Where Did You Put the Crate For a Golden Retriever Puppy in the House?

Golden retriever

Where did you put the crate for a golden retriever puppy in the house? Friendly, devoted, and cheerful dogs, golden retrievers make excellent family pets, that everyone loves them. Here are some tips for you to set the crate for your golden retriever.

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how long can a golden retriever be in a crate

Where did you set the crate for a puppy?

Using a crate for your new Golden retriever is a smart move. Not only will it keep your house safe from your puppy’s accidents, but you’ll be able to protect yourself and give your new furry friend a secure space to sleep at night. 

And your dog’s safety will also depend on how comfortable he is in his crate. They tend to have separation anxiety, so having a crate in the house will help prevent this.

where to put puppy crate at night

You are not only considering which food is best for your dog but also the place for your golden.3 basic things that you should remember when putting the crate for your Golden:

  • You don’t want your dog’s blankets to accidentally catch fire, therefore when choosing a site for your dog crate, make sure it is distant from the fireplace or radiator.
  • A drafty environment might have a long-term negative impact on your dog’s health. Avoid places that are too hot or chilly.
  • Finally, stay out of the sun.
where to put dog crate in house

If your puppy is more comfortable in the crate, try to keep it somewhere far enough away from the area where you’re sleeping. A crate should be a comfortable and safe space, away from anything that might scare them, such as your bed. 

Your puppy will learn to associate the sound of your crate with sleep, which is important. If your puppy is crying at night, it’s likely because he is feeling lonely and stressed. 

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Where to put the dog kennel outside

There are lots of things before getting a Golden retriever as well as food, health, training, and a place to live for them. The next stage is determining where to put the outdoor golden retriever kennel after you’ve selected a design.

dog crate in bedroom or living room

Although portable kennels can potentially be placed anywhere, the following suggestions can help you make an informed decision.

  • Avoid having low spots in your lawn where water will accumulate from the rain and become soggy. In situations when there is no flooring, drainage is even more crucial.
  • To help your dog avoid from overheating, choose sections of your yard that provide at least some shelter from the sun.

Permanent kennels can also benefit from the aforementioned advice, but here are some further suggestions for placement:

where to put large dog crate in house
  • Unless you want to hear every bark and smell every odor, keep the kennel run away from your house.
  • Avoid putting the kennel close to a property line that is shared with your neighbors if you want to maintain excellent relations.
  • Keeping the kennel away from trees directly is another good idea. Falling branches have the ability to hurt your pet and harm the material of the roof.

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How to crate training golden retriever puppy at night

The price of a golden retriever is very high (about $15.000). But in return, this is a popular dog line and is extremely loyal to the owner. Besides, it also has cute expressions. We have 2 methods to crate training the puppy:

golden retriever crate

The get familiar methods:

  • Prepare the crate

So that your Golden Retriever can observe what is happening, place his box in a busy area of the home. Putting the crate in the bedroom at night so he can hear and see you.

To prevent your dog from being shocked and feeling trapped by a closed door, either tie the door open or take it totally out of the picture. Wrap the crate in a blanket.

To get your Golden into a calm, relaxed state ready for sleep, exercise, or play with him.

  • Provide treats

Sit down with your dog and place a goodie at the crate’s door. Treats should be placed at the entrance and thrown inside for him to retrieve.

best place to keep a dog in the house
  • Keep your dog company

While he is lying down or sitting in his box, give him treats. You can even sit with him and watch TV or read a book while giving him praise.

Ignore your Golden Retriever if he escapes his crate. Give him affection and goodies if he goes back to the crate.

  • Provide activity before bed

Take your Golden outside before bedtime for a potty break and lots of exercises and play so that he is exhausted and prepared to unwind.

Ask your Golden to enter his box at nighttime and close the door. As he settles in for the night, sit next to him and chat with him.

bringing home my golden retriever puppy
  • Ignore crying 

Vocalizations during the night should be ignored unless you are certain your dog needs to go potty. Give your dog a potty break, but try to time it when they aren’t crying or complaining.

Ignore vocalizations; initially, you might need to sleep in a different room or use earplugs. In order to have greater flexibility with your sleep schedule, try scheduling your workout for the weekend or a day when you have no work the following day.

The puppy training methods:

  • Add scent to a toy

Bring a cuddly animal with you when you pick up your dog and rub it all over his siblings and mother. Put the plush animal in your dog’s crate so he can smell his mother and siblings.

A hot water bottle or a toy with a “heartbeat” that is sold at pet supply stores are other warm, heated options that you can use. Make sure the toys are safe for dogs and cannot be eaten if they are torn up.

where did you put a crate for your golden retriever puppy in the house?
  • Keep crate sessions short

For no longer than a few hours at a time, confine your Golden Retriever to his crate. A general rule of thumb is 1 hour for every 4 weeks of age. You shouldn’t keep an 8-week-old dog in his box for more than two hours after bringing him home.

  • Tire him out

Play for a while or go for a stroll before going to bed. Wear your young Golden out to the point that he is prepared for some quiet time and rest.

Tire him out
  • Let him out before bed

Feeding and water withholding should occur at least an hour before sleep for Golden Retriever. Allow your dog to go potty right before crate training at night so he can hold it.

  • Provide bathroom breaks

Young dogs should have regular toilet breaks throughout the night so that you may allow your dog to relieve himself before he starts to scream or whine. In this way, vocalizations are not reinforced.

Take your Golden Retriever outside right away to relieve himself, then take him right back inside to his crate to avoid upsetting his sleep schedule if you notice him sobbing in the middle of the night for potty needs.


Particularly if you have a puppy, it would be a good idea to first place the crate in your bedroom or close by in a hallway. Puppies frequently need to go outdoors at night to relieve themselves, so it’s important to be able to hear them when they cry out to be taken outside.

The owner’s bedroom is typically the ideal location for a dog crate so that the dog feels safe and secure while it sleeps. The fact that the crate is in your bedroom will also make it possible for you to hear your dog if she has to be taken outside to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

Ideal locations include a corner of the family room or the kitchen. Make sure the crate isn’t in a drafty area, adjacent to a heat source like a radiator or fireplace, or in direct sunlight wherever you choose to put it. There should be little risk of it becoming uncomfortably hot or cold.

The owner’s bedroom is typically the ideal location for a dog crate in the evening so that the dog feels safe and secure while it sleeps. The dog’s crate being in your bedroom also makes it possible for you to hear if your dog wants to go potty in the middle of the night.

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