Smiley Face Nails: 12 Hot Trending Models in 2022

Colorful smiley face nails

You can make different designs of smiley face nails using various colors and shapes. Some popular colors for smiley face nails are red, purple, blue, and green. Pastel colors are also great for this look. They look good with floral designs as well. The model can be done by following simple steps. Read on to find out more about smiley face nails. It will be easier for you to make these designs than ever

1. Colorful Smiley Face Nails

Colorful smiley face nails

There are plenty of ways to use colorful smiley face nails to make your nails pop. One way is by using press-on nails, which are incredibly affordable and easy to apply. You can reuse them as often as you like, depending on the style. Find all kinds of designs on Etsy, then you can get them whenever you want. If you have no time to get your nails done at the salon, you can always order them online and have them applied by a nail tech.

2. Smiley Face Hearts

Smiley face hearts

If you love emojis and aren’t sure which colors to use, try a smiley face nail. This simple style looks great on nails that are short and bright, and you can dress it up with a glitter polish or emoji sticker. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, try painting your nails in the shape of heart eyes. These are great for a feminine look, and you can use them to express your personality, too.

3. Pastel Smiles

Pastel smiles

You’ve probably already noticed that the pastel smiley face nail looks great on everyone. In the Pinterest 2021 Trend Report, the nail look was included. They fall under the category of “indie beauty,” which is very popular with Gen Z. Gen Z is the largest demographic on the internet, so it’s no wonder why they’re so popular.

4. Bright Floral Smiles

Bright floral smiles

When choosing a color palette for your manicure, choose a base hue that’s different for each nail. Choose one sunny shade, and alternate it with a contrasting base color for a more vibrant smile. Tie-dye nails are also a good choice for smiley face nails. Use tie-dye nail colors, or paint each nail a different shade, to create a rainbow effect.

5. Yellow Smiley Face

This design is so simple and easy for you to make it or mix with your clothes. Choose any color base, then draw some yellow smiley faces on. Remember to paint the glossy base for the last step.

6. Funky Neon Green Smiley Face

Funky neon green smiley face

If you love bright colors and fun nail art designs, then you’ll love this cool neon green manicure. This unique model looks great when paired with bright clothes or accessories.

  1. A neon green base is required.
  2. Afterward, you can add teardrop-shaped eyes and two diagonal nose slits.
  3. Finally, finish the design by drawing a smiley face with the neon green.

If you’re afraid you’ll ruin the look, you can use stickers to create this funky look.

7. Full Coverage Custom

Full coverage custom

These designs are easy to create and are versatile. You can apply them as accent nails or full coverage. You can also glittery designs for the background. The possibilities for smiley face nail art designs are endless. Try using your imagination and experiment with different designs to find the perfect look for your nails.

8. Yellow And Blue Smiles

Yellow and blue smiles

These nails are fun, easy, and make a stylish addition to your daily look. You can mix and match them to create a unique look. These pressed-on nails come in many different colors and sizes, and you can purchase a full set of designs to make your own funky style. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the design yourself, you can always purchase them as kits.

9. Pink On Pink Smiley Face

The happy face designs look great with a neutral pink glittery background, and you can change the colors as you please. Pink on pink smiley face nails are a perfect way to dress up a mani! Just remember to wear comfortable shoes and a cute hat, and you’ll be looking adorable all day long.

10. Green And Black

Green And Black

Press-on nails are a great way to create these designs. They are easy to apply and come in affordable sets that you can reuse. These designs are also available on Etsy, where you can buy a set and show it to your nail tech at any time. Or, if you’d like to save money, you can purchase a single model and have it customized by your nail technician at home.

11. Mix And Match Frenchies

Mix And Match Frenchies

This cute, easy to do nail design only requires a bit of creativity and basic supplies. Before you begin painting, decide on the colors and theme of the manicure. Bright colors or pastels are equally acceptable. Start by painting the base coat of each nail with a different color than the other. You can also add glittery or rhinestones to add sparkle. Make your nails look as if you’ve stepped into a fun party!

12. Winking Smiley Faces

Winking Smiley Faces

First, paint a basic background color on your nails. A pastel pink shade is ideal for this. For a more intricate look, add glittery polish to the emoji shapes. These emojis can look just as stunning as the faces on a mug. And don’t forget to add a few details, like the smiley lips and the eyelashes. The details should be as subtle as possible, to avoid making them look too much like a fake.

In short, these nail styles are so cute and suitable for many cases. Sometimes, you perhaps want to change the style, we recommend the anime style of nails which are also so pretty, read more nezuko nails to renew your nail art.

You can create your nails by using acrylic or gel. Many people advertise their nail stickers, materials or services on Instagram, shop on this to find the best nail style you want.

Anyway, remember to take care of your nails, read on how to have strong fingernails to know the way. When your nails are strong, you can create any new nail trends you love. Don’t forget to follow us on to read a lot of news updated every day.

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