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eight stadiums for fifa world cup 2022

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup from November 21 to December 18. The tournament, which will be the first time football’s premier event takes place in the Middle East, will feature 32 teams spread over 8 large stadiums, including the hosts Qatar.

Why is the World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

In 2010, Qatar Peninsula won the right to host the World Cup after winning the vote to elect 22 executive members of FIFA.

It beat out bids from the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia. This is the first Arab country to host the tournament.

Qatar 2022 takes place in winter to avoid the sweltering heat of the Middle Eastern summer, although temperatures are expected to still top 30 degrees Celsius.

In keeping with the final, the German Football Federation (DFB) has planned an extended winter break in the Bundesliga and the second Bundesliga after the World Cup round-robin match on September 21, 2022.

Where FIFA world cup 2022 will be held in Qatar?

A special thing this year in the city of Doha, Qatar is: that the most prestigious tournament of the century will take place in 8 of the largest stadiums in the country.

These stadiums have undergone many tests to ensure they meet the most necessary standards for an international football match.

The eight most famous stadiums in Qatar are: Khalifa, Al Janoub, Education, Al Bayt, Al Rayyan, Al Thumama, Ras Abu and Lusail (974 Stadium).

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What are the outstanding features of the 8 stadiums in Qatar?

One of the stadiums is modeled after a traditional woven hat from the Middle East, another is constructed out of shipping containers, and one location has received notoriety for looking like a woman’s private parts.

The eight sites, the fewest since the 16-team World Cup in Argentina in 1978, are remarkable in style, but they also provide a logistical reprieve for the spectators of what is possibly the most contentious World Cup ever.

The eight stadiums are all located within a 21-mile radius of central Doha and will be connected by a metro and tram system, making it feasible for any fan who wants to do so to see more than one game on the same day.

Each site is run by solar panel farms and has sophisticated cooling systems to deal with the heat.

Although the fact that the event has been shifted to the winter months has partially offset that, some venues feature outside air conditioning.

Days before Christmas, when the competition is over, just one stadium will still be used by a football team.

Let’s find out the outstanding advantages of each stadium hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar:

Lusail Stadium

  • 80,000 capacity opened in 202 and is situated in Lasail.
  • 10 kilometers separate the center of Doha from Lusail Stadium.
  • FOSTER created the concept, which also has 10 matches (including the final)
  • The “interference of light and shadow that defines fan lanterns” served as inspiration for the stadium’s architecture.
  • create a wonderful atmosphere.

The opening and closing matches, as well as other significant fixtures, will take place in the stadium performing for the tournament.

The stadium’s architecture, which was motivated by the “interference of light and shadow that distinguishes the fan lantern,” didn’t actually open until this year, far later than expected.

The majority of the seats will be taken out after the competition and donated to underdeveloped nations since Lusail, the planned £33 billion metropolis, “will not require its football stadium” by 2022.

Al Janoub Stadium

  • Wakrah’s new 40,000-seat stadium is scheduled to open in May 2019
  • 14 kilometers separate it from Doha’s center
  • From November 22 to December 7, seven football games are held at venues with designs by Dame Zaha Hadid
  • The Al Wakrah stadium was the first World Cup venue in Qatar to be announced in advance of the event.
  • 20,000 seats in the Al Janoub Stadium will be removed following the World Cup, similar to what happened at the Lusail Stadium.

Al Janoub’s contemporary design, formerly known as Al Wakrah Stadium, was inspired by the sails of ancient Qatari dhows in tribute to the coastal city’s maritime heritage.

It features a retractable roof and a cutting-edge cooling system to ensure that events may be held there year-round, even in the stifling summer heat.

It was created by the late Iraqi-British architect Dame Zaha Hadid, who passed away at the age of 65 after a fatal heart attack in 2016.

Commentators said the stadium resembled a woman’s private regions when her drawing initially surfaced and became popular.

The connection at the time incensed Dame Zaha, who remarked: “It’s extremely humiliating that they come up with stuff like this.” How do they speak? Is a vagina something with a hole in it? It’s absurd.

Al Bayt Stadium

  • It has a 60,000 capacity, is situated in Al Khor, and is presently under development.
  • 27 km from Doha’s center, created by Dar Al-Handasah
  • Arrangement: 8 matches (including the opening match)
  • Al Bayt, one of the bigger stadiums, will host games until the competition’s semifinals
  • It will also have a sliding canopy to keep out the heat because temperatures in Qatar may reach 30C even in November

Al Bayt, one of the bigger stadiums, will host games beginning with the competition’s semifinals.

By mimicking a traditional Arab tent called a “Bayt Al Sha’ar,” the arena is intended to demonstrate Arab hospitality.

It will also have a retractable cover to trap the heat inside because temperatures in Qatar may go as high as 30 degrees Celsius even in November.

Although this stadium is the farthest from Doha, visitors who don’t want to leave may stay at the upcoming five-star luxury hotel and retail center.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

  • Capacity: 40,000 at Al Rayyan in December 2020
  • 14 kilometers separate it from Doha’s center.
  • The most beautiful stadium in Qatar is AI Rayyan, which was created by Ramboll.
  • Where: Seven games beginning with the group stage
  • The Amir Cup final between Al Sadd and Al Arabi will take place there in December 2020 thanks to Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium’s opening.

This stadium, which was once known as Al-Rayyan Stadium, has also undergone a name change and is intended to symbolize Qatari culture. It will host games up to the quarterfinals.

The façade features intricate patterns representing the country of Qatar, from the wildlife related to its commercial history.

The hotel and stall areas outside the ground will be styled like dunes because the region is adjacent to a desert.

The Ahmad Bin Ali stadium, which is located in Al Rayyan, was constructed on the location of the previous stadium using mostly the same building supplies.

Education City Stadium

  • Capacity: 40,000, set to open in Qatar’s Education City in June 2020
  • 7 kilometers separate you from Doha’s center
  • FIA Fenwick Iribarren Architects, the architect
  • 8 matches are required (up to the quarterfinals)

This stadium is situated inside the Qatar Foundation, not far from Doha’s most well-known stadium.

After the World Cup, Education City Stadium will serve as the national women’s team’s home field, hosting games until the quarterfinals.

Because of its diamond-like form and ability to twinkle during the day and illuminate at night, the stadium will be known as the “diamond in the desert.”

The FIFA Club World Cup final between Bayern Munich and Tigres, the eventual winners, will take place there in 2021.

Al Thumama Stadium

  • 40 000 seats with proximity to Doha’s city center
  • Arab Engineering Bureau designed it
  • 8 games, including the quarterfinals, were planned

The “Safiya,” a traditional woven hat worn by men throughout the Middle East, which is seen in images of the stadium, served as the model for this one.

The World Cup arena that Qatari architect Ibrahim Al Jaidah built is here for the first time.

After the World Cup, Al Thumama will continue to run in the middle, offering tickets to underdeveloped nations. On-site accommodations will also include a hotel and a mosque.

Ras Abu and Lusail (974 Stadium)

  • 40,000 people can fit.
  • The shortest distance to downtown Doha is about 6 miles.
  • FIA Fenwick Iribarren Architects, the architect.
  • Venue: 7 major events

The stadium used to host the World Cup for the first time was constructed using 974 shipping containers and other components that could be simply taken apart when the competition was over.

It looks out over the Doha Corniche and the West Bay skyline, a waterfront promenade that is breathtaking at night. It will host games till the round of 16.

Many components of the arena, including all the moveable seats, containers, and even the roof, will be taken apart and reused for use in future sports or non-sporting events reducing waste and pollution.

Khalifa International Stadium

  • Seats available: 45,416 exact capacity as of May 2017
  • Distance from Doha’s center:
  • 8 matches take place (including 3rd place match – bronze medal).

Built-in 1976, it was one of the few stadiums to be inaugurated before Qatar was given the right to host the World Cup.

The Emir Cup final was held there in May of last year in front of more than 40,000 fans.

Since it debuted, it has served as the nation’s national stadium, and it underwent substantial renovations in preparation for the World Cup.

It hosted the Asian Games, Gulf Cup, AFC Asian Cup, and the World Athletics Championships of the IAAF in 2019 before that.

In this location, England faced Brazil in a 2009 international friendly, and Liverpool won the FIFA Club World Cup ten years later.

What is the average price of a stadium ticket to watch FIFA WORLD CUP 2022?

Depending on the size and distance of each stadium in the capital, Doha, the entrance fee will vary.

The most important factor that determines its price is: when will it take place the fifa world cup match? How many matches will take place? How long is each game?

PowerPacPlus.org updated the best rates as of August 2022 as follows:

The round of 16 matches will be QR90; the quarter-finalists are QR500; the semi-finalists are QR700; the third-place playoff will be QR500, and the final will be QR950.

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Did you know, Qatar was awarded the right to host the FIFA™ World Cup Qatar 2022 on December 2, 2010.

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup from November 21 to December 18. The competition, which will be the first time football’s premier event takes place in the Middle East, has a total of 32 teams, including the hosts Qatar.

The other seven stadiums were built especially for the competition. With the exception of Lusail Stadium, every stadium has been officially opened and has hosted competitive games. The largest has a capacity of 80,000 and is called Lusail Stadium.

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