When Will My Goldendoodle Calm Down?

When Will My Goldendoodle Calm Down?

When will my Goldendoodle calm down? Goldendoodle puppies are hyper, playful, and feisty. But this behavior doesn’t last forever! Typically, Goldendoodles mature between 12 and 18 months, when they have more control over their actions. With exercise and play, you can temper your puppy’s behavior. 

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My Goldendoodle is out of control

The first thing you should remember is that your Goldendoodle will be extremely  high-energy when it is a puppy. This is normal; he will get a little cheeky and mischievous when he is a puppy. 

You should be patient and show him affection and positive reinforcement every time he demonstrates a behavior he should not have. The older your Goldendoodle gets, the calmer he will become.

obedience training

Play biting is common in puppies and is perfectly normal, but you shouldn’t tolerate it if it hurts the person. If you don’t treat it properly, it could lead to problems in adulthood, both with other dogs and with other people. 

You should seek a professional dog trainer or intensive obedience training sessions to help your doodle become less hyper. If you find yourself wondering: When will my Goldendoodle calm down?

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When will my Goldendoodle stop biting

Your Goldendoodle’s mouth is never satisfied. While at first nipping is playful, it  can soon turn into a full-fledged bite that can be painful for both you and your Goldendoodle. So, what is the best way to help your poodle stop biting?

positive reinforcement

Here are some tips for getting your dog to stop biting. 

  • To relieve sore gums, try serving frozen slices of strawberry, banana, or carrot. Blueberries from frozen are also excellent.
  • To numb sore jaws, many mini goldendoodle teething oils are available (see on Amazon).
  • Give your puppy a wide range of chew toys in various forms and textures (multipack on Amazon).
  • A teething puppies who want to chew can be satisfied and irritation reduced by playing gentle tug-of-war games.
  • You can stuff a puppy Kong with a frozen treat like peanut butter. The natural rubber satisfies the want to chew, the cold numbs the gums and the cerebral challenge of trying to get at the sweets within stimulates thought.

Why is my Goldendoodle puppy so hyper?

If you’ve recently adopted an fb1 Goldendoodle, you’ve likely noticed that he’s full of energy. The small breed is known for chewing on things and zooming around the house, but he shouldn’t be barking and whining constantly. 

While your Goldendoodle’s hyperactivity is perfectly normal in its early stages, he may show signs of too much energy at certain times of the day.

dog trainer

If you’re worried about your new puppy’s excessive energy levels, here are a few tips that may help you deal with this issue. 

Goldendoodles are highly trainable, but you should avoid encouraging hyperactivity by using physical punishment, yelling, or shouting. Yelling at your dog can charge him with extra energy and confuse him with playtime. 

Instead, reward good behavior by giving him toys, spending time in a fenced yard, or simply spending quality time with him.

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Will my Goldendoodle calm down after being spayed?

After Goldendoodle got spayed, they will calm down. However, this may not always be the case. It may be necessary to wait until your miniature Goldendoodle is at least a year old to get the procedure done.

 This can help prevent problems in the future. The following are reasons why spaying a Goldendoodle is important. Spaying a dog can prevent unwanted litter and save the lives of many dogs

Will my Goldendoodle calm down after being spayed?
  • First, teach your Goldendoodle basic commands such as sit and stay. This will  help them relax and take a deep breath. 
  • You can also use this command to welcome visitors by sitting and allowing your dog to sit. Make sure you reinforce these commands with praise when your dog follows the command. 
  • When you see your dog responding to these commands, praise and treats should be given to make him feel comfortable. Your Goldendoodle should be able to do this when visitors come over.

How long does it take for Goldendoodle to calm down

Although they are a popular breed of dog and the price of the Goldendoodle is quite reasonable. But not everyone has the advantage of raising them

The Goldendoodle’s love for humans makes it difficult for this breed to learn separation anxiety. Because they crave constant contact with their humans, they may lash out when separated from their owners.

How long does it take for Goldendoodle to calm down

Training Goldendoodles can take a few months, depending on size and personality, and it is best to start at an early age.

 But fear not, this is an easily treatable problem. Here are some ways to help your Goldendoodle become calmer:

Time To Get Active

In order to tire themselves out, most dog breeds require a daily walk or game; but, Goldendoodles have so much energy that this is one of the most crucial components of caring for one.

It can be beneficial to go for daily walks for an hour if your doodle has excessive energy. The world won’t end if you miss a day of walks because you’re busy. 

Time To Get Active

However, even one missed session could result in a surge in energy. Go somewhere where they can run around off-leash for an added walking recommendation; this is wonderful for an excitable doodle.

Toys Can Be Helpful

Dog toys can be beneficial as “self exercise” for a dog and can offer cerebral stimulation. When something extraordinary occurs, bored doodles may become excited and have a mad episode. Toys that stimulate the mind can reduce overreactions and appear to calm children down. According to reports, dogs don’t like to be bored, so make sure they’re pleased!

Toys Can Be Helpful

A simple chew toy can help relieve stress and lessen excessive habits like barking. Dog toys and games that can be played with inside are excellent for doodles because they don’t require scheduling outdoor playtime.

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Scent Training

Play hide and seek with your doodles’ preferred treats first; they are referred to as “hides.” Use your imagination here and start with empty cardboard boxes before moving on to other parts of the house.

Goldendoodles like the simple activity of scent training, also known as nose work, but it can be psychologically and physically draining for them. This is a fantastic indoor activity as well.

Scent Training

Concentration issues and difficulty focusing are hallmarks of crazy doodle activity. To capture their interest and encourage tranquility, scent training can be done at home.

Boiling chicken, dried liver treats, or even shredded cheese are good hides for Goldendoodles; experiment to see which ones your dog like.

Train Yourself

If your dog is hyperactive, all of your attention is on what they are doing and how to regulate them. It can, however, be used to gauge how you and your loved ones respond to their energetic outbursts.

You shouldn’t reward your doodle with gifts or praise when they are misbehaving. By reinforcing the behavior, the cycle might continue.

Train Yourself

Try to develop the practice of ignoring your dog when they exhibit excessive behavior; lower your energy level to help them settle down.

Some people even advise practicing calming down during playtimes. Try playing for a few minutes, then practicing calmness for a minute. This teaches your doodle the distinction between play and calm and might assist in assisting them in adjusting to both.

Remember To Be Calm

Dogs may pick up on our stress and develop anxiety as well. This might then result in excessive enthusiasm and inappropriate conduct, which in turn causes us to feel stressed once more.

Remember To Be Calm

Practice just relaxing sitting next to your dog as you first calm yourself. This is a terrific technique to help children learn patience and to teach you how to handle their energy without retaliating. Remember to give your doodle praise for being excellent when they are sitting quietly.

Training your dog to sit is usually a good idea because it teaches them patience and how to be relaxed among things that excite them.


Will a Neutered Goldendoodle Become Calm? It’s common knowledge that spaying or neutering a Goldendoodle can calm pets down. Your dog’s natural mate-seeking instincts, which frequently result in aggression, urine-marking, and canines wanting to run away and roam, can be reduced with neutering.

That doesn’t necessarily imply that the puppy has a health issue. Some Goldendoodles are inherently quiet from birth but gradually develop the tiny touch of craziness for which they are well-known. A brief examination will only guarantee health.

Between 4.5 and 6 months old, standard Goldendoodles typically weigh 50% of their adult weight. Between 12.5 and 16 months, they will reach their full adult weight and plateau.

Like other breeds of puppies, they’ll get calmer as they get older. Most Goldendoodles will begin to calm down between the ages of 12 and 18 months. They have passed the puppy stage and are now entering adulthood.

around 12-18 months

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