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Where can I find Musang King Durian in the USA

Have you heard of the tropical fruit named Musang King Durian in the USA? If you want to buy fresh durian fruit, you should not skip this information. We are here to tell you about where to buy, the price and how to buy it online.

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Is Durian Available In The US?

Currently, there are three sources of Musang King Durian in the United States. The first source is the Musang Durian Farm in Malaysia, where durians are grown and processed chemical-free. These farms offer by the fruit or by the kilogram, depending on the size of the fruit. Each one of these sources can deliver a single durian to the US if you have an order.

The government of Malaysia has taken steps to address the high demand and resulting loss of potential incomes by promoting Musang King Durian to the US market. The government is actively seeking markets for this fruit to increase its supply.

Is durian available in the US

It has also increased production and introduced marketing campaigns worldwide to help boost sales. The result is an increase in demand for Musang King Durian. The US market is the biggest market for this fruit, and more people are discovering its unique flavor.

Where Can I Find Musang King Durian In The USA?

If you’ve ever wanted to try durian, you’ve probably wondered where to find the rare, coveted Musang King in the US. This fruit sells for twice as much as a normal durian, so finding a quality specimen is critical.

Where can I find Musang King Durian in the USA

However, the Musang King is also one of the most common durian varieties to be faked. Unscrupulous durian vendors are more likely to pass off an average durian as a Musang King, even though all varieties of durian are slightly different in color, shape, and spikes.

When attempting to find this unique durian in the US, you’ll have to travel to Malaysia to buy the Musang King. You’ll have to pay at least $1 per pound for the durian, which is a lot. It’s also important to find a store that sells the durian in its fresh form. If you’re looking for the durian Musang King in its natural taste, you’ll probably find a vendor that has frozen durians.

Durian Price In USA

Durian price in USA

The average Musang King Durian price in the United States is about $2.20. That’s 63 cents per kilogram. The fruit will be sold in a 26 or 29-dollar coin in Mexico City. Musang King Durian prices vary from region to region, but the average price per pound is around US$9. The price per tonne is approximately US$2770. The price per pound is also determined by how much durian is sold in a box.

However, the price for Musang King Durian has dropped in the United States, as demand for the fruit has declined after the outbreak of the novel virus, COVID-19. This has slowed the production of durians, which has sparked a 60 to 80 percent drop in the country’s farms. In fact, one durian orchard owner in Malaysia has reported only two tons of durian harvested instead of ten.

Is Musang King The Best Durian?

The Musang King is a famous Malaysian durian that is widely grown in Malaysia and on a small scale in other parts of Southeast Asia. It is often eaten raw, but musang king durian pulp can also be prepared into pastries or mixed with rice. The story of its creation was first published in a Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia. The durian’s name means ‘king of fruits,’ and it is also a type of palm fruit.

The Musang King farms are owned by the Royal Pahang Durian Group (RPDG), which is an association. The group is comprised of variety of investors, including the country’s royal family. The sultan’s daughter serves as chairperson. The consortium leases the land to farmers for around $1,400 per acre, but comes with strings attached.

The farmers must sell their durian to the consortium for $4.30 per pound, while the market rate for Musang King can be up to $6.80. In addition to this, RPDG charges farmers $1 per pound of Musang King. The consortium says this goes toward state land taxes and miscellaneous fees.

How To Buy Durian Online In US

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably wondered how to buy musang king durian. Despite its reputation as the king of fruits, durian can be extremely expensive. Due to the small amount of durian imported from other countries, the price of durian depends on availability and demand. A single fruit can cost up to $100. Read on to find out how to buy durian online in the US.

Musang King durians are seasonal and limited to a small area in Malaysia. They melt in your mouth like ice cream and burst with a creamy, sweet flavor. They are surrounded by small, red-brown seeds. The flesh is sweet and creamy with hints of garlic. However, beware of counterfeit durians, as they can be very difficult to find in the US.

Try this food, then you can know what does the durian taste like. In reality, we have durian grown in USA, the place is Florida. If you live in Florida and want to buy a durian tree and try to plant it, let get started. Follow us to update new posts about this fruit.


International shipping of durians is more complicated than shipping other fruits and takes place by land, sea, and air. Aside from modes of transportation, the durian must be clean and dry before shipping so that it does not mold during transit.

Thailand. Thailand, believe it or not, is the leading producer and exporter of durian! It produces six times as much durian as the rest of the world and is home to over 230 varieties of the fruit, ranging from the common Monthong and Chanee to the pricey Kan Yao.

The cultivar was named after its birthplace, Gua Musang. The Chinese name, which translates as “Cat Mountain King,” could be a phonetic rendering of musang or a reference to its Malay meaning, the cat-like Asian palm civet. Musang King was the first durian variety to have its genome sequenced in 2017.

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