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PCNOK Benefits

PCNOK is an organization that provides a comprehensive network of providers in Oklahoma. It offers both clinical and contracting benefits to its member institutions, allowing primary care providers in Oklahoma to form a clinically integrated network. This network allows for the delivery of better care and services throughout the state, with improved efficiency and cost savings.

Powerpacplus’s Summary

  • Oklahoma’s PCNOK provides a broad network of suppliers.
  • In digital health, it supports chronically unwell individuals.
  • Three primary healthcare aims
  • In over 60 rural and urban areas, a comprehensive medical care and preventive program is being implemented.
  • PCNOK promotes healthcare innovation.

What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?

It is actually a health science technology network in digital way to approach patients. It improves patient service and rehabilitation and is increasing in everyday surveys.

PCNOK plays an important role in digital health and considers a fundamental solution to support chronically ill patients. It provides patients with rehabilitation in every aspect and health counseling. Doctors use this technology-based solution to deal with the aging problems of patients. During the pandemic, their conditions are getting worse as people practice social distancing. Therefore, they want online solutions for health issues.

What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?


This comprehensive care program includes treatments for all stages of life, from pregnancy to geriatrics. PCNOK has three main goals to improve healthcare:

  • More thorough treatment
  • More healthier people
  • Spend smarter

In the interests of society, PCNOK’s primary goal and rationale is that healthcare should be affordable, of high quality and easily accessible. To do this, it creates mutual contractual interests.

Member Institutions

PCNOK opens membership to all health departments in Oklahoma that want to collaborate and improve patient quality by providing all facilities. All members can get approach to resources, training and support.

Here is the list of members

  • Community Health Connection Inc
  • Family Medical Center, Oklahoma
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center
  • Caring Hands Health Centers
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center
  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Care Center
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center
  • Stigler wellness and health center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Lawton Community Health Center
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services
Member Institutions

Advantages of PCNOK in several areas

For Patients

PCNOK provides patients with constant attention and monitoring. It supports safety and strong bond during treatment time. However, patients become autonomous to manage their health status in critical health situations and save patients’ lives. It stimulates therapy and follows the adoption of a healthy lifestyle for the patient.


This network offers benefits to family members as they can ensure constant monitoring of the patient’s health with appropriate solutions. They can provide reassurance about abnormalities that detect and treat health problems.

Healthcare Professionals

The technology is useful for healthcare professionals as it is a smart and effective parameter for active home monitoring. In critical times, doctors are available to treat a large segment of the population.


Patient Care Network reduces ER situations with the network’s intelligent detection capability. It provides home access for patients with remote support.=

The main focus of PCNOK

Of course, PCNOK is responsible for creating the data for mediation, care coordination and the entire investigative program. PCNOK must adhere to and complete many types of models to be eligible, and the founding association must also contain multiple types of prizes.

However, PCNOK’s income is well below the market average at around $5,000,000.

Access for everybody

Patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and self-care are all recognized by PCNOK members. Additionally, they are aware of the limitations of cash-paying patients after a 200 percent indigence. Once the patient’s eligibility and payment are verified, one can take advantage of this offer.

Oklahoma Patient Care Network members accept patients with self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. In addition, there are discounts for cash payers who fall below the poverty line of 200% with appropriate documentation.

Comprehensive range of care and prevention

A comprehensive medical treatment and prevention program is being implemented in more than 60 rural and urban regions. In addition, there are several medical health services in the areas of vision, dental health and mental health.

A wide range of medical care and preventive care is offered at 63 urban and rural locations. However, the majority of medical care includes dental, visual and mental health.

Worldwide Service

PCNOK offers help to different people in 77 countries. In addition, this network in Oklahoma helps citizens from different areas. The care model includes these people. Overall, this network has a significant impact on people.

Better administration

To help as many people as possible, this Oklahoma network draws on the social determinants of well-being, the combined energy of all local communities, and the concepts of reconciliation.

Innovation and Solutions

Health Coaches, Telemedicine, Care Teams and Mental Health are just a few of the sectors brought together by PCNOK members as part of their team work to innovate and further improve upon the core care domain. Overall, they endorse advances in the various facets of healthcare.

Members of PCNOK work together to drive innovation in healthcare, such as: B. Integrating telemedicine, mental health, care teams and health coaches into the central care realm.


Impact helps people find improved well-being and health by leveraging community partnerships, social determinants of health and inclusive principles.


PCNOK’s weakness lies in the complexity of its care delivery system. Although it has the largest network of primary care providers, it is subject to contracting interests that may prevent effective collaboration between clinicians and other healthcare providers.

Additionally, PCNOK’s clinically integrated network is limited in terms of its ability to respond to health care reform initiatives. This can limit access to services such as prenatal, community-based centers and resources for mental health support.

PCNOK must also be mindful of disparities in access to these services across different populations and regions. While PCNOK boasts a large network of primary providers and health centers, it must strive to provide equitable access to all communities that need these services most.

Setting up a PCNOK account is easy and convenient.

First, you will need to select the care delivery settings that best meet your mutual contracting interests and needs.

You can choose from prenatal care, health centers and community behavioral health organizations.

Once you have selected your preferred care delivery settings, you will be able to access the online tools you need to manage your contracts, payments and more.

With PCNOK, you can also set up automated billing for services offered by community behavioral health organizations and other third-party payers.

This allows for efficient processing of payments as well as tracking of all transactions in one place.

Additionally, PCNOK provides access to educational resources that help users stay informed about their care delivery options, upcoming changes in regulations and other important information related to mutual contracting interests.

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