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UNLV Canvas Login Webcampus | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

UNLV Canvas login provides an online learning management system, online courses, and convenient account access by web or mobile app. Students can maintain their academic records using the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and more.

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  • UNLV Canvas account login provides an online learning management system, online courses, and convenient account access by web or mobile app.
  • Students may maintain their academic records using the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and more.
  • UNLV ACE Canvas Password Reset
  • Account Activation For New UNLV Students
  • How To Use The Canvas UNLV Mobile App?

What Exactly Is The UNLV Canvas?

Canvas University of Nevada, Las Vegas is online learning management system (LMS). The LMS is a cloud learning platform that allows Nevada University, Las Vegas teachers and staff to improve the teaching and learning experience by using web-based collaboration and assessment technology.

This service allows instructors to create completely functioning online course settings for their students. Students can use the course gradebook to access course materials, engage with others, participate in interactive exams and assignments, and monitor their progress.


Canvas is beneficial to both students and professors. The platform organizes student information in a single area for convenient access by students and faculty.

Access via Canvas allows students to submit assignments online and use built-in web-based resources like as ePortfolios, wikis, and blogs. Furthermore, if the item is created for such evaluation, students may analyze their friends as well as themselves.

  • Course files are kept in one place.
  • Communication with students is centralized at this place.
  • Grade book about electronic media
  • Web-based tools built in
  • Assignments should be submitted electronically.
  • E-Quizzes and Tests
  • Assignments for self and peers
  • Control active registrations


Course configuration: default practice time

  • Tools Affected: Course Settings
  • Instructions: By choosing “Settings” in the course, instructors may establish a default time for every new assignment.

A succession of deadlines is an exercise

  • Affected Time Editing Software: Practice
  • When utilizing the Available Dates and Due Dates bulk change function, instructors can now adjust timings as well.

Icon Creator for Programmers

  • Rich Content Editors and other WebCampus features are impacted.
  • Users can now build basic icons in different tools by utilizing the rich content editor.

UNLV Canvas Login online courses

To go to the UNLV Canvas Login page, complete the steps below:

  1. Log in to course navigation to your online courses through this url: unlv.instructure.com/login/canvas
  2. Enter your ACE login information.
  3. Click the Log In option to access your Canvas Dashboard.
  4. Click the “Courses” icon in the top right corner of your page to access all of your courses.
  5. To begin exploring course material, use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
  6. After reviewing the syllabus, select Course Content to proceed.

UNLV ACE Canvas Password Reset

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can reset it using the instructions provided below:

  1. Visit the UNLV official website through the link
  2. Navigate to “Need help signing in?” link
  3. Click Forgot password?
  4. Fill out the blanks with your ACE ID and Password
  5. Select the reset method by Voice Call or Email
  6. Continue to follow the system’s directions until you’re finished

Account activation for new UNLV students

In case you’ve created your e-learning account but don’t know how to make it work, refer to the following:

  1. Select the link that says “New Student Activation” to be redirected to another page
  2. Fill in the blanks with the following information: MyUNLV NSHE ID, Last Name, Date Of Birth
  3. Click “Next” and continue to follow the instructions of the system required

Note: Please file a support request to the IT Help Desk if you need help.

How to Use the Canvas UNLV Mobile App

Teachers can use the myUNLV Canvas app on their cellphones to prepare lessons, syllabi, publish grades, and so on. To begin, go to the Google PlayStore or Apple Store and download the Canvas app.

To access the myUNLV Canvas application login, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Install the app
  2. Choose “Find My School”
  3. Enter your school’s name, for example UNLV, on the next page
  4. When the list of campuses appears, choose the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  5. Enter your login information and click Login.
  6. To enter your Canvas dashboard, click the login icon.

Customer Service at the University of Nevada

For help with password resets, new ACE accounts, wifi, email, WebCavas, or other technological concerns, please contact us in a variety of ways. To book your seat for an on-site appointment, please call or email us, make your request online, or join the virtual line.

  • Contact Customer Service at 702-895-0777 (7:00 – 23:00 daily, including weekends and holidays)
  • Email us at ithelp@unlv.edu.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are examples of social media platforms.


Yes. UNLV Information Technology has moved the two-year curriculum from Blackboard to Canvas for all teachers to use.

Check that you’re using the right username and password. If you use several Canvas URLs, enter the right login and password for each URL. If your institution gave you a login and password and you’re having difficulties logging in, please contact them.

Canvas seems to perform best in Chrome or Firefox, however if you’re experiencing “flickering” difficulties, you may need to clean your browser cache. This is accomplished by hitting the CRTL and F5 keys on your keyboard at the same time (Mac: Apple + R or command + R, depending on your browser).

One of the reasons Canva may not function in your Chrome browser is because it is out of date. Canva needs that your browser be up to date in order to work correctly. To see whether your Chrome browser is current, open it and click the three dots in the top right corner.

Go to https://ace.unlv.edu and logging in with your ACE username and password to access Rebelmail.

When a student is admitted to UNLV, an ACE account is established for them. Students will get an email to their personal email account with their ACE credentials. They have seven days from the time they get the email to activate their ACE account. You may also activate your ACE account at our student activation portal.

That is all the information we have for you. Please leave a remark to assist us in improving. Also, don’t forget to check out PowerPacPlus.org for other login options. Thank you for your time!

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