What are the biggest mistakes people make when visiting Qatar?

things to avoid on your travel to qatar

While the country flaunts its magnificent architecture and is rich in everything, there are many traditional rules laid down for every local and tourist. PowerPacPlus.org has updated all the common mistakes you should read to gain experience and avoid it.

1. Drunk in Qatar

drunk in qatar

Alcohol use is legal in Qatar. But drinking too much might end badly for you. When visiting a place with unique laws and customs, travelers who get drunk or act out risk getting arrested.

Don’t be misled, though; this does not imply that you cannot consume alcohol while touring Qatar. Alcohol is served at authorized establishments in and around Doha City. 

You can only consume alcohol at these pubs and eateries because it is illegal to do so outside. In addition, the pub exclusively accepts patrons who are at least 21 years old.

It’s worth noting here that many of the top hotels in Doha and across Qatar offer alcoholic beverages in their restaurants that are easily accessible to guests. 

And do you know? Beer is a very expensive thing in this city, let’s read: How Is Living In Qatar?

So if you want to drink alcohol in Qatar, don’t bring it into the water as it will lead you to trouble. It’s worth noting here that many of the top hotels in Doha and across Qatar offer alcoholic beverages in their restaurants that are easily accessible to guests. 

So if you want to drink alcohol in Qatar, don’t bring it into the water as it will lead you to trouble.

2. Wearing the wrong clothes

wearing sexy clothes

Now there is one thing about any Muslim country, not just Qatar, that your dress is very important. When it comes to dressing, there are specific rules that both men and women must follow at all costs. 

That said, it does not mean that visitors always have to wear traditional costumes. Qatari culture and traditions require you to dress modestly, not necessarily in traditional clothing all the time. 

Women are required to wear clothing that covers shoulders and knees, while men are required to wear long pants and outerwear and it’s ‘What Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Visiting Qatar?‘ which you should remember.

So while there’s no exact dress code for what foreigners and locals in Qatar should wear, the country expects you to dress casually on your trip. Like shorts for men and skirts for women, but still, make sure it’s not too revealing.

3. Take photos of Doha territory in Qatar

Take photos of Doha territory in Qatar

We all love visualizing the places we visit, don’t we? Some click pictures to preserve memories of a place, while others do it to brag. Now that you’re thinking about your trip to Qatar, here’s the first thing you need to keep in mind.

Any tourist thinking of clicking on the image should be sensitive to understanding the culture of Qatar and what it means to the country. At all costs avoid clicking on photos of religious, construction, or military sites. Similarly, if you are intending to click photos of locals during your trip, it is probably a bad idea unless you are allowed to do so.

Qatar has strict laws against this behavior which can lead to serious consequences such as arrest by local police. Many travelers have experienced these consequences in the past.

But wait, are you a journalist traveling to the country? You can’t stop touching photos because it’s part of your job? In that case, you need to contact the Qatar News Agency and obtain a press permit to visit before entering the country. Once received, you can bring your camera and other equipment you need through customs.

While you are traveling to Doha, you need someone to take pictures for you but are not good at their language check out ‘What Language Do The People Of Qatar Speak?

4. Importing illegal things

 Importing illegal things

Importing illegal documents is prohibited not only in Qatar but also in the world. However, some items are prohibited from being imported into Qatar and should not be purchased at any cost.

When a passenger arrives at Doha Airport (also known as Hamad International Airport), luggage is automatically scanned and you may face consequences if anything illegal is found.

In addition, there are things that are strictly forbidden to bring into the country.

  • Religious books
  • Pork products
  • Wine
  • Dangerous Drugs (Serious Crime)
  • Videos with inappropriate content, etc.

The main thing, in this case, is that they are allowed to bring religious books to most countries. But Qatar has strict laws. Likewise, importing drugs and alcohol can lead to prison sentences.

Due to the impact of domestic crime, the inflation of this place has increased, causing the currency to fight depreciate because imported goods are of unknown origin and most of them are illegal.

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5. Behavior in public places

Behavior in public places

Now, this is a fact, Qatar has very important rules when it comes to your behavior in public or online for that matter. Foreigners or locals may not transmit obscene comments or signs to anyone or swear openly. This is a country that requires modest manners from locals as well as visitors.

If you are in the country, you cannot post anything online that is against Qatari traditions and culture. what else? When sitting in public, do not split your legs because it is considered wrong to wear shoes.

Likewise, tourists or locals should not go with strangers of the opposite sex as this again goes against the culture of the country. Therefore, the behavior of tourists and locals will be an important factor here and visitors should consider the above-mentioned things when walking in public places when visiting Qatar.

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6. Urgent things on your trip

urgent things on your trip

Are you particular about your time and want to get work done early? Well, you’re going through a rough time in this part of the world. 

From the beginning, Qatar has been a slow-moving country. When you compare it with other countries like India and China, it doesn’t live that fast.

People here do not like being specific about time and making things convenient because the country is a flexible place for daily activities. So, if you are a tourist during your trip to Qatar, don’t get mad at anyone for being late to a meeting or publicizing your opinion because that’s not the Qatari way of life.

7. Never accept an invitation

Never accept an invitation

The Qataris are generous and fun people once you get to know them. Typically, visitors to Qatar can not only look forward to a good time in and around Doha but can also be invited to a Qatar home for dinner.

But wait, what are you going to do with it? Have you apologized and declined the invitation? 

This may seem strange to many, but visitors should never decline an invitation from Qatar, as this again goes against the country’s culture. So the next time someone invites you to their Qatar home, greet them.

Be polite and friendly to the locals, that’s also one of the recommended ‘Making friends in Qatar‘ for foreigners.

8. Eating and drinking in Qatar (Food in Qatar)

eating seafood in qatar

Another thing tourists should avoid doing in Qatar is eating with their left hand. What people usually don’t realize because they are used to it, Qataris get angry faces when they see someone eating with their left hand.

Reason? Traditionally, the left hand is reserved for personal hygiene in the country and the natives only eat with their right hand after making sure their right hands are clean. 

So the next time you’re thinking of visiting a restaurant in Qatar and sitting down to a delicious meal, don’t even think about eating with your left hand.

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9. Never forget to read about hygiene laws

hygiene laws

Never forget to read about the rules of hygiene

One thing to avoid in Qatar Peninsula  when planning a visit to the country is not reading here about the rules of hygiene. Why? Well, any violation of hygiene laws in Qatar can result in fines of up to QAR 25,000 and in the worst case jail time. 

Therefore, visitors are advised not to litter indiscriminately on the road or in public as it can lead to serious consequences.

10. Avoid going barefoot on the beach

barefoot on the beach

Now here’s a thing, many things to avoid while on vacation in Qatar but anything about going barefoot at sea is something you may not have heard of.

If you plan to come here to attend the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022, don’t forget that there are a few stadiums located along the coast, please note this warning:

There are fighting fish lying in camouflage along the coast of Qatar and if someone steps on these fish, these fish will perform a defense mechanism that is extremely painful and poisonous. In most cases, a person with such pain needs to go to the hospital right away.

Interestingly, fighting fish is not the only thing that one needs to worry about. Jellyfish are also a threat to visitors, especially during the summer months.

Note to remember: Singles hostel bookings never end

I am confused what does that mean? Well, many hotels in Qatar are gender-specific. Some offer male-only dorms, while others are female-only, and the worst part? 

The privacy policies of these hostels are not always clear leading to many travelers misbooking hostels. So that is something that every visitor should keep in mind when visiting Qatar.

There is no mixed-use housing that visitors will find in Qatar. So, if you are traveling with the opposite sex, better, hotel check-in might be a better option.

As a country with a unique culture, Qatar expects visitors to obey the rules politely. Many visitors get culture shock during their visit after learning about the rules and customs. 

But this is a country that can be the gem of a trip if you give yourself time and try to immerse yourself in the culture. Once you fit in, you start to appreciate the country. So the next time you travel to Qatar, avoid doing the above and make sure you blend in with the country vibes.

Some precautions for tourists to avoid conflicts with local authorities

Always carry your passport or at least a copy of your passport and visa pages.

Do not take photos of native / Qatari people, men, and women without permission.

Avoid showing affection to your partner in public, especially in crowded places like malls, beaches, cinemas, etc.

Dress casually, covering your knees at least. Many women are seen wearing shorts, but it is not appreciated and can get tourists in trouble.

If you are driving, never overtake or block other vehicles or flash your lights, especially when there is a local driver behind you. This will definitely land you in jail. 

All they need is a phone call from the local police station. Even if you are not wrong, no proof will be entertained on your part.

Be careful with the words you use when talking about GCC/Muslims.

Qatari greetings must be verbal. Shake hands only if they extend their hand first.

There are other precautions that aren’t so important, but you don’t need to get used to them when you’re only visiting for a few days.

Drugs, alcohol, pornography, pig products, and religious literature and materials are all prohibited from entering Qatar. At the arrivals hall of Hamad International Airport, all luggage is scanned. Videos and DVDs may be checked, edited, and seized.

Anywhere, even Qatar, is subject to the possibility of a terrorist strike. When visiting potential targets, take into account the amount of security offered. Crime is scarce in Qatar. Pickpocketing, bag snatching, and other minor offenses are uncommon but do occur.

Embracing, kissing, and in certain locations, holding hands will not ban. However, you do not have sex or
intimate gesture in public places.

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