Mary Clark

I graduated from university with the major of finance management in 2014. Then I had chances to work in some big banks such as Citibank and HSBC.

I have developed a deep understanding of the key issues & challenges facing the banking industry. My expertise extends across a range of financial products and services, including savings and investment products, lending and credit services, and electronic banking platforms.


  • A founder and author of PowerPACPlus
  • Hobbies: reading banking books and researching about the changes of financial market.
  • Current job: Freelancer of content creator and finance consultant
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My Story

I have extensive knowledge of the financial sector & the role banks play in facilitating economic activity. As a consequence of my 8-year experience in the aspect, I have witnessed the impact that banking has on both individuals and businesses.

Over my career, I have gained valuable insights into the workings of the financial system, digital banking, and the challenges & opportunities facing the banking industry. From regulatory compliance to technological innovation, I am well-versed in the problems facing the modern banking sector.

I am committed to producing high-quality content that educates and informs people about the financial world. Nowadays, almost financial institutions use online banking for the connection and management their systems and customers.

Business or individual always consider about interest rates, savings, deposits, insurance or credit. Understanding these things, I focus on them on my various articles in PowerPACPlus’s site.

As an author, I am passionate about imparting my expertise and insights to others. My mission is to assist readers navigate the complex world of banking with comfort and ease, whether I’m writing about the latest industry trends and advancements or delivering practical tips for managing personal money.

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