Making friends in Qatar – for new arrivals

Making friends in Qatar

Making friends in Qatar is for expats or new friends struggling here. There are many ways to make friends with a foreigner and the following reading is one of them:

Why is making friends in Qatar super hard?

Why is making friends in Qatar super hard?

Qatar Peninsula is known as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, accompanied by an upper-class lifestyle, a lot of oil and natural gas land, and luxurious houses.

It is also one of the most socially segregated countries because it is estimated that 96% of the people are rich and about 6% of the people are poor. This social stratification has created a culture that is difficult to make friends with, from people living in the same territory to those entering or traveling here.

Qataris tend to be reserved and prefer to keep their distance from others, especially those who do not have money. They are highly competitive, prying and critical of others, which makes it difficult to form lasting friendships. 

Qatari people are often busy because they like a busy life with work or long-term travel and do not want to spend time to socialize and make friends.

How to make friends in Doha – Qatar?

Qatar is a small country with a population of just over 2 million which makes it one of the most populous countries in the world and as such, making friends in Qatar can be difficult.

This nation is also very hot and humid year-round, which can make it difficult to spend time outdoors meeting and socializing with people. would like to share 7 easy tips to make friends in Qatar that anyone can do:

Participate in talks, seminars, clubs or classes

By taking classes you enjoy or are gifted with, you will find people with similar interests and talents as you.

This place often has a lot of meetings through organizing seminars or exchanging skills.This will help you find better and more suitable friends.

Join local facebook friends groups

Someone once said: “Food connects people” or “Food brings people closer together.” Indeed, in Doha, Qatar, there are many groups on Facebook discussing food and cooking topics such as: Doha Foodies.

If you are a food enthusiast and want to learn the highlights of Doha dishes and food presentation, join it. At the same time, it is a great way to connect with like-minded people, exchange messages, and arrange a meeting to eat or share what you cook.

Find a sport that you love

Think about the activities you want to practice, it could be: gym, basketball, football or swimming, etc. Or you can also join body language training centers because it is also popular here.

In particular, the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 will be held in Qatar, this is also considered a way to unite people who love the land and the sport.

Participate in art-related activities

Consider your talents in the arts, such as photography, painting, singing, and dance.

By joining organizations relevant to these interests, you can easily make a lot of friends, or if you excel, you might even have adoring admirers.

Access to Two Fat Expats

This is a search engine for international buddies who are currently residing in the same region. You can unintentionally run across pals from your own nation or from other countries here. The quickest way to make friends is with this tool.


Similar to Expats, International helps you meet other expats in Doha and discover their unique way of life.

However, the difference here is that you must verify your identity clearly before accessing this application.

Link up Event

There are many different events taking place in big or small cities from ladies’ nights to bars and pubs.

And the present time is very good because most of the Covid 19 epidemic has been successfully prevented and repelled. Feel free to mingle and start a fun chat and you’ll see how easy it is to meet new people.

Things you should avoid when you want to make more friends in Qatar.

This place is know-well a Muslim country, so many people tend to be conservative and shy away from being outside of traditional relationships. 

In addition, views on some issues in the commune are also strongly condemned by this country, such as:


Sexual activity with minors or coercing unwanted sex of any age is prohibited here. Unwanted forced marriage can also carry prison sentences.

Additionally denounced and forbidden from being spread on social networking sites were sensitive body photos.


The concept of religion is a factor that is brought to the forefront by this country, especially for a country where more than 90% of the population is Muslim.

In this place, it is not only women who dress modestly without revealing any part or detail of the body except the mold and hands, the same is true for men.

From the moment they are born, children here are influenced by this custom. And they see this as a way of respecting the gods and loving themselves for decades.


Most nations in the world, including Qatar, have very few citizens that are knowledgeable about political concerns.

People cannot under any circumstances discuss the State’s policy or its regulations in this area. They are compelled to cooperate as a sign of their commitment to and patriotism for the nation.

Dating in Qatar in some feudal ways is not allowed with underage people, especially with people of different nationalities. However, it is not prohibited by law, but most people living here are very restrictive about public dating.

There are many ways to find good friends in Qatar, for example: joining the social platforms of this country, connecting with local communities or forming groups with similar interests. and skills.

Two people from different countries who wish to celebrate their wedding in Qatar must obtain permission from the Minister of the Interior. In particular, this place does not recognize the marriage of one of the two non-Muslims. Some embassies and mosques can perform marriages for non-Qatar citizens in the country.

Same-sex marriage in Qatar is taboo. Most couples of girls – girls, boys – boys do not dare to reveal their true gender. In addition, if any same-sex couple arbitrarily organizes marriage registration, they will be imprisoned.

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