Revealed: more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for World Cup

migrant workers have died in Qatar

More than 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for the World Cup and this number is expected to continue to increase in the near future. Read the article below for updates on this ongoing issue:

More than 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for World Cup – The most accurate statistics

Inhumane conditions of Migrant workers in Qatar

More than 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died at 8 stadiums in Qatar since it won the right to host the World Cup 10 years ago.

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Data from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka show 5,927 migrant worker deaths between 2011–2020.

In addition, data from the Pakistani embassy in Qatar shows that an additional 834 Pakistani workers were killed, between 2010 and 2020.

These mentioned figures do not include the number of other Qatari worker deaths when they jointly built the stadiums (including the Philippines and Kenya).

The statistics of deaths that occurred in the last months of 2021 to date have not been added.

The deaths of immigrants in Qatar in recent times

the deaths of immigrants in qatar in recent times

There were 37 deaths among workers directly related to the construction of World Cup stadiums, 34 of which were classified as “non-work related” by event organizers.

Experts question the use of the term because it has been used in some cases to describe deaths that occurred on the job, including some workers who collapsed and died. In stadium sites.

The findings show that Qatar has failed to protect its migrant workforce of two million workers, or even investigate why the death rate appears to be high among young workers.

Behind the statistics are countless stories of broken families, without the main breadwinner, struggling to get compensation and confusion over the circumstances of a loved one’s death.

Gal Singh Rai from Nepal paid nearly £1,000 in recruitment fees for his cleaning work at the Education City World Cup Stadium construction workers’ camp. Within a week of arriving, he committed suicide.

Another worker, Muhammad Shahid Miah, from Bangladesh, was electrocuted in his worker’s home after the water came into contact with an exposed electrical cable.

In India, Madhu Bulabali’s family never understood how this 43-year-old died of “natural causes” while working in Qatar Peninsula. His body was found lying on the floor of his bedroom.

As the World Cup 200 in Doha approaches, Nepalese continue to die in Qatar

Nepalese Continue To Die In Qatar

A new investigation has found that hundreds of Nepalese migrant workers have died in Qatar since the country won the right to host the World Cup 10 years ago:

“The Guardian’s latest report doesn’t make that clear – it just says that migrant worker deaths continue as before in part due to the Covid-19 epidemic,” Baron Geimer, a human rights lawyer, told newspaper.

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“Migrant workers will continue to die and suffer if the parties involved do nothing to correct the situation,” he said.

According to Rameshwar Nepal, a labor migration researcher and executive director at Equidem Research Nepal, a human rights research organization, these so-called “natural deaths” are not random.

 The Nepalese diplomatic mission said. They continued: “These deaths also demonstrate the incompetence of protecting the human rights of citizens in Qatar.

“The young and healthy Nepalese who die continuously every year cannot be considered as natural deaths. These workers die from road accidents, work accidents, suicide, falls from heights and even sudden cardiac arrest, involving sleeping in high temperatures outdoors and without air conditioning.”

The cause of the increased deaths in Qatar

Based on data obtained by the Guardian, 69% of worker deaths in India and Bangladesh are classified as usual.

The horrifying death toll in Qatar is revealed in a lengthy official data sheet that lists the most likely causes of death as: multiple injuries from falls from heights; suffocation by hanging, etc.

But among the causes, the most common by far is the so-called “natural death” – or death from a congenital disease, often attributed to heart failure or acute respiratory failure.

And did you know: Is there an obesity epidemic in Qatar? it is also one of the reasons why Qataris have died in recent years.

The Guardian has previously reported that such classifications, often performed without an autopsy, often fail to provide a legitimate medical explanation for the underlying cause of these deaths.

In 2019, they found that the intense summer heat in Qatar could be a major factor in the deaths of many workers.

The Guardian’s findings, supported by the United Nations’ International Labor Research Organization, show that for at least four months in 2021, workers have faced rising temperatures and workplace stress. work every day.

What does the government of Qatar say about the sudden increase in deaths in its country?

what does the government of qatar say about the sudden increase in deaths in its country

The government of Qatar does not have any controversy about the number of deaths in its country because of construction related to the World Cup.

They just stated that: ‘Compared to the size of the project, the migrant workforce must be balanced, the death of workers is inevitable and the inflation situation is also one of the main causes’ .

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They also imply that only 20% of expats from the countries mentioned work in the construction sector and that work-related deaths in this field account for less than 10% of the cases of mortality in this group.

And they also regretted and shared that: ‘every life lost is a tragedy, and we have worked hard to prevent deaths in our country.

After these tragic cases happened, the authorities in Qatar have introduced a lot of policies to protect labor and increase income for domestic workers and migrant workers.

What does FIFA have to say about the deaths in the Qatar stadium projects?

what does fifa have to say about the deaths in the qatar stadium projects

When asked about the deaths on stadium projects, the Qatar World Cup organizers said: “We deeply regret these tragedies and have conducted an investigation under all circumstances to make sure to draw lessons from experience.

We have always maintained transparency about this and have challenged inaccurate claims about the number of dead workers on our projects. “

In a statement, a spokesperson for FIFA – the governing body of world football said: “They are fully committed to protecting the rights of workers in FIFA’s projects…

  … “With very strict site health and safety measures, the frequency of accidents at FIFA World Cup construction sites is low compared to other major construction sites around the world.”

As usual, the leaders of FIFA only follow the process of: Update The Latest List Of 32 Teams Participating In The FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Final In Qatar and divide them into groups such as: Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G and Group H.

What needs to be done to reduce the number of deaths from WORLD CUP in Qatar this year?

In the most recent seminars and press conferences, when asked about solutions to reduce the number of deaths from work accidents, the diplomatic representative of Qatar proposed:

  • provide better protective clothing for workers
  • support more modern construction equipment and machinery
  • technical and rescue teams always appear at the construction site to ensure timely treatment in case of emergency
  • create better housing conditions for the migrant workforce
  • raise wages and incomes for employees and give gifts to their families.

Qatar’s foreign ministry also hopes that this situation will ease because the opening date of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is approaching very close.


More over 2 million migrants work in Qatar, making up around 95% of the country’s entire labor force.

more than: $220 billion

Russia 2018: $11.6 billion. Qatar 2022: $220 billion.

The population of Qatar 2020 is estimated at 2,881,053 people in the middle of the year according to UN figures.

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