Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas For Holiday

Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas

It’s boring if your offices are full of machines and files. As the holiday season approaches, you can use creative Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas to help your employees get into the holiday spirit and work more energetically. What about ideas for decorating door Contest for the Christmas office? Keep reading for more details!

Ideas To Decorate Bright, Festive Office This Christmas Holiday

The office door is where employees enter and begin their day. Therefore, if we want to start Christmas office decoration activities, we have to start at the office door.

It is not difficult to decorate the workplace door for Christmas. With just a little effort, you can create a festive atmosphere in the office. A banner and a few simple decorations such as garlands, wreaths or door signs can be sufficient for a modest decor.

If you want to make your office stand out, add some sophistication by hanging colorful Christmas flags and string lights. Festivals are colorful explosions; who cares about equipment and materials these days? So go ahead and make the best Christmas office door ideas as you want.

Ideas To Decorate Bright, Festive Office This Christmas Holiday

Crafts or DIY Christmas decorations are a golden time for skilled hands. Instead of repeating a decoration concept, make it unique with an innovative DIY decor.

Use cardboard and extra craft paper to make adorable DIY Christmas projects while helping the earth too. What a great idea! Some ideas you can use to create handmade decorations are Christmas stickers, wall hangings, dream catchers or even beautiful wall paintings etc.

Hi! How about organizing a competition among office staff to see who can make the prettiest Christmas DIYs? Yes, we show you how below!

Hold A Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Christmas is a time for everyone to participate in a holiday office door Christmas decor, and you can do the same in your workplace. If you create an impressive Christmas decoration idea for the office door, it also means for your company culture. Employees will definitely take the time to look at them and talk about the office’s Christmas decorations.

Fun Christmas decoration ideas for office doors means you create fun and charming decorations that complement the Christmas spirit. Remember that, in addition to making your office more festive, you also have to help increase everyone’s satisfaction.


What can you do? Some fun Christmas stickers, cute chibi graphics, or create a gallery in front of the office with pictures of good times among company employees.

Christmas ornament in a woman’s hand for New Year’s decoration. Beautiful people decorate green garland for Christmas Eve party. Start a competition among teams or departments, for example. They will compete to create the most beautiful Christmas decoration concepts with a Christmas theme.

They can do holiday work, decorating office trees, the cafeteria, decorating the front door, or their office (if possible, have people draw the decorating area; it’s fun!). Criteria can be, for example, environmentally friendly, visually appealing and colorful.

The teams with the best decoration concept will be scored and given rewards by the director or managers. Make sure each team receives a gift, whether they win or not! You can split the prize categories so that everyone gets a prize. Christmas is the season for giving!

This decorating contest Christmas door idea helps employees reduce stress and create more memories, allowing everyone in the company to integrate and bond with each other.

Some Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas 

A Christmas door decorating competition is a simple and humorous way to bring some Christmas cheer or Thanksgiving party to the workplace. Anyone who wants to enter the office Christmas competition can use paper and other art supplies to transform an ordinary office door into a magical winterscape or a silly holiday scene.

Knowing that your coworkers are going to walk by your door every day for weeks definitely adds pressure when you’re brainstorming ideas for office Christmas door decorations. Start by identifying a category that interests you and go from there.

Some Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas 

Christmas Pop Culture Themes

Popular Christmas figures from pop culture can be a good source of inspiration for your participation in the Christmas decoration competition. Just a few of the pop culture characters you might have include:

The Grinch

Make large construction paper cutouts of the Grinch with his trusty dog ​​Max or Cindy Lou Who, and add a caption with a little pun about not being a Grinch this holiday season.

Buddy The Elf

Everyone’s favorite party optimist will cheer up your office hallway. Make Buddy’s yellow pants, green and white coat, pointy green hat and black belt from glued together pieces of construction paper. Use white paper and/or cotton wool to make his collar and cuffs. Add a printed photo of Will Ferrell’s smiling face (or a smiling photo of a beloved colleague) and a caption that says “I just like to smile; smiling is my favorite” or “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing out loud to all to hear.”

Christmas Pop Culture Themes

‌Ralphie From A Christmas Story

Using Ralphie in his pink bunny outfit will help your door stand out from any contest entries decorated with more conventional Christmas imagery. Make the entire bunny outfit out of pink paper and add cut-out black glasses and a word bubble that says “Oh, fudge” to complete this simple door.

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Work-related Themes

In a workplace holiday door-decorating contest, it only makes sense to use your work as inspiration for your door. Use some of your office supplies to create a holiday scene. For example, someone working in a medical environment might blow up latex gloves to turn them into balloons and use them to create the shape of a Christmas office tree. In a typical office setting, you might make a tree out of sticky notes and decorate it with garlands made from paper clips and snowflakes cut from company stationery or old notes.

Classic Christmas Themes

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Images of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, wreaths or Christmas trees are all perfect for a holiday decorating contest. For example, cover the door with red construction paper bricks. Add Santa’s boots at the very top as he disappears into the fireplace.

Classic Christmas Themes

Create a simple winter scene by covering the top half of the door with blue paper and the bottom half of the door with white paper covered with white batting to make it look like fallen snow under a blue sky. Add some trees, snowmen and a small house decorated with wreaths and Christmas lights.

Themes Specific To Your Team

Adding personal touches to your door can help you win points with the competition judges and delight your colleagues. Start by wrapping the entire door with wrapping paper in a subtle Christmas print. Then tape individual elements to the door that highlight your team and/or the year of work so far.

  • Cut out individual ornaments, candy canes, Santa hats, snowmen or stars, one for each person who works in your office. Put each person’s name or photo on one cutout, along with a fun holiday memory or their favorite gift they’ve ever received.
  • Use your Christmas door decoration ideas to reflect on the past year in your office and tug at the heart strings of the higher ups. Ask each colleague to name their favorite work moment or proudest achievement of the year to write on their carving.
  • Involve your family and the families of your colleagues when coming up with ideas for office doors. Ask all the young children in your life to color Christmas pictures to hang on the door. Not only does this decoration idea make life easy for you!

What this video for more ideas:

5 Unique Christmas Office Fun Door Decorating Ideas For Contestants

It can sometimes be a challenge to come up with a good theme for your Christmas door. You want something that will attract attention and be original.

Santa Needs A Vacation

Even Santa needs a break during the hectic holiday season. Get your team ready for the holiday season with this fun, easy-to-make design. This idea is ideal if you work in a busy, stressful workplace where everyone needs a vacation. You’ll need a large Santa cutout (or one of your bosses) and some beach-themed decorations.

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If you can, place Santa on the beach, on a surfboard or in a lounge chair where you relax. This idea has a number of possibilities. Some elements to include in this design are sunshine shapes, beach chairs, sand, waves, surfboard, sunglasses and flip flops.

Add some glitter for a little sparkle, and also incorporate your company logo and co-workers names into this idea. For the ultimate touch, use a string of battery-operated lights and use them around a palm tree cutout for a spectacular effect.

Santa Needs A Vacation

Favorite Christmas Recipes

Turn your door into a holiday cookbook. Collect your favorite holiday recipes and display them on your doorstep. You can print them out or write them by hand on decorative paper and arrange them on the door. Some recipes to include are eggnog, hot cocoa, cookies, gingerbread, and fruitcake. In addition to the recipes, use designs that match the ingredients of the recipes. Make sure you have lots of red and green and door Christmas decorations as part of the overall design.

For a special touch, make copies of the recipes and place them on or near the door for everyone to take and enjoy. To really make your door stand out, add some fresh cinnamon sticks or cloves so that everyone who walks by smells the scent and stops to see the recipes.

Christmas Emojis

Emojis are at the top and are often used in text and email messages. Why not dress up emojis in festive holiday attire? This theme is sure to get laughs. Display your emojis on the door with accents like Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, antlers and lights.

You can even write each employee’s name on an emoji for a funny twist. Assign an emoji to each colleague based on personality and humor. A solid color background will work well for this design. Let the emojis be the focus of the door and add some small decorations such as candy canes or small Christmas tree shapes in the empty spaces.

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Snow Globe Spectacular

Turn your office door into a giant Christmas snow globe. This is easy to do. First, design a winter scene on the door complete with lots of cut-out snowflakes and Christmas designs. You can write your names on the snowflakes and incorporate elements such as sweets, Christmas lights and Santa Claus.

Snow Globe Spectacular

If you can make some images dimensional, it will increase the effect. Once your design is complete, use clear cellophane wrap and turn it into a snow globe trying to make it stick out from the design. You can secure the sides with translucent tape.

Use spray snow around the edges to hide the tape and complete the look. If you have a star shower or a small spotlight, you can use it to illuminate the entire door. A final touch is to play music that fits the theme.

Homemade From The Heart

Get your knitting needles ready and create a special door created with love and Christmas cheer. This design must include everything homemade. You can include small knitted items, crocheted hearts, handmade decorations and much more.

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One idea is to create a wreath in the middle of the door and decorate it with the handmade elements. Spray the wreath with balsamic spray for the scent of pine. You can also use a string of knitted candles to decorate the door or a string of popcorn garland.

Add some bells so that when the door opens or closes it sounds. You might also consider wrapping some boxes in burlap and ribbon to place on the floor near the door to complete the look. The more homemade and heartfelt things you can use, the better.

Homemade From The Heart

Basics Of Office Door Christmas Decorating Ideas

There are some basics when it comes to decorating your door for the competition. You can start by covering the door with wrapping paper or large sheets of paper as a background. You can even use felt or material. Then gather all your supplies and get started.

The better you plan and organize the design, the easier it will be to create. Have plenty of tape, glue and adhesives on hand as well as all printed designs and borders. Also try using your company’s logo on the door. Remember to have fun and everything should fall into place.


Tips For Door Christmas Decorations

Decorating your office door for Christmas should be fun and not stressful. To get the most out of this festive competition, be sure to assign each person on your team a different task. Not only will you be able to get more creative ideas from everyone, but you won’t have to take on the task alone.

Working together will not only be fun, but can help spread Christmas cheer throughout the workplace. If it’s allowed, be sure to play some Christmas carols while decorating to get everyone in the spirit of the season.

Tips For Door Christmas Decorations

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for some creative and festive ideas to decorate your office door for Christmas, be sure to check out some Christmas decorations. An easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your office is to decorate your door. You can use garlands, wreaths, ribbons, ornaments and more to create a festive look.

Don’t forget to decorate around the edge of your door frame with garlands and ribbons so that your office still looks festive even when your door is open.

Religious imagery may or may not be appropriate for your office door depending on your workplace and workplace culture. Decorating with your favorite Bible verse about Christmas or a picture of baby Jesus in a manger surrounded by gold stars can be a competition winner in a Catholic school or other Christian organization.

But in a shared office where you and your coworkers don’t all share the same religious beliefs, stick to secular winter door decor or at least run your idea past HR before you go to work.


In conclusion, Christmas office door decorating contest ideas provide a fun way to spread Christmas cheer in the workplace. There are many creative and simple ideas that can be done with minimal time and effort.

Thanks for reading this post. If you’re looking for more seasonal decorating ideas, be sure to follow PowerPACPlus for all the latest trends. Let your comments below to share your thoughts and results with our readers.

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