Which city would you choose to travel to Dubai or Doha? compare budgets

Which city would you choose to travel to Dubai or Doha?

Overall, based on Location, Weather, Cost of Living, Salary, Career Opportunities, To-Do, Crime Rate Crime, Education, Population Density, and Public Transport, we conclude that Dubai & Doha provide similarly decent alternatives to live in.

Differences in city size and natural resources

Differences in city size and natural resources


Dubai is not a separate country like Qatar, it is a semi-autonomous country along with the United Arab Emirates and part of a coalition of seven countries in the Middle East, which includes the UAE.

Located in the heart of the Middle East, Dubai covers an area of 1,100 square kilometers and stretches from the Sharjah border along the coast to the Abu Dhabi border.

From Dubai, you can drive directly to Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Bahrain in one day. Some amazing mountains around Dubai are great for exploring when you need a break from the city’s spectacular sights.

Dubai is home to 3.31 million people, making it the most populous city in the Middle East. With a population density of about 860 per square kilometer, it is a bustling place.


Qatar is located on a small peninsula jutting out into the Persian Gulf. It shares a border with Saudi Arabia and you can catch a direct ferry to Bahrain in less than 2 hours. From Qatar, you can drive to Oman and Dubai during the day via Saudi Arabia.

An interesting fact about Qatar is that it is a country of its own, not an autonomous state like Dubai, and is 11,571 km long. And Bahrain has 11 times the land area. But that is not a fair comparison and if we look at 132 km of the land of Doha we have a better number and it is much smaller than Dubai as a city.

With a population of just 647,000, Doha has a population density of just 252 people per square kilometer so it’s less busy than Dubai.

Qatar in general is very flat because it is covered with desert, so there is not too much scenery to explore, but it does have the 2 largest international airports in the world: Qatar Airways and Doha Hamada Airport. 


The main difference here is that Qatar and Doha are much smaller than Dubai and are generally 4 times less busy than Dubai’s population.

On the other hand, Dubai has a more interesting aspect nearby where you can camp in the mountains.

However, with access to the sea, other countries in the Middle East are very similar to cities that are accessible by car and direct flights to almost anywhere in the world.

Differences between in weather and climate

Dubai and Qatar have very similar weather and climate as they are almost in the middle of the desert.

From May to September, the average minimum temperature is 27°C and the average maximum temperature is 42°C.

In both Dubai and Qatar, it is very hot and humid and you should expect to be very susceptible in the summer, even to hot winds.

Outside of summer, temperatures in Dubai and Qatar are pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 35°C to 14°C making winters very comfortable.

The best time to visit Dubai or Qatar is October/November or March/April. Warm days with cool sea breeze but not too hot, too windy.

Which city is cheaper, Dubai or Doha?

This is the total travel cost of the two destinations.

Which City Is Cheaper, Dubai Or Doha?

The average daily cost (per person) in Doha is $160, while the average daily cost in Dubai is $198. These costs include accommodation (assuming two people are staying, travelers share a room), food, travel, and entertainment. Although each person is different, these costs are average for previous travelers in each city. Here is more detailed information on travel costs for Doha Qatar and Dubai.

Car rental and transportation in Doha

Some specific examples of shipping costs in Doha:

Airport/Hotel Transfer (Group 7-15 Passengers): $267

Transfer to Villaggio Mall or City Center Mall: $120

Private Round Trip Transfer$196from Doha DOH Airport to Doha City by Luxury Car
Departure Private Transfer$144from Doha DOH Airport to Doha City by Luxury Car
Get Private Transfer$144Doha City to Doha DOH Airport by Luxury Van
Transfer from Doha AirportUSD 127Doha City to Doha DOH Airport by Luxury Van
Transfer from Doha Airport$127DOH Airport to Doha City by Luxury Car

From Doha Airport: Transfer from Doha Airport DOH to Doha City by Luxury Van: USD 128

Doha Airport Transfer: Doha DOH Airport to Doha City by Luxury Car: $117

Transfer from Doha Airport: Doha City to Doha Airport DOH by Commercial Vehicle: USD 92

Departure Private Transfer from Doha City to Doha DOH Airport by Business Car: $92

Get a private transfer from Doha DOH Airport to Doha City by commercial vehicle: $92

Car rental and transfers in Dubai

Also for Dubai, here are a few examples of actual shipping services:

Dune Buggy Dubai 1 hour from Dubai by private round trip: USD 198

Louvre Museum entrance with Dubai hotel transfer$82
lunch with shared transfer$62
private car$132
shared car$39
ferrari with shared serviceUSD 122
lunch with Private Transfer$159
warner Bros & Ticket with Transfer Fee$122

2 hours Buggy Can-Am X3 with transfer for 2 people: $664

Buggy Polaris 1000cc 2 hours with transmission: $399

Transfer from Abu Dhabi Airport: Dubai City to Abu Dhabi Airport AUH by Luxury Van: $159

Transfer from Abu Dhabi Airport: Dubai City to Abu Dhabi Airport AUH by commercial vehicle: USD 118

Food Comparison | Dubai Qatar

For me, a big part of going to a new place includes sampling delicious regional food and maybe going to a fancy restaurant or two that will tickle your taste buds.

When it comes to Dubai vs Qatar and their food scene, you couldn’t be more spoiled for choice, after all, when you’re trying to be the best city on the planet like Dubai, how could you not have these Great restaurants?

Learn more: What’s Your Favorite Seafood Place In Qatar?


The luxury dining scene in Dubai is on the rise and you can find more and more amazing restaurants popping up everywhere, even celebrity chef restaurants.

You can’t leave Dubai without going to Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace. The kitchen at Hell’s Kitchen is combined with the restaurant, and dining there is like eating on the TV show Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen as you listen to all the movies going on in the kitchen. Plus, you’ll get to sample some of its unique dishes like Beef Wellington.

For a traditional regional dining experience, head to Aselah for traditional local fish dishes, camel stew, Samak and more.

You can even eat in the sky of Dubai and Skydiving in Dubai. Your dinner will be served and you will eat it suspended from a crane 50 meters in the air.

While there are plenty of fine dining options in Dubai, there’s no shortage of more affordable options in the area. You’ll also find traditional regional dishes, as well as western brunch and fast food.


In Doha you will find a lot of conventional Qatari food served everywhere, so if you like Middle Eastern food, don’t worry, lamb, fish, beef and more are all served. you are served with spices. Bread, veggies, hummus and more.

When it comes to fine dining, Doha also has some great options, but nothing is as daunting as hanging 50 meters off the ground while you dine. The variety of food available from the best restaurants in Doha is great and you can find everything from Southeast Asian cuisine to Cantonese, Italian, Spanish and steakhouses.

The cost of drinks when traveling to Qatar Dubai


  • Drinks for one day
  • Doha: $14
  • Dubai: $19

Juices and other carbonated drinks

  • Drinks buy once
  • Doha: $10
  • Dubai: $14

Drinks of both Qatar and Dubai are very diverse including whiskey and beer. However, Drinking Laws in Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, or countries in the United Arab Emirates group are all very harsh, so you should be careful not to drink more than allowed.

The facts may show that Dubai is more expensive than Doha, Qatar. But either way, both destinations bring you great experiences and a sense of enjoyment.

So consider everything that fits your budget before planning your vacation.

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