When is the Next SRD SASSA Payment?

When is the Next SRD SASSA Payment?

When is the next SRD SASSA payment? If you are on the SRD grant, you may have been wondering when the next payment will be. There was a re-application process earlier this year. The next cycle will begin in mid-June, and this is when the new grants will start being paid.

The payments will be made month by month, so SASSA beneficiaries will not receive the double ones. The government has committed to pymentaying all eligible beneficiaries, but you may still need to wait for the next cycle of grant payment dates.

When Is The Next SRD SASSA Payment?

Term explanation

South Africa Social Security Agency: SASSA (also called South African Social Security Agency)

Social Relief of Distress: SRD

This means-testing will see banks send SASSA information such as a bank account balance, and an applicant’s ID number. This will make the department stick to its budget. As of mid-June, 10.5 million people will receive an SASSA R350 grant.

This grant payment will be extended to those who re-applied, and people who waited a year to get a grant will be paid from mid-June onwards. Meanwhile, the department continues to clear the backlog of payments from previous cycles.

Sassa will review your application for six months after it is submitted. For example, if you apply in March, your application will be considered until April 2022. Once approved, you can pick up your grant at any Post Office location.

When is the Next SRD SASSA Payment?

SASSA will check your personal bank details after you have submitted your SASSA r350 grant application to ensure that you are not a fraud. If you do not have the correct information, you may end up with a failed bank verified transaction.

You should be notified through SMS. You will receive an email or sms from SASSA SRD, advising you when your next grant payment dates are due. You should expect to receive your grant in mid-June 2022. It is very important to note that your SRD grant is pending. So, keep your fingers crossed!

If your application was approved in April, you should receive payments for May and June. You may receive multiple payments during this cycle if your application is approved for both months. However, if you apply for a payment in April, you may not receive your payment until mid-May.

If your application is accepted for both payments, you should update banking details immediately. You will receive these payments one by month and not all at the same time.

SASSA grant has released a new payment dates for 2022/23. From April 2022, social grants will be paid on the second day of the month, rather than the first. The previous paying schedule was due to the Covid-19 virus and the SASSA heard complaints from beneficiaries. This will help limit the spread of the disease. Sassa says it’s important to keep your payments on track so you can receive your money when you need them.

The SASSA SRD grants were paid out every month to over 10 million people, or about half of South Africa’s poorest. The payments were made to the poorest people, and the number of recipients increased to 11 million.

It’s not clear when the next payment will arrive, but the government is confident that more people will apply this time around. The delays in paying have sparked a backlash from social groups and the media.

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