What’s Your Favorite Seafood Place In Qatar?

seafood in qatar

The experience to get a delicious seafood meal prepared at a fancy restaurant is to choose restaurants that specialize in Thai, Indian or American food.

Why should you eat seafood in Qatar?

Referring to the Qatar Peninsula, you will immediately think of a lavish and magnificent peninsula, most famous for its natural gas reserves that are always at the top of the world.
In addition, this place is also famous for the most talented teams in the world and most especially this year this place will host the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022.

And the reasons for you to choose seafood dishes when coming here are: it has a border adjacent to the Persian Gulf, so seafood resources are very large.

The seafood caught and farmed here are mostly expensive ones such as lobster, king crab, abalone, and fin.

taste of seafood in Qatar

What is the taste of seafood in Qatar?

Qatar is a country with an extremely diverse cuisine from combining spices or vegetables to cooking with seafood. Produces delicious dishes with bold flavors of chili, turmeric, and pepper.

When eating seafood here, you will feel very clearly the typical flavor of seafood, although it has been processed through many stages, its meat is still sweet and succulent.

Some of Qatar’s most popular seafood dishes include shawarma, ful medames, baklava, and kabsa.

What’s your favorite seafood place in Qatar?

If you are intending to come to Qatar to travel and relax or simply enjoy the culinary taste of this place, you certainly cannot ignore the famous restaurants here, especially the ones specializing in food. about seafood. 

PowerPacPlus.org would like to suggest you 10 places that sell the best and most affordable seafood in Qatar:

Bilao Seafood

Bilao seafood

‘Bilao’ is named after the Filipino word for a large woven tray typical of this country. Here, they offer meals that involve aquatic meats that are rich in Filipino flavors and traditions. 

The best-selling dish here is the combo that includes fish, shrimp, crab, mussels, and more.

Its characteristic flavor will be slightly spicy, not too strong, and very easy to eat.

Location: Doha Downtown Hotel, Al Saad

Phone: +974 7774 0497

Instagram: @bilaoseafood

Bubba Gump Qatar

Bubba Gump Qatar

If you are a seafood lover, then Bubba Gump will be one of the places that you should visit the most! It is a family-friendly American food & seafood chain that is served within the restaurant’s catch time slot. Here, fresh dishes are guaranteed, you can see them with your own eyes and choose the type of seafood you want to eat.

The famous dish here is Forrest’s Surf & Turf which is often served with grilled ribeye and succulent grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes, and onions.

Location: Doha. Festival City

Phone: +974 3337 4667

Instagram: @bubbagumpqatar

Crab Pot

crab pot in Doha

This restaurant offers deliciously prepared seafood that will make you come back for more if you have a chance to eat once.

 This place sells seafood and dumplings, rice, Rocca, and lemon salad. The dishes that combine starch and bring you the right amount of protein will help you have a meal that is both full and delicious.


  • Al Rayyan – +974 5092 3344
  • Al Duhail – +974 5012 0027
  • Al Muntazah – + 974 7477 2115
  • Al Khor – +974 6615 0556

Instagram: @crabpotseafood

Dampa Seafood Village

Dampa Seafood Village

Experience a feast filled with delicacies accompanied by delicate and appropriate drinks that you can enjoy without judging anything.

 When you come here, order a dish involving squid or octopus, you will surely love its firmness and crunchiness.

Location: 01 Mall, Ain Khaled

Phone: +974 5548 2820

Instagram: @dampaseafoodvillage

Alhear Aljanoubi Seafood Restaurant

Alhear Aljanoubi Seafood Restaurant

This can be called a dining paradise because you can go in a large group with friends or family and the prices here are extremely affordable. 

In addition, you can also order to eat while listening to the musical instruments served here, along with the Bechamel Lobster with bechamel sauce drizzled on it. Truly a wonderful experience!

Location: Barzan Souq, Umm Salal Mohammed

Phone: +974 3399 8802, +974 3399 8809

Instagram: @alhear_aljanoubi

Claw BBQ

claw bbq

Have you ever enjoyed food and drinks with a bucket? Coming here, you will have the opportunity to drink beer in a cool chilled bucket and a hot seafood bucket. Crab and grilled dishes are always the most ordered but there are always many different offers throughout the week.

You’ll get unlimited tacos and Mexican mixed drinks or fajita nights on Wednesdays and tons of other specials.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Doha – Old Town, Al Salata, 

Email: clawbbq.com

Phone: (4034 3111).


This place is like a buffet restaurant in Doha with full of dishes available on the counters. Order your favorite fish as it is famous for its freshest fish dishes in Qatar and you will get to see it firsthand grilled with garlic and herbs, marinated with Indian spices, and cooked in a tandoori oven, Either steamed with lemon, garlic, and Thai chili or choose oysters and caviar.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Doha, The Corniche

Phone: The Corniche (4494 8600).

Lobito de Mar

Lobito de Mar

This is a store with a year of experience located in Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Lobito de Mar is Dani García’s second restaurant chain in the city. You can enjoy the porterhouse carpaccio, avocado and deep-fried calamari, and the Lobito shrimp cocktail.

Order more cakes and choose a seat on the patio, because it is very airy and fresh.

Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl of Qatar, 

Email: grupodanigarcia.com 

Phone: (4035 5555).


Mosaic restaurant

The dishes here are inspired by Japan resulting in items such as: fresh sushi and sashimi, a charcoal grill and yakitori, and a tandoori oven.

Come here on Wednesday nights, the lobster dish will be extremely cheap with the main way of the processing being Sri Lankan lobster curry.

Location: Mandarin Oriental Doha, Msheireb Downtown Doha

Phone: (4008 8888).

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

This is like a seafood supermarket, which specializes in selling delicious American-style fish. It also has a variety of grilled seafood and potatoes made with the store’s own recipe. 

This place is best known for making weight loss dishes for overweight people, choosing this place is a smart decision of yours.

Address: Ghanem Mall, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4444 2353

What is the average cost for a seafood meal in Qatar?

cost for a seafood meal in Qatar

This depends on the restaurant you pick because there are many options here, from expensive to cheap.

The price of the food is also influenced by how fresh it is.

Furthermore, you must consider whether the food you ordered is simple to cook and whether it is unusual.

The location of the restaurant or bar you want to visit, whether in the city center or otherwise, is also crucial.

In Qatar, a complete seafood supper will typically set you back more than $100.

How to choose a seafood restaurant when coming to Qatar?

To choose a good seafood restaurant or any other place to eat, you should also set yourself the following criteria: price, is it delicious, is the food hygienic or not, does the place serve you, drinks not served, how is the service staff attitude, is the restaurant located far or near where you live.

It is still a good idea to prioritize choosing reputable eating places that are known by many people because it is the best introduction for you to enjoy delicious food.

Visiting these places and enjoying famous food in crowded places is also a way to help you Making Friends In Qatar.

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