Recce William graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology. He is currently the co-founder of PowerPACPlus. He is one of the people who create ideas and content for articles to give readers an honest view of knowledge.

My story

My first job was as a salesman at the company. I don’t know too much about it and this job doesn’t help my study at university Faculty of Information Technology. After several failed projects, me and my friends, including Michelle, we started PowerPAC plus as a place to share our experiences, information, knowledge and adventures that I have been able to experience. I also a person who love travel.

I was born and raised near the sea. For me, health and experience are two things that I cherish very much. Both Michelle and I love to travel. Each trip brings us a treasure of useful and interesting knowledge about food, nature, health, customs, people, laws,… from different lands in different countries around the world. We also love animals.

Currently we have a small farm to adopt abandoned animals. You can contact us if you see abandoned animals. I also often form a group with my friends, so that I can also participate in tours and learn about wild animals.That’s why we created PowerPAC plus to help readers have a clearer view of these things.

I mainly write on topics technology, wild animals, and science.

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