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Qatar is a peninsula- and severe desert-covered Arab nation with beaches and sand dunes extending along its Persian Gulf coast. The coastal capital of Doha is well known for its skyscrapers, which bear a strong Islamic architectural influence. In terms of global natural gas output, Qatar is one of the top 3 nations. Let’s use to discover more about this wealthy nation!

History of Qatar peninsula

History of Qatar

Early documentation of the Qatar Peninsula reveals that several empires governed the area, including the Parthians, the Seleucids, and the Sasanians. Muhammad eventually brought Islam to the area when he dispatched an envoy to the Sasanid governor of Eastern Arabia.

The region had developed into a significant hub of the pearl trade by the seventh century. The region saw the growth of various villages during the Abbasid era. The Al Khalifa dynasty seized control of Bahrain’s island and Qatar’s mainland in the 18th century. 

Till the end of the nineteenth century, the Al Khalifa family ruled Qatar. As competition with other Arab countries grew during that time, Qatar faced challenges. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Thani was Qatar’s first head of state. During a trying time, he rallied the tribes of Qatar and brought the nation together.

His intelligence, intuition, and love of books were well known. Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani, another of Qatar’s founding fathers, was a distinguished knight, military commander, judge, poet, and visionary statesman. 

He built the first university in Qatar, reformed the government, and established schools and institutions. Bahrain allowed Al Khalifa to expand his authority over Qatar, and the Thani family invited Ottoman envoys to the peninsula.

The Al Khalifa family responded to the uprising by launching a sizable naval campaign on the peninsula in 1867, despite the growing hostility of the populace. Following the Ottoman Empire’s fall in 1916, the British mediated the conflict, and Qatar became a protectorate of the British Empire.

There are many fascinating chapters in Qatar’s history. Qatar developed became a standard command post for the British Naval Fleet in the nineteenth century. Early in the twentieth century, the area’s oil reserves were discovered, and the peninsula quickly rose in prominence.

Celebrating Independence in capital

The people here are divided into three main groups: the Bedouins (who descended from the nomads of the Arabian Peninsula) the Hadar (who originated in the modern Arab world) and the Alabds (who are descendants of the Arabian Peninsula). Eastern African slaves). Although all are divided into “Emirates”, most cabinet ministers and senior officials are members of the same family.

The NMoQ should emphasize social and ethnic inclusion while acknowledging the country’s unified national identity. In fact, the museum should highlight the distinctive features of Qatar as a multicultural country, with many ethnicities and customs coexisting.

For that reason, museums should reflect these lines and promote inclusion. If the Museum truly reflects the diversity of Qatari culture, it should emphasize the unique characteristics of the nation as a whole.

On December 18, the National Day of Qatar commemorates the country’s birth! The founders and others who persisted in securing Qatar’s independence from the British Empire are celebrated on this day.

On this day, which is observed across the nation, Qatar honors its history and the contributions of its founders to the country by remembering their accomplishments, ambitions, and aspirations.

Economy in recent years

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Qatar’s economy is built on oil and fishing. Qatar regularly imports cars and other industrial goods, and the country is still pushing the agricultural market day by day, while also trading well in handmade products.

Which country has the most natural gas in the world?

The answer is Qatar. This place has abundant natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. Qatar quickly overthrew Russia in terms of supplying the largest natural gas reserves in the world when the total export volume in 2022 reached 20% of GDP compared to the same time last year.

  • Service

In addition, Qatar’s banking sector is competitive and the country’s financial services are growing. In addition, Qatar’s revenue also comes from the organization of global events, the most prominent being the World Soccer World Cup.

  • Trade

Qatar is also pushing ahead on commercial business models and promoting its global workforce to come and work for the country because it has a close relationship with the United States,  Saudi Arabia, and some national vicinity.

Qatar Airways
  • Labor

The typical gross salary range for those employed in general labor in Qatar is between 5,396.00 QAR (minimum salary) and 9,601.00 QAR (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher), 

If converted into dollars, each worker will receive an average of $700 to $1000 and this is the monthly wage in its entirety, including bonuses. Different employment positions can pay significantly different amounts.

qatari government transparent current account balance


Currently, the country is preventing political parties from springing up to oppose the state. The election of leaders still takes place regularly to ensure fairness and democracy and this division of powers helps the government to divide the work efficiently.

New laws and policies are also introduced regularly, requiring people to strictly abide by the gulf cooperation council. However, the state still tries to listen to the aspirations of the people to diversify their needs with the best consultative assembly.

The security system in Qatar is said to be the best in the world, they always organize patrols and are ready to help people when problems arise. In addition, the Supreme Law Courts are also transparent to ensure the safety and fairness of their people.

Qatar is very lucky and proud because, during the recent Covid-19 epidemic, their loss of life and property was very little. This country always puts human health as a pioneer issue to protect and take care of.

Like most other countries, education has always been the leading development factor in this country. Here, schools and training centers are always newly built and upgraded to provide the best conditions for teaching and learning.

The best attractions of Qatar

Travel to peninsulas

The Barzan Towers in Qatar may be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a distinctive and intriguing tourist destination. Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani repaired this tower, which was constructed in the late 19th century and renovated in the early 20th century. The towers’ original purpose was to guard the Rawdat Valley, a vital source of rainwater for the country. Arabic for “high place” is Barzan.

Another tourist destination in Qatar that is worthwhile visiting is the Doha Film City. Many visitors have praised the beauty of the buildings in this movie city, which are situated in a lovely desert environment and mimic Bedouin communities. An excellent location to observe traditional Gulf culture is here. You will undoubtedly feel as though you are in the Middle East after seeing Film City. The food is great and there are several cafes and restaurants in Film City.

People are living in western asia

Despite its modest size, the country is home to about 3,059,000 people updated in early 2022. Because of historical migration and colonization, the genetic makeup of the People of Qatar is highly organized. Three different ancestral groups make up the Qataris. While the other two are Asian and African in origin, the first is Arab. Each subgroup’s origin is closely related to the origin of its surnames. The study assumes that the three major groups have similar traits while not providing information on each group’s ancestry.

Cultural traditions

Al Nafta Festival

It is known on the 14th, the day before the month of Ramadan, and is likened to a reminder of the blessings brought to all people. The main purpose of this festival is to start a month of fasting according to ancient beliefs. On this holiday, family members gather to prepare vegetarian food and buy essential items for the month of Ramadan, because they will be very limited in going out and eating out. 

They also make traditional dishes to give to the poor and neighbors, as there are hardly any shops open to selling savory food on these holidays. The usual dishes prepared for cooking such as harees and matchbooks and as desserts of the region umm Ali and muhalabiya are given as gifts.

Mecha commemoration

It is celebrated as a wedding celebration and it is considered a mandatory procedure after both the bride and the groom sign the marriage contract.

The organization of this party will be assigned to the bride’s family and usually, they only invite close relatives and friends.

Lidiya carnival

On Eid, children will sing traditional folk songs and in return, the elders of the family have the duty to give them cash, cakes, or sweets.

Only kids who haven’t earned money can participate in this game. Today, adults don’t give children money, but only give them toys or items of spiritual value. This is also just one of the traditions that the Qataris have preserved and maintained throughout the years.

What is the food like in Doha Qatar?

taste of food in qatar

Qatar is a diverse country with many cultures. Southeast Asians often demand traditional tastes and are constantly on the lookout for new restaurants that can give them familiar flavors. Going to the food forum of the National Museum of Qatar is one way to experience regional and international cuisines. A variety of cuisines will be served, from Middle Eastern to North African or Western European dishes.

For seafood lovers, the L’Wzaar market in Doha is a great place to be. Besides serving a variety of local seafood, the market also has a luxurious seating area with fresh and flavorful dishes. You’ll also find delicious, popular grilled meats everywhere you go.

It is also known for its mashed potatoes – Spring Potato is a good example of this or the pita grilled cheese sandwiches. Most Qatari dishes are lightly spiced with paprika, turmeric, and other aromatic spices. Others will be processed very sour to stimulate taste and enhance vitamin C for people to eat.

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