Is It Possible To Reverse Wrinkles? 

is it possible to reverse wrinkles?
Is It Possible To Reverse Wrinkles?

One day you look in the mirror and something’s different. Those subtle, youthful areas on your face are not… subtle and youthful any more. You notice there are some fine lines on your face: your eyes corner, your mouth lines, smile lines.

With all the products advertised, wrinkle repair seems common but confusing at the same time. Getting a handle on your wrinkle situation starts with learning more about wrinkle. Knowing how they form will help you figure out how to prevent them in the first place. Can we reverse wrinkles? In this post, you would find out the answer, as well as treatments you can try to see what works best for you.

The Formation

Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of life, but you may have noticed that not everyone is equally endowed. This is due to the fact that they are caused by a variety of factors. Some of them are under your control, while others are not.

Here are five leading causes:

1. Sugar Consumption

Sugar, it has recently been discovered, causes the production of advanced glycation end products (AGE) in your bloodstream. AGE degrades proteins in your body, including two that your skin requires to stay plump and firm. Sugar destroys collagen and elastin in your skin, causing wrinkle and an aged appearance.

2. Sun Exposure 

While soaking up all that natural vitamin D, you’re also hastening the aging of your skin. UV rays cause the production of free radicals, which attack your skin at the cellular level. Prolonged and unprotected sun exposure causes wrinkle and uneven pigmentation, giving your skin an aged appearance.

3. Genetics

Yes, you could blame your parents for the premature aging of your skin. Although there are several other factors that can come into play, the timing of wrinkle development, as well as the overall condition of your skin, is partially hereditary. While you cannot change your genetics, they can help you predict when the wrinkle will appear and you can take steps to counteract the effect of your genetics on your skin’s condition.

4. Smoking

smoking can cause wrinkles

Smoking is a bad habit for many reasons, but it is also a major cause of wrinkles. Although smoking dehydrates your skin, nicotine consumption is the real culprit. When you use nicotine on a regular basis, the blood vessels in your skin’s outer layer narrow. Wrinkles form as the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin slows over time.

5. Dehydration

Water is a vital element in your body that must be replenished on a daily basis. Cell damage occurs in your skin when your water consumption is consistently low. Consider a grape turning into a raisin; the lack of moisture causes the inside to shrink and the skin to wrinkle. The same thing happens to your skin when you are dehydrated.

What Happens To Our Bodies When We Age?

As you get older, you may notice changes in your skin. It thins out, loses fat, and no longer appears as plump and smooth as it once did. As your skin thins and loses elasticity, your veins and bones become more visible. Scratches, cuts, bruises, and other types of skin damage may require more time to heal. Your skin may also become itchy and show signs of dryness, redness, and flaking at times.

Sun exposure over time will also cause wrinkles, creases, dark spots, discoloration, dullness, and other signs of premature aging. Another side effect is the possibility of developing skin cancer.

Dermatologists agree that the best way to prevent skin cancer is to use sunscreen every day to protect the skin from the sun. Skin cancers can be detected early by checking your own aging skin at home for any suspicious moles or dark spots, as well as having an annual skin check with your doctor.

There are, thankfully, things you can do to protect your skin and keep it looking young for longer.

The Most Common Types

Most people believe there are only two kinds: those you already have and those you will develop in the future. Dermatologists, on the other hand, classify wrinkles into four types based on their location and depth:

1. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

These are tiny wrinkles that resemble tiny parallel lines. They appear on your face and other parts of your body as a result of certain static positions, such as the corner of your eyes or the top of your head.

Younger, healthier skin recovers from positional wrinkles, but as you age, your skin loses that ability. They remain visible even after changing positions and stretching the skin in a different direction. You can stretch out wrinkle by pulling on your skin with your hands, but they will return when you let go.

A consistent sleeping position causes many women to develop these types of wrinkles on their chest. The weight of their breasts wrinkles the skin above the cleavage, and the wrinkle eventually become visible even when they sit up.

2. Permanent Elastic Creases

Permanent Elastic Creases

A lack of collagen causes permanent elastic creases. They are horizontal wrinkles that appear at the base of the neck. They can also be found on your cheeks and upper lip.

Repeated folding actions, such as looking down and wrinkling the skin across the base of your throat, can eventually result in permanent elastic creases. Sun exposure, as well as smoking, are known to hasten the formation of this type of wrinkle.

3. Dynamic Expression Lines

Dynamic Expression Lines

Your skin wrinkles when you move your facial muscles to make a smile, frown, or other expression. When your skin’s condition deteriorates, usually in later life due to a loss of collagen and elastin, those wrinkles become permanently visible on your face, even when you’re not smiling.

This is why you may have a distinct but shallow vertical wrinkle between your brows or wide lines extending from the corners of your eyes. Because facial expressions are rarely balanced on both sides of the face, this type of wrinkle is almost always asymmetrical.

4. Gravitational Folds

Gravitational Folds

All skin can succumb to gravity’s pull over time. Skin can begin to fold down over itself without the support of youthful amounts of collagen.

Gravitational folds are most visible in the upper eyelids as they encroach on the eyes. They are also the deep folds that run from each nostril’s outer edge to the corners of the mouth. Furthermore, these wrinkles are responsible for the lines on the chin that resemble the mouth of a talking puppet. Gravity aids in the formation of these deep folds and a jowly appearance when the skin around the jaw begins to sag.

Most skin aging and wrinkles are caused by a lack of collagen and elastin. Skin loses its ability to stretch and bounce back with age, health, and environmental factors. Because the texture of the skin changes as a result of cell damage and a lack of moisture, when it folds, it creases. When there is nothing to plump out the creases, they turn into wrinkles and remain visible.

Are Wrinkles Reversible?

Yes, in a nutshell! They can be reversed, but not completely removed. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced in appearance.

Because they do not appear overnight, reversing them is a lengthy process that necessitates the use of the appropriate methods/technology, as well as commitment and patience.

Best Treatments To Reverse Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the first visible signs of aging. They may be small and almost undetectable at first, but they tend to progress until you can’t ignore them any longer. However, by addressing those issues, you may be reversial the signs of aging.

The treatments for wrinkles differ depending on their types you have. Here are the most effective wrinkle removal methods for each type:

1. Reversing Atrophic Crinkle Rhytids

Reversing Atrophic Crinkle Rhytids

These can be reversed toughly, so you want to be sure you prevent them from getting any worse. Protect your skin with sunscreen from now on. You may even want to talk to the doctor about the best anti aging products on the market for your type of skin.

Another way to keep wrinkles at bay is to apply moisturizer to your face and body. When your skin is at its most absorbent, the good time to apply products to it is immediately after washing.

Removing dead skin cells from your face’s surface reveals healthier new ones and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. For atrophic wrinkles reverses, incorporate an exfoliating cream into your daily routine.

2. Reducing Permanent Elastic Creases

Because these lines are too deep for surface healings to reach, micro-needling is one of the most effective treatments for them. The procedure penetrates beneath the skin’s surface and stimulates collagen production, which may plump out wrinkles and make them less noticeable.

3. Lessening The Effects Of Dynamic Expression Lines

Lessening the Effects of Dynamic Expression Lines

If the lines are not too severe, they may be improved with a topical cream containing Retinol-A which can be used with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Alpha hydroxy acid include glycolic, citric and lactic acid for additional skin-smoothing effects. This solution, however, will take time to work. Retinol-A usually use in cosmetic to treat acne.

An injectable filler is a faster solution for this type of wrinkle. There are several products available for this application, but they all achieve the same result: they plump out wrinkles by filling in the space beneath the skin. Your practitioner can go over the advantages of each product. They differ primarily in terms of effectiveness and ingredients.

4. Gravitational Folds

This type of wrinkle can be difficult to remove. A balanced diet that includes plenty of healthy fats will improve the texture of your skin. There are also surgical interventions that can effectively gravitational folds. Based on your specific situation, a plastic surgeon could explain your options.

Wrinkles may be an issue for you, but there are ways to reduce their appearance of fine lines. They can be reversed and the youthful appearance of healthy skin restored with the right treatment and some patience.


There are a lot of wrinkle healings available over the counter that may your wrinkles reversed, and some are quite expensive. Paying for a solution is not a problem, as long as you know it’s going to work — but determining that can be difficult without the help of a professional. With professional guidance, you can choose the treatment that is right for you and know the results you can expect before you start.

For further information: some people try to use laser for this problem, you should see doctor’s consultancy before.


There are treatments available to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even remove them entirely. The retinoids (tretinoin, Altreno, Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac). This is by far the most proven and effective medical treatment for improving signs of aging such as uneven pigmentation, roughness, and wrinkling.

Botox and fillers are two of the most commonly used wrinkle-reduction procedures. The treatments are performed by a professional, but they are brief and do not necessitate expensive equipment or extensive preparation — you can go to the spa for one of these treatments and then return to work.

“Everyone wants a quick fix when it comes to making skin look better,” says Elizabeth Damstetter, MD, a dermatologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “However, drinking more water will not help get rid of wrinkles or plump your skin unless you are extremely dehydrated.”

Can You Really Make Your Face Wrinkle? Myth: Applying skin care products in an upward motion keeps sagging and wrinkles at bay. The truth is that your skin doesn’t know whether you’re rubbing the collagen and elastin fibers up or down. It is not possible to “rub a wrinkle into your face.”

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