Michelle Bali is the main content producer for the PowerPACPlus site. She is a blogger and a seasoned traveler. She always brings a useful message to everyone.

My story

I studied law in the US and lived here for a long time. America is also where I found my passion for cooking & dispensing beverages. I signed up for many cooking courses to gain more experience. Initially, my aim was just to make delicious food for my family and friends to enjoy. Day by day, my passion for cooking is growing, I decided to become a blogger to share my recipes with everyone, and that is my happiness. Besides, I am also a lover of nature and travel around the world. I started my travel journey in 2009, and have traveled to 36 countries around the world.

Moreover, I was born in a small village with many fields and gardens; therefore, I fall in love with them when I was a child. I usually enjoy taking care of my gardens with my father, and study about gardening to explore all knowledge surrounding them.

I mainly write on the topics of Relaxation, DIY, Garden, Food & Coffee

Contact me via email: balimichelle92@gmail.com

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