What language do the people of Qatar speak? Is the official language Arabic?

What language do the people of Qatar speak

Arabic is the official and most common language of Qatar. In addition, the population here is fluent in many languages ​​such as Persian, Hindi, Urdu, etc. Let’s explore this national language with PowerPacPlus.org!

Languages that are spoken in Qatar: Origins and history

Arabic is a Semitic language that first appeared in the 1st century BC, it is also used in Islam, the city of Doha. A small number of Qataris also speak French, Italian and Japanese, and also English. Arabic is used in business and communication in Qatar among the locals.

Genetic data from Qatar and other Middle Eastern populations suggest that the GAR and PAR subgroups share a common ancestry.

If you do your research, you will know that Nepali is also widely spoken in Qatar, because most of the Nepalese immigrants are Indians living in the Qatar peninsula.

A few people here know both Malayalam and Baloch, spoken in the southern part of the Persian Gulf. So most people in Qatar speak their language.

Languages that are spoken in Qatar

Where Arabic is spoken worldwide?

The Middle East and North Africa, sometimes known as the MENA region, are where Arabic is most commonly spoken. With almost 400 million speakers from Morocco to the Iranian border, Arabic is currently one of the most frequently spoken languages in the world.

More than 50% of people in the world who speak Arabic as their native tongue lives in nations where it is the official language.

Additionally, especially in regions with significant Arabic-speaking populations, Arabic is used on government websites and road signs. Arabic is also the official language of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Syria, as well as Western Europe and the diaspora, which is dispersed around the world.

Detailed statistics of languages ​​commonly spoken in Qatar

Official languagesArabic
Common languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups ( update in 2015)40% Arab
36% South Asian
18% Pakistani  
18% Indian
10% Iranian
14% Other Language
Religion ( end year in 2021)65.5% Islam 
15.1% Buddhism 
14.2% Hinduism 
3.3% Christianity
 1.9% Others
State of Qatar دولة قطر (Arabic) 


Pronunciation and phonology

Learning Arabic may be a once-in-a-lifetime journey because of the language’s immense complexity and depth. The language spoken in this country is based on the interaction of two elements: consonant stress and vowel intonation.

Many teachers employ the idea of basic word pairs or extremely common instances to make learning Qatari as simple as possible for their pupils to grasp.

However, learning the local language is not tough for a youngster in this country, but it is challenging for a foreigner.

If you want to pronounce your native accent properly, come to experience the dishes around Doha city or around the traditional markets, the sellers here will give you the best Arabic accent and pronunciation.

One of them often goes to the Seafood Restaurant because it is the most famous dish in the country.

Arabic Grammar

The decline in the Arabic proficiency of native speakers has long worried Arabic educators and teachers in Qatar. In response, Qatar is taking measures to improve Arabic language proficiency for young people.

Its grammar is quite complex, which can be said to be more difficult than the English grammar of Westerners. Because some particular grammar is combined with the word

North African and Levantine are predominantly in the community.

Therefore, if you want to learn specifically, you must attend classes so that qualified people can teach you easily.

Is the language of the United Arab Emirates different

If you are planning to visit Dubai or come to attend the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 to be held in Qatar, and you wonder if this place speaks a common language?

– The answer is no because this country uses a wide variety of languages ​​stretching from the North, South, South West, East, and some regions where the third language is widely spoken in the UAE, after English and Hindu language.

The United Arab Emirates has a diverse population, with over a hundred languages ​​spoken in the country. However, according to the latest studies, Arabic is gradually in danger of being faded from this country.

How to learn the local language in Qatar?

Arabic is a difficult language to learn, but its richness and depth make it a worthwhile endeavor for many ex-pats.

A few ways to help you learn the Arabic local language faster:

  • watch and read movies about this language
  • find a local tour guide
  • go to classes that teach this language
  • find a friend to talk this is also how to make friends in Qatar

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how to learn the local language in qatar


You need to clearly define the area you are planning to visit in order to learn the correct local language. 

There is an interesting fact: adjacent to each border of neighboring countries there is a new language to speak such as Pashto, which is often spoken by people from neighboring India. Likewise, there are many people who speak Filipino very well in the country. 

One of the reasons why people here learn more languages ​​than in other countries is: they are good at being tour guides and they always try to learn other languages ​​from tourists coming to the country there.

If you have the opportunity to travel to this rich country in terms of resources and money, you should consider booking Qatar Airways the flight attendants here mostly pronounce many languages. especially in their home language.

What language will tourists use when coming to Qatar?

What language will tourists use when coming to Qatar

You should speak the language of your own country but it is better to know some English.

If you want to communicate with the locals, learn a few phrases in Arabic before you go.

 If you are lucky you may find people who speak the same language as the country where you live because most of the people of Qatar know many languages ​​around the World.

In some cases where it is difficult to communicate because you forget the meaning or pronunciation of words, and use body language, the people here will understand and help you.

Learning many languages ​​of other countries in the world is also how this country promotes trade and prevents the rampant inflation.

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Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Malaysian, Nepali, and Baluchi are a few of the languages spoken in Qatar. The official language of the nation is Arabic.

Non-Muslims frequently utilize the most popular verbal greeting in the Gulf states, Salam alaykum, which is Arabic for “peace be upon you.” Even in formal meetings, this manner of address is employed, and the appropriate response is wa alaykum as-salam (literally, and upon you be peace).

Only a few languages, including Japanese, are thought to be more difficult to learn than Arabic, which is frequently listed as one of the hardest languages. Additionally, if you are a natural speaker of English or a romance language, it is supposedly considerably difficult.

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