Why are white german shepherd dogs so special?

Why are white german shepherd dogs

Have you ever wondered why are white german shepherd dogs so special? Today, we will tell you the special things about these intelligent dogs. There are many things to learn about white German shepherd dogs, from their temperament to their history.

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are white german shepherd dogs so special

About white german shepherds

The White Shepherd is a breed of German Shepherd developed in the United States. Though white-coated German Shepherds have existed in Europe since 1882, they are prohibited from registration in Germany by a 1933 breed standard amendment. 

Today, these dogs are widely available in private collections and are considered working dogs. These dogs can be trained to do everything from following a lead dog to herding goats. Here are some interesting facts about this breed.

About white german shepherds

German Shepherds are highly active and highly intelligent dogs. This is one of the main reasons they are often used for police work. 

They’re also highly trainable, so if you’re looking for a dog with intelligence, you’ll find that the white German shepherd is a fantastic choice. The main challenge with owning a white German shepherd puppy is that these dogs tend to be wary of strangers, so early socialization is important.

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White german shepherd temperament

Unlike the black and tan German shepherds, white german shepherd dogs are not used as police dogs. They are family pets and have been selectively bred to be gentler and less aggressive. 

They can be a bit skittish when meeting new people and are typically half the size of an adult. A white German shepherd puppy will gain 35 pounds in four months and will be approximately the size of an adult dog. 

White german shepherd temperament

Though often mistaken for albinism, this coloration is not caused by any genetic disorder. The long, snowy coat, and black paws of a white German shepherd are distinctive enough to distinguish them from albino dogs.

Another distinguishing feature of the White Swiss Shepherd is its strong temperament. It has a natural aversion to strangers. It needs vigorous exercise to keep it in shape. Under-exercised dogs are often noisy, destructive, or hyperactive. 

To avoid this issue, White Swiss Shepherds should get plenty of exercise, but not too much. They also shed a lot of hair and need frequent grooming.

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The living condition of white german shepherds

Even if you can show your white German shepherd dog a lot of love, there are a few things you need to know to make sure it lives a long time. Monitoring your dog’s blood sugar levels on a regular basis will help avoid serious issues. 

Look beneath the skin for any little blood pockets. When exercising, use particular caution if you see these. Dogs with diabetes frequently overeat to make up for low blood sugar levels. 

The living condition of white german shepherds

Other diabetic symptoms include excessive hunger and thirst, dry mouth, and frequent urination. Additionally, the feet and legs of your dog could swell.

A dog with albinism loses pigmentation due to a hereditary disease. It is not exclusive to the german shepherd but can affect any animal.

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Are white german shepherds rare?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” As long as they are not albinos! While albino dogs are more common, the majority of white German Shepherds have black eyes and dark skin. 

It is unclear whether white German Shepherds are truly rare or just very rare. There are some instances where they are considered “nearly apocryphal”.

Are white german shepherds rare?

The reason for their occurrence is not based on genetics. The genes responsible for white color are recessive, meaning they are not dominant. 

Because they have two copies, two white German shepherds must be bred to produce an all-white litter. That’s not as uncommon as you might think, but it is still possible. 

There are many reasons why white German Shepherds are rare, including genetic defects and a dislike of the color gray.

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Why are white german shepherds disqualified?

White German shepherds were not always disqualified from dog shows. In the 1960s, the German Shepherd Dog Club banned the breed from exhibiting. 

The breed had been bred from other white guardian dogs that did not disturb sheep. But because the white color of the German Shepherd Dog breed was so rare, it caused concern. 

It was thought that white dogs would fade to brown in time. In 1996, the Westminster Kennel Club banned all white shepherds and black dogs from competing in dog shows. 

Why are white german shepherds disqualified?

The reason for the disqualification was that white German shepherds carry the recessive gene for albinism, which causes the coat color to fade with time.

Listed as a separate breed in the United Kennel Club and the American White Shepherd Association, the White German Shepherd is now officially recognized by the FCI as the Berger Blanc Swiss. 

While the Swiss first recognized the White GSD as a separate breed, most other clubs register the White Shepherd under the German Shepherd Dog name and call it a disqualifying characteristic.


Keep in mind that white is only a variation in coat color, not a new breed. The only difference between white German Shepherds and other German Shepherd Dogs is their color. This color variation has a brilliant white coat, black lips and a mouth, and a completely GSD appearance. It is stunningly gorgeous.

  • Highland Farms
  • Mark Miller
  • A Shepherd’s Heart GSD
  • Diane Schiavo
  • Bear Paw Farms. 

German shepherds with long hair of the white kind typically have a coat that is much longer than that of the tan variety. Typically, their fur is thick and straight. When they are pups, they have extremely fluffy fur, and as they age, their fur gets a little bit rougher. But don’t worry, they still have adorable, fluffy ears.

In reality, white German shepherds are only an unusual color. They are frequently believed to be members of their own breed, however this is untrue. Simply put, their coat color is quite uncommon due of the recessive gene that causes it. To have a snowy/cream coat, puppies must receive one copy of the white gene from each parent.

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