I graduated from university with a good bachelor's degree in marketing strategies

About Mary Clark

Mary Clark is an author and editor of PowerPACPlus

Her hobbies are cooking, shopping, and doing gymnastics.

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Current job: Journalist & freelancer of content creator


I graduated from university with a good bachelor’s degree in marketing strategies. I have 8 years of experience working in a securities firm in the marketing and finance department.

Based on my knowledge gained from university and experience, I advised the clients on how to invest in securities with the highest profits. It means that they can earn money from investments by applying the law.

During my working period, I got into health trouble due to my wrong diet. Then I decided to take a course in nutritional therapy to take care of myself. And I understood how to properly deliver nutrition to my body because of that time. I think that many people can get the same issue, and they also need to know the way to have multiple nutritious meals.

Along with a suitable diet is the proper exercise schedule. Most people know that doing exercise is so important, but they are too busy, and this is my problem. Hence, I found some exercises helpful for busy people. I understand that health and appearance are important to a woman, so it is my motivation to make myself more beautiful and healthier every day.

With all my knowledge and experience not only in my major but also in life, I believe that I can help people resolve their problems.

I primarily write on the topics of finance and banking law, beauty and health, education and exercise, expenses as well