Can I make money sharing links on Facebook 2022

make money on Facebook by sharing link

Are you looking for a way to make some extra payment? If so, you might earn money on Facebook. You can make money sharing links on Facebook. It’s a really easy way to make some cash, and you don’t have to do anything complicated. All you need to do is share the links that we provide for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start earning money today with Powerpac plus!

make money on face book by sharing link
How to create cash?

May I make money sharing links on Facebook?

The short answer : Absolutely yes! Simply send links to your family and friends via email, social media, or other internet-based platforms such as blogs. Ascertain that your referral validates their email addresses and starts a new account with your referral code. It’s also a good idea to include some context with your invites so that your friends can see what the link is all about.

Your referrer must log in to their account using a new device that has never been used before. Because this is a numbers game, try to reach out to as many individuals as possible when creating money-sharing links. You can earn anything from $5 to $500 each lead by sharing links.

How it works

Advertisers will go to great lengths to ensure that their product is seen by as many people as possible. One of the realities is that people utilize links to direct visitors to external pages where their adverts would appear, in the hopes that the users will be enticed to buy after viewing these ads.

When individuals are forced to click on a link, the adverts usually appear at the top of the page, and users are given the option of hiding or not hiding the ad. Whatever the user chooses to do at this point, the goal has been completed in the sense that advertising has already been completed.

How do you get paid?

How to get profit?
How to get profit?

Like I had mentioned earlier.

  • An interested party clicks on the link from your website or traffic source
  • An advertisement (paid) shows first before reaching the content
  • The party then has the choice of whether to watch the advertisement or ‘skip’ it. These ads are normally 5 sec long. Afterward, the ad either disappears or a skip button pops up which when pressed, takes you to the final destination. In essence, you get to earn money by sharing ads embedded in trending content.

How can you make money from sharing links?

 While there are various sites that claim to allow link-sharing, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all of them are really legitimate. In fact, some sites may make your site annoying due to the nature of the adverts, which is counterproductive in nature because users would avoid the site rather than visit it. If you’re looking for a service that allows you to earn money by sharing links on Facebook, here are three of the most popular options.

 1. ly

This site has been up and operating since 2008, therefore it has been providing advertising services to clients for nearly eight years. It operates by shortening different links or URLs. They are compensated for each individual who visits the URL you have shortened through their site. The following are some of the benefits of using ADF.LY:

  • Advertising that is both clean and safe
How can you make money from sharing links?’s advertising gives you peace of mind when it comes to the types of ads that will show on your website. One of the reasons this is a cause for concern is that some ad sites may promote things that are improper for your page’s target demographic.

  • Compatible with Social Media

The links in can be shared on social media, which gives you an edge because these sites allow you to reach out to a larger audience.

  • Money-Making Potential at Its Finest

For each link, detailed statistics are provided, allowing you to learn more information about who is actually viewing your site. This also helps the site to prohibit users from engaging in fraudulent behavior or exploiting the site’s traffic. Furthermore, one’s total earnings could be as low as $5, plus adf. ly also rewards you for referring people to the site.

2. com

Out of all the text link sites available, this is the second most popular. This, on the other hand, functions in a different way than since it is more sophisticated. The beauty of is that it automates the time-consuming tasks of managing the links that lead to your website.

How can you make money from sharing links?, on the other hand, allows you to purchase and sell backlinks that will help you boost your SEO position and appear first in search engines, resulting in more views for your product placements. has a few padded functions that are unique to it.

  • Automated Processes

The excellent thing about is that many of the operations related to backlink management are automated, allowing you to save time. Monitoring backlinks, replacing lost links, as well as commission and payment, are all processes that are automated using

  • Minimum Payout Requirement, Maximum Profit Potential has the advantage of not requiring a minimum amount in order to receive your reward. In addition, after the text link has been sold, the payout could be made in as little as three days. The site also allows you to work without any constraints, regardless of who you are. Finally, the site compensates you for referring a large number of users to your site.

3. Other Ad-Placement Sites


The third and last website is Out of all of the sites described above, this has to be one of the most established, having been in operation for nearly two decades. Having said that, it operates by allowing users to install banners on the site while also paying you commissions on things sold as a result of the adverts you placed on the site. Even though this is one of the most conventional forms of advertising, it nevertheless manages to attract a number of customers.


When it comes to sharing product links on Facebook, one thing to keep in mind is that you must cater to a certain demographic and avoid posting too many links in order to avoid becoming obnoxious. This is where a lot of people go wrong, because they prefer to post a large number of them all at once. Unbeknownst to many others, this is actually a detrimental move that will push users away from your site rather than pull them in.

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