyPoints has had over 30 years of success in the market since its inception in 1998. Users can earn points that can be exchanged for cash, gift cards, airline miles, and other prizes.

When you join MyPoints, you can begin earning points in a variety of ways. Shopping online may be the simplest and most popular way to earn points, with over 1,900 retail partners including well-known stores like Target and Best Buy. You can earn points between shopping excursions by doing things like answering surveys, viewing videos, playing games, and surfing the web. When you’re ready to cash in your points, you may use United MileagePlus to exchange them for cash, gift cards, or travel miles. You can choose from over 70 businesses and restaurants if you prefer a gift card. You can exchange your points for a PayPal deposit or a Visa prepaid card if you’d rather make some more money.

How does it work?

You can transfer them to United MileagePlus and use them to book flights if you don’t want to use them. The value of your MyPoints awards vary based on the redemption option you select, but points are normally worth.006 cents apiece. The most common gift card denominations are $5 to $100, while certain establishments may allow you to redeem for more or less. For example, you may exchange your points for as little as $1 for an Amazon gift card or as much as $250 for a Walmart gift card (as of June 2, 2020). These amounts vary by retailer, but when you cash them in, you’ll be able to see exactly how many points you’ll need for each redemption method. You might even discover that MyPoints has reduced the number of points needed to redeem certain prizes, increasing the value of your points.

How much can we monetization?

The amount of money you can make with MyPoints is determined by a number of variables. If you shop at a majority of the site’s partner stores on a regular basis, you’ll earn more points than someone who just purchases online infrequently.

How much can we monetization?

It’s also critical to begin each shopping session using MyPoints; otherwise, your purchases will not be credited. When you shop at a retail partner using MyPoints, you provide the merchant tracking information indicating that you were recommended by MyPoints. MyPoints receives a commission for this referral and credits you with a share of the money in the form of points. The retail partner will not pay a commission if you do not click through MyPoints. As a result, no points will be awarded for your purchase.

You can earn even more marks by participating in the other MyPoints-recognized activities. You’ll earn more points if you’re willing to spend leisure time taking surveys, viewing videos, or playing games. You can earn up to 400 notes per day by taking surveys and 500 marks per day by watching movies, according to MyPoints. Some surveys pay up to $50, according to MyPoints, though these are likely few and few between. In short, how much money you make with MyPoints is determined by how often you shop online and how much time you’re prepared to spend collecting notes through other activities.

Maximize your earning with Mypoint

So, it’s not a rip-off, but how do you profit from a rewards program? Simple: do many of the activities you already do online, such as shopping, using discounts, reading email, participating in surveys, and so on. The greater the worth of your points when you trade them, the more you earn. Some folks accumulate remarks throughout the year but don’t use them until the holidays to help pay for holiday purchases.

  • Signing Up

It is completely free to join MyPoints. You’ll also get an extra 1,750 points if you spend $20 through MyPoints at any partner merchant within the first 30 days of membership — enough for a $10 gift card! This is one of the most lucrative sign-up bonuses we’ve seen.

  • Taking Surveys

Answering surveys on MyPoints can earn you up to 400 points. To begin, you must complete a 10-point survey that includes some personal information. This data assists MyPoints in matching you with future survey opportunities. In order to create your profile, you can also get 5 points for every 10 questions you answer.

Maximize your earning with Mypoint

You have the option of selecting surveys based on length and reward. Longer surveys are usually rewarded with more points, but this isn’t always the case. When you start a survey, you usually answer a few screening questions to see if you fit the target demographic. If you do, you’ll be taken to the survey; if you don’t, you’ll be rejected. You won’t earn the guaranteed notes in that instance, but MyPoints will give you 1-5 points just for trying. After you complete your first five surveys, MyPoints will reward you $5 just for signing up. That’s all there is to it.

  • Shopping Online

Want to earn points for purchases you’d buy anyhow on the internet? MyPoints can assist you in this endeavor. Simply scroll through the list of merchants, choose the one you wish to shop from, and you’ll be taken to their website. Then go about your daily shopping routine. Your MyPoints account is automatically credited when you earn a specified number of points per dollar spent. MyPoints is certainly one of the greatest cash back apps for online shopping, with over 1,900 partner stores. Among the most well-known retailers are:

  • Amazon
  • Target 
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Kohl’s

The rewards rate varies by merchant and offer, but it can range from 1 to 40 points per dollar, according to MyPoints. When I first signed up, I didn’t notice any offers for 40 points per dollar, but I did see a few for 15.

  • Watching Videos

You can earn points by watching MyPoints video playlists on a daily basis. You can select from a variety of categories, such as news, health, and entertainment. When you look at the reward rates, you’ll notice that they’re quite low. For example, watching 35 minutes of Fashion Wire videos earns you 4 points. You’d get over 100 points for a survey of equal length.

  • Refer a Friend

When you introduce a friend to MyPoints, you’ll get 25 points. Then you get 750 points if that friend spends $20 and qualifies for their 1,750 additional points. Following that, you will receive 10% of all qualified marks earned by your friend. As a result, referring friends who will make full use of MyPoints might help you increase your rewards.

  • Printing and Redeeming Coupons

MyPoints provides free coupons that may be printed and used at local supermarkets. When you print a store coupon, you earn 1 point and when you redeem it, you get 25 points. Coupons are for items you’d buy anyhow, such as toilet paper, shampoo, pet food, groceries, and so on. If you use coupons, these can be valuable points.

Keep in mind that you can print as many coupons as you want, but only the first 500 will give you points. There is no limit to how many coupons you can use to earn points. You can also use discount codes to save money when purchasing online. Some of mine included 40% off at Eddie Bauer, discounts and bonuses for purchasing a Marriott hotel, and 25% off Ticketmaster tickets for popular concerts. (*Please keep in mind that your offerings may vary.)

  • Reading Email

MyPoints sends out BonusMail emails with opportunities to earn points — several of them award 5 points for simply clicking links in the email. Others are for special incentives or even charitable donations.

  • Point Perks

MyPoints has an extensive social media presence, and they use “perk codes” on their profiles and throughout the site to involve people in the community. Perk codes can be used for free points.

  • Discovering Content

nCrave is a feature on MyPoints that introduces you to curated content such as movies, slideshows, and articles that may be of interest to you. You get points for each collection you check out. The infomation from nCrave appears in a new window, and you must enable pop-ups for it to operate.

Discovering Content
  • Scoring Deals

MyPoints works with service providers and shops to award points to its members in exchange for taking advantage of special offers or enrolling in a program.

-When I looked through my offers, for example, I found the following:

-For signing up for a Hulu subscription, you’ll get 5,000 points.

-Huggies Rewards members receive 50 points for signing up.

-For signing up for’s free 30-day trial, you’ll get 1,000 points.

  • Voting in the Daily Poll

By voting in MyPoints’ single-question daily poll, you can earn 1 point every day. The questions are straightforward. When I logged in to write this post, one of the questions I was asked was how much money I’d ever loaned someone. These aren’t going to make you rich, but why not try?

  • Adding MyPoints Score! To Your Browser

MyPoints, like many other online rewards programs, includes a browser extension that makes earning points even easier. When you install Score! on your browser, it will automatically detect earning possibilities and apply appropriate coupons when you visit partner retailer websites. You’ll also gain 100 bonus points just for turning it on.

  • Playing Games

Through the MyPoints website, you may earn points for every dollar you spend on online games. To get started, you’ll need to create a separate gaming account. On your first token purchase for GSN casino games, you’ll get 50 points, and on subsequent token transactions, you’ll get 8 points per dollar.


To summarize, I believe MyPoints is one of the better rewards programs to join. Granted, there are a few issues, such as the signup snafu I had, the fact that you aren’t qualified for all surveys, and daily point limits in certain areas. Despite these flaws, MyPoints turned out to be a wonderful product. You can earn points in a variety of ways, the redemption policy is flexible and customer-focused, and you can use your rewards points in a variety of ways. If my MyPoints experience is representative of the overall audience, this is a fantastic way for individuals to earn money with minimal work.

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