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Doha, Qatar

The Map of Doha Capital, Qatar shows that it is a busy and developed place in all aspects. The British protectorate has recognized the Qatari city of Doha as one of the richest and most promising places in the world. Let help you find out the most outstanding aspects of this place!

Overview about Doha

Overview about Doha

Satellite view and a map showing Doha, the largest city, major seaport and economic center, and since 1971 has been the capital of Qatar, the peninsular Arab country in the Persian Gulf, on the border with Saudi Arabia to the south.

Doha (Doha) is one of eight centrally run cities (provinces) in Qatar. The city is located in the eastern center on the coast of the peninsula.

Doha has historically been a significant port in the region. It is situated on a small harbor that is recessed approximately 3 miles (5 km). 

Up until the construction of its deepwater port in the 1970s, it mainly serviced small boats due to offshore coral reefs and shallow seas.

Doha has a population of roughly 1 million people, and the 2.7 million people who live in Qatar—of whom more than 80 percent are foreigners—live in its metropolitan region.

Arabic is the official language, although a few other uncommon languages are de facto second languages.

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Little known history of the pearl island nation – Doha

doha history

Al-Bida, or Bida in nautical lingo, is the city’s initial neighborhood and lies to the northwest. It was likely created by members of the Sudanese tribe who moved from Abu Dhabi.

Doha, then a tiny town, was devastated in 1867 during a conflict between Bahrain (backed by Abu Dhabi) and Qatar. Doha had long been the epicenter of piracy in the Persian Gulf. The sheik of Doha was designated as the head of state of Qatar by the British government the following year.

He consented to abide by the provisions of the 1853 Permanent Maritime Armistice, which significantly decreased piracy. The Ottoman Empire, which ruled over much of the Arabian Peninsula in the late 19th century, routinely kept a force in Doha.

Upon Qatar’s accession to British protectorate status in 1916, the town continued to house a British government office. Doha was designated as the capital of the newly formed Qatar Peninsula in late 1971.

Doha, the site of the development of Government and Law today

Doha is the capital of Qatar and the hub of practically everything

Modern residential and commercial districts were constructed after the demolition of old slums. The water used in Dohathu is produced by distilling salt water.

Ocean-going boats may dock at the deep-water port. The port, which has also developed a contemporary shrimp packaging facility, houses the headquarters of the Qatar National Fishing Company, which operates sophisticated motor vehicles.

The nation’s oil extraction sector has its headquarters in the city, along with numerous other national and international organizations. Qatar’s educational hub is located in Doha.

The non-profit Qatar Foundation launched Education City, a 14 km2 region dedicated to research and education.

Eight universities, including Carnegie Mellon University’s satellite campuses, as well as the offices of the children’s television network Al Jazeera, are housed in the complex.

Hamad Medical City, a nonprofit healthcare organization with eight hospitals under its management, is also based in Doha. It also runs a home healthcare service.

Doha has played home to many major international athletic events, such as the Asian Games in 2006, the Pan Arab Games in 2011, and the majority of the AFC Asian Cup matches in 2011.

And this year, the capital of Qatar has been honored to become the Organizing Committee of the prestigious FIFA WORLD CUP 2022, the breathtaking qualifying round will take place on November 21 until the final round is played live. on December 18, 2022.

View of Doha City (Ad-Dawhah) from above and on the map

Map of capital Doha

The map displays the position of Hamad International Airport (IATA code: DOH), which is southeast of the city center, as well as major roads, streets, and highways in the city of Doha.

If you take a flight on Qatar Airways, you are already in the capital of this country.

Qatar Airways, established in 1997, is the national airline of Qatar, headquartered at the 5-star Hamad international airport, located in the capital, Doha, Qatar.

What is the most visited place in Qatar?

The city’s famous sites, including the Souq Waqif, The Pearl, Katara Cultural Village, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Corniche promenade, are all located close together along the Corniche.

The city rents many cars or you can take a taxi to make traveling simple so that you can explore many other beautiful places such as:

West bay jurassic coast

West Bay, Dorset

Doha has around 60 districts, many of which are suburban communities removed from the city’s core. 

If you’re here on business, West Bay (the primary business area) is located downtown and is home to the corporate offices of some of the largest corporations in the nation, particularly those in the oil and gas industry. 

The Doha West Bay neighborhood is home to some of the biggest firms in the nation as well as stunning buildings and tall towers. 

Al Sadd Street tower

Al Sadd Street tower

Al Sadd Street in the heart of Doha and the neighborhood are great places to eat and stroll because there are so many restaurants and entertainment options there. 

This main thoroughfare in Doha gives rise to several side streets lined with Arabic and specialty eateries, as well as shopping centers and stores offering anything from mobile gadgets to textiles and clothes.

The Islamic Art Museum / Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

Museum of Islamic Art

The greatest treasures and the best examples of Islamic art are housed in this stunning structure, which is proudly perched on its artificial island.

The museum holds exhibitions all year round in addition to performances, concerts, and outdoor cinema screenings in the winter.

Additionally, there are parks nearby where you may go picnicking (you can buy a prepared picnic basket), strolling, or bicycling (bikes are available for rent).

Additionally, the park has its cafés and kiosks with views of the lovely Corniche skyline.

The Pearl – Qatar

The Pearl - Qatar

The Pearl is a man-made island on the Arabian Gulf coast that is home to some of the top dining establishments, retail stores, and movie theaters. It provides visitors and locals with a pleasant place to live, work, and play. Play and work.

The development of “The Pearl,” which took place along approximately 32 kilometers of new shoreline, was named after the commerce that united Qatar.

The Pearl is the owner of several districts, including the vibrant Venice Quarter, also known as the Qanat Quartier, which is styled after the well-known Italian city, the Medina Centrale (with a wide variety of eating options), Porto Arabia (with stunning views over the marina), and the.

On the banks of the River Corniche, the Corniche neighborhood is lovely and teeming with restaurants and shops.

Katara cultural village tourism Doha Qatar

katara cultural village

Katara Cultural Village was built as a cultural and artistic center of the nation and it is very important in Doha.

Katara has a drama theater, an opera house and a theater, as well as halls and galleries that regularly feature performances and exhibitions.

At the Katara Art Center or the gallery of the Qatar Fine Arts Association, you may learn more about the photographers and artists.

The complex also provides guests with a range of food alternatives, including side kiosks and fine-dining restaurants that can accommodate all tastes and price ranges.

It is considered a great place to take a walk or enjoy the view and eat the best seafood in the place, see more: What’s Your Favorite Seafood Place In Qatar?

Souq Waqif Market

Souq Waqif Market

The city’s “souqs” (markets) are known for their vibrancy and variety.

The Souq Waqif market, which has served as a trade hub for centuries, must be the biggest. Don’t forget to sometimes peek up to grab a glimpse of the market’s ceiling’s magically colored tiles.

The Falcon Souq is located inside the Souq Waqif and is where you can get high-end, pricey falcons.

In Qatar, falconry training is a respected sport and a well-preserved heritage, and there are many stores selling equipment there.

The falconry hospital, which takes care of these priceless birds, is right next to healthy food restaurants if you’d like to give them a try.

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Other undiscovered beauties about Doha

best place to visit doha

There are many secluded areas to explore in Doha. Head to the camels at the end of Corniche’s Al Jasra if you want to see the city like a local, and then take a short walk to the adjoining Bird Souq to spot the colorful birds roaming around. display.

If you’re into history, rent a car and head to the spectacular ruins of Al Zubarah Fort, located in the city of Al Zubarah, a former fishing and pear-growing port and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. recognize.

The Doha Mosque is magnificent and open to everyone. 

Visit the State Mosque, one of the city’s greatest places of worship and refuge of peace in a busy metropolis, or head for the Education City Mosque, a stunning architectural structure with a magnificent look.

The most beautiful beach in Doha, Qatar

North of Doha is where you’ll find the greatest beaches. Popular places to visit outside of Doha include Al Khor Beach, Simaismah Beach, or Fuwarit Beach.

While some West Bay and Pearl hotels also have beach access, Katara Beach in the cultural hamlet of Katara is located closer to the city and is ideal for boating with kids.

Katara Beach is 1.5 km long, with powdery sand and warm blue water, perfect for boating.

Hotels in Doha also provide babysitting and nursery facilities, while the mall has a variety of recreational facilities for children.

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Explore the magnificent inland sea known as Khor Al Adaid. This beautiful natural wonder is located about 100 kilometers south of Doha and is often the destination of day trips organized by tour operators.

Doha – a place where many fitness centers in Qatar congregate

fitness centers in Qatar congregate

Sports City Complex, also known as Aspire Zone, is an amazing sports village with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Khalifa International Stadium and Aspire Dome, the world’s largest multi-purpose indoor gym with 13 different play areas – all under the same building.

The 2.5 square kilometer complex has its park, fully equipped with walking and jogging paths, open green space and a café on the edge of the lake.

Al Bidda Park is an exercise site, which is large and newly renovated with cycling and running trails, tennis courts, and an ice skating corner, as well as a gym and outdoor exercise equipment. 

Weather and temperature in Doha this winter

weather and temperature in doha this winter

Qatar has a desert climate, so almost all buildings in Qatar are temperature controlled.

January, February and March have nice temperatures between 22-27°C and November and December are also low. 

During the summer months, temperatures can reach 40°C, sometimes approaching 50°C in July and August.

If you prefer to visit during cooler weather, the winter months are ideal to visit. Its temperature ranges from only 13°C to 20°C, and at night the minimum temperature drops to about 8°C.

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Cuisine in Doha, What to Eat? Where?

food in doha

Qatari cuisine is inspired by the flavors and spices of the region, and if you’re looking to sample some authentic local dishes, try harees, a porridge-like dish simmered in the Gulf made with cooked wheat mixed with meat. 

Another delicious and basic regional dish that you can try is machboos, made with seasoned chicken and rice.

 With a wide range of restaurants serving everything from Italian and French to African and Asian dishes, Doha is truly a paradise for international cuisine.

From fast food like Turkish kumpir (stuffed baked potato) and falafel sandwiches to more complex dishes in casual and upscale restaurants, you will be amazed when you choose from a variety of flavors.

If you love sweets then you are in luck in Doha. Middle Eastern sweets are known for their variety and often contain honey and various nuts.

Food prices in Qatar are quite cheap, so you can rest assured and eat to your heart’s content, but if you can, please refer to: How Much Is It To Travel To Qatar In 2022?

You can try regional pastries in most Arabic food restaurants and cafes. Try a variety of dates filled with nuts or chocolate!

Doha is renowned for its numerous mosques and contemporary structures. Additionally, it is becoming more prevalent in libraries, particularly the National Library and the Qatari Book House.
Doha is home to several tourist attractions that draw large numbers of visitors each year.

The highest paid people in the world reside in Qatar. The average yearly salary in Qatar is around $139,370 (£105.2k), according to FinancesOnline.

Dubai is one hour ahead of Qatar. The best time to accommodate all parties for a conference call or meeting if you are in Qatar is between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
The typical working hours in Dubai are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.│

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